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  • Griffin: I don't mean to take away Taako's character or autonomy by introducing this new character-
  • Justin: *Grabbing Lup and stashing her in his pockets beside Taako* Yeah, yeah, that's cool. Anyway, Taako and Lup are scrappy hustle twins who are going to have mongoose adventures together for a year and speak a secret language together along with Lup's nerdy bf and Lup is great she's the one shooting fireballs at the hunger as they run away together can I keep her Griffin can I please?

Real Talk. I haven’t left my hotel room, except to film, in three weeks. My new film has me growing out a 70′s porn stash and let me tell you… it’s a not flattering. I’m actually afraid to walk into a bar with this thing and see all the girls around me move further and further away from me and my creeper stash. My self confidence is shot as it is, I don’t need to add that to the mix. The real reason I bring this up is… I’ve officially run out of beer and need someone to bring me some. 

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the jocks and everyone hit on alex just to make justin angry , i live for this (i requested this to another blog but i cant get enough)

Maybe it wasn’t the best way for the guys to get Justin to face his feelings for Alex, but the decision had been unanimous. The guys (Monty, Jeff, Zach) were going to hit on Alex all night in an attempt to get a reaction out of Justin.

They were almost certain it would work, the only thing they were scared of was Alex being confused with them. Monty shared his concern by saying that “It would be mean to let Alex think he has a chance with me! I know he’s gotta have the hots for one of us.”

Jeff responded by punching him in the shoulder and saying, “Just because he came out as bisexual doesn’t mean he likes all guys! Besides, if he does have ‘the hots’ for one of us, it’s Justin.” Monty didn’t say anything in objection, only raising his hands in surrender. Zach snorted.

When they all got to their usual hang out, Bryce’s pool house while he was in jail, Monty decided to be the first to start anything. “Alex, looking pretty good tonight,” he winked.

Alex seemed more confused than flustered, “Thanks?” He responded after looking down to try and remember what he was wearing. It was just his normal clothes, an outfit the boys had seen him wear before. He opted to just shake it off and not mention it. Monty was complimenting him, after all.

Jeff and Zach snickered in the corner at Justin’s hardened expression.

As the night went on and the group got higher (thanks to the weed Justin had stashed there ages ago) the conversation topic flipped to music. “I like pretty much all genres of music… except for like classical music and country. Screw country. Also jazz is weird,” Zach stated from his relaxed position on the couch.

“I respect that, but country isn’t horrible. Wait, jazz! Alex, you were in jazz band. I remember, you were really good,” Jeff responded with the killer Atkins-smile.

This had been the fifth time someone had complimented Alex tonight. That was five more times than usual. “Okay, what is up with you guys? Have you all decided to butter me up or something? What do you want from me?”

“We don’t want a reaction from you! We want a reaction from Justin,” Monty admitted, the words muffled by the pillow he’d thrown across Jeff’s lap. Everyone had thought he was asleep.

Alex looked at Justin expectantly, waiting for him to spill what was going on. Justin didn’t meet his gaze and responded half-heartedly, “Screw you guys. Alex, can I talk to you outside?”

The brunette got up, walking outside. He was shortly followed by Alex after Zach nodded, “Just talk to him.”

Alex closed the door behind him and folded his arms across his chest in response to the sudden cold. “So…?”

“I like you. Okay?” His words were rushed and directed more at the ground than they were at Alex.

The blonde smiled, “Me? You’ve got feelings for me, Justin? They were trying to flirt with me so you’d admit that?” He teased.

Justin seemed a bit angry and insecure, “Sorry! I didn’t ask for them to do any of that. It’s just a stupid crush,” he kicked at the rocks, beginning to turn around and head back inside.

Alex instinctively threw his hand out, grabbing at Justin’s arm. The blonde blushed once they made eye contact.

“Can I kiss you?” Justin asked, finally working up some courage. Maybe it was just the weed.

Alex nodded. Justin beamed, leaning in excitedly to kiss him. Alex kissed back with just as much passion. Justin’s hands gripped Alex’s waist while Alex had one hand on the back of Justin’s neck and the other thrown across his lower back. They had to break the kiss when Alex was laughing and smiling too much from being love-drunk (and probably drunk-drunk).

So, maybe it wasn’t the best way to get Justin to face his feelings for Alex, but it worked out in the end. No one’s complaining.