justin standing up for himself

Justin Bieber Imagine for Lily

So this is the imagine for lily, I hope you like it :) And sorry if it is to short :S If you guys want an imagine too, just text me! <3




You were with Justin alone at home. It was a rainy day, so you both were very bored. “Babyyy”, Justin  whines as you both were watchin TV. You turn around to him. “Yes Jay?”, you ask. “I’m bored”, he says. “Me too baby”, you say and hug him. Suddenly Justin turns you around, so that you were layin under him. “I now what we can do”, he smirks and want to kiss you, but you push him away. “No Jay, we already had sex today” you say annoyed. Justin makes a puppy face but you just push him away. “I know what we can do”, you say enthusiastic. “What?”. You giggle and go to your dressingtable. “I’ll make yourself up!”, you laugh. Justin wide his eyes and shakes his head. “No way Lily”, he says. “Come on Justin please! I bought new make up things last week and I want to try them out on you” Justin smirks but shakes his head again. “No” “That’s not fair Justin!” “Why is it not fair?”, Justin laughs. You look down on your feets. “I don’t know”, you mumble, You really wanted to make up him. “If I can make up you, then we will have sex after”, you say looking into Justins eyes. “Really?” “Yes” you say. Justin thought about it until he got up and came to you. “Alright then let’s go” he says and sit down on the chair. You clap your hands and set all the things you need for Justins make up. You try to make a really professional make up, like big black smoky eyes. So you began to make his eyes first. “Lily, that tickles”, he laughed. “Ok wait, I’m not finish yet” At the beginning you thought the make up is going to be really good. But to time, it gets worser and uglier. But you don’t want to tell Justin anything. “Baby, when are you finish?”, he asks. He looks up to you. You tried not to laugh hard, because he looked so funny with make up. “What? Why are you laughing?”, Justin asks and wanted to stand up, to look himself in the mirror. “No,no,no! Sit down again!”, you laugh pushing him down on the chair again. “But baby” “Wait, I’m almost done”, you tell him.

After a couple of minutes you were done, and looked at him. It was impossible to not laugh, because he looked like a clown. Justin stands up and looks himself in the mirror. He wides his eyes. He was definitely frightened. You were laughing so hard that you had tears in your eyes. “What the fuck lily?!”, Justin shouts. You laughing even more harder. He turns around to you, lookin angry but also grinning.  Justin comes up to you and trough you on the bed. He goes on top of you. “Stop laughing”, Justins says. You stopped laughing for a few seconds, but started again as you saw his face. “Unbelieveable”, Justin said shakin his head. “S-s-sorry, baby. B-but you l-look just so funny” you sa laughing. Justin smirks and stands up. He make his way up to the bathroom. “Wait Jay”, you scream. He turns around and faces you. You want to laugh again but keep it. “Can I please take a photo?”, you ask shyly. “A photo? Are you serious Lily?” “Yes, please Justin!”, you begged. “Ok then…” You jump up and take you phone to take a pic of Justin. “Smile”, you giggle. Justin just rolls his eyes. “Ok thank you baby”, say laughing. Justin goes into the bathroom to wash his face. When he was in bathroom, you send the pic of Justin to his friends. You were laughing again so hard.

Imagine everyone gathering around the Christmas tree as you wait until Justin gives you your present, but instead you stands you up, and himself gets down on one knee. Tears comes to your eyes as he asks you “(Y/N), will you do the honors by marrying me?” You nodded, “Yes Justin of course!” Smiling that’ll you’ll remember this Christmas gift forever.

I’m happy Justin is finally standing up for himself after all these year of letting people walk all over him 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊