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Dating Justin Foley would include:

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Anonymous asked: Can you write an imagine about what it’s like dating Justin Foley?

Ship: Justin Foley x Reader

Warning(s): Slight nsfw themes, mentions of home abuse.

- Comforting him about his family life, and whatever shitty boyfriend his mum has got at the moment, because you know he loves his mum, even if she doesn’t help him in the way he should.

- Him always coming to you when things go wrong, especially when he’s abused, you always help to clean his wounds, and calming him down.

- Always going to his games, and being the person at the front, who holds up the biggest sign saying “FOLEY:  If you were a basketball, I’d never pass because I want to keep you all to myself!” 

- Partying together, because after Hannah, you both want to forget, but never letting each other getting too out of control with the alcohol/drugs. Becoming   t-total in the end, because you both know what’s best for each other.

- He’s not huge on PDA in school when people are looking, but he loves stealing the occasional public kiss, when he thinks the jocks aren’t looking.

- The Jocks referring to Justin as the ‘changed man’, because ever since he began dating you, he’s changed for the better, he’s funny, even if he’s a little sappy now (yes with the lads too).

- Hickies, he makes sure they’re in obvious places, because he loves showing everyone that you’re his, nobody hits on you anymore, they know you’re taken. He loves the way they look on your skin, the contrast against paleness, and even though you complain when you figure out what he’s done, you like them too.

- Him getting jealous of all your male friends, especially Clay, because no boy can be that close friends with his girl, he definitely has an ulterior motive.

- Your parents adore him, he’s such a gentleman, he always cooks them dinner, gives your mum flowers, and he asked your dad for his permission before he asked you out (because you were best friends)

- He’s super into nicknames, at any chance he’ll call you babygirl, my girl, my princess, cutie and bonus points when you give him ones back, handsome, J, JJ, he looooves it, because it proves you two have something special.

- One of your favourite things about him, is his signature Justin Foley smirk™, he uses it when he knows he’s riled you up, and maybe that’s the reason why you like it so much.

- The flanter, he’ll always tease you, but you give as good as you get, “How come you blush when I whisper in your ear in class babe, hmm, it totally gives us away” “Well how come you get a hard-on Foley, surely that’s worse?” it usually ends as a make-out, especially when you’re home alone, or a quick exit from class for a ‘toilet break’.

Sunshine Melted Into Sound.

Individuals may often discover that the most unique and memorable quality of a person is their voice. Listening to someone enlighten you with their thoughts - or even something as simple as deciphering a story out loud - can bring a feeling of tranquility, unlike anything else. The sound of one’s words just might make you close your eyes and hold on to each and every one.

The evenings in California were so beautiful at this time of year. The sun was setting over the horizon, painting the sky a faded shade of pink with swirls of yellow and orange. The early spring wind was cool and breezy, which felt rather refreshing after having the sun’s hot rays beaming down during the day. The dusk was perfect for sitting outside and under the Golden State sky just to unwind.

For (Your Name), a night like this meant getting a little peace and quiet and there was no better way to do so than to spend some time out on the back patio with the nightfall breeze fluttering through her wavy curls while getting wrapped up into a good book.

While she sat in the terra sol patio chair with her legs curled up and tucked underneath her, perusing page after page of Marc Alain’s Happiness—One Day At a Time, Justin was sitting on the opposite side with his right arm stretched out across the top of the seat and his legs crossing over one another. He was scrolling through his phone but really had no interest in what he was looking at. Occasionally, he would glance up and nonchalantly admire (Your Name) as she continued to read. He loved how focused she appeared to be on whatever she was reading; every time she turned a page, she would tuck a loose curl that seemed to always fall in front of her eyes behind her ear.

Seeing her deep in her thoughts and so attentive to every word she read brought a smile to Justin’s face.

After (Your Name) had completed another chapter, she looked up from the book for a quick second, only to see Justin’s eyes studying her as he smiled. She felt the heat in her cheeks growing, she figured that they had also turned a bright shade of red. This was the kind of effect which Justin had on her, even just looking at her was enough to make her blush.

“What?” She asked while smiling curiously. Her expression only made Justin’s smile grow wider. He found her innocence to be one of her most attractive qualities and one that he loved greatly.

“I just love watching you read, you look so cute,” he chuckled softly and gave her a flirtatious wink. He then opened his arms out wide; his way of inquiring (Your Name) to move closer to him.

She consented and scooted over to the end of the outdoor sofa where Justin was sitting and settled herself against his chest. With his right arm wrapped around her shoulders, Justin’s left arm embraced (Your Name) from around her waist.

Their body heat penetrated against one another, keeping each other warm. By now, the wind had begun to cool down; (Your Name) was dressed in the periwinkle satin and lace summer dress that she loved to wear around the house for its extreme comfort. Justin was wearing his signature gray sweat pants and black hoodie, which helped to shield out the cold. He held (Your Name) closer to his chest, tenderly squeezing her in an attempt to give her more warmth. A comfortable silence fell between them; the only sounds to be heard were that of the wind and the busy city life off in the distance. Justin noticed Alain’s book still in (Your Name)’s hands.

“Why don’t you read your book out loud?” Justin asked. (Your Name) was surprised by his request. She turned her head around and looked at him with a confused expression. She asked, “what?” thinking she may have misheard him the first time.

“I want to listen to you read… just to hear your voice, please,” he began twirling her loose ringlets around with his fingers. Justin was never the type of person to become so deeply interested in books but he could listen to (Your Name)’s beautiful voice as she deciphered one — word for word — for hours.

(Your Name) smiled and acknowledged his request. She settled comfortably in Justin’s embrace with her back against his chest and opened up the book to the page where she had left off before. She began to read aloud as Justin brushed his fingers through her hair while his chin rested on the top of her head.

July 1st — The Power of Love.

(Your Name) glanced up at Justin, giving him a warm smile. Justin kissed the center of her forehead and gave her a look that said, “Please, continue.

And so she did.

…Love is not a feeling as such, although we may feel tenderness and an affinity towards another person. Love is something else. Love sterns from our own will to love, from a fundamental choice that defines our relationship with human beings and with life…

…I choose love. I choose to be a loving person. And by choosing love, I transform my life, I transform the way I see the world, I transform my every action…

Justin closed his eyes as a sudden shiver rushed up his spine. With every little word that escaped through (Your Name)’s lips, he felt his pulse become more rapid. The sound of her voice was so pleasant; it was pure and bright; she could speak in a way that it could make anyone feel warm inside, like a ray of sunshine had been melted into sound.

Listening to (Your Name)’s voice was like listening to the wind. It was enticing and alluring; the flow of her tone when her voice would rise and fall was so sweet and mellow, it was calming and full of tranquility. It was an addiction which Justin could never shake.

July 5th — Romance.

…Romance is the champagne of life. It is the magic that has you want to dance the tango, it gives you wings and makes you happy to simply be alive…


…In reality, there is only one moment, the present moment. If we waste this moment on thinking about tomorrow or yesterday, it fades away quickly and disappears forever. Here and now, why not resolve to live the present moment to its fullest… The greatest pleasures in life are brought to us by the present moment. So I resolve to live in the present moment, here and now…

(Your Name) felt a gentle kiss on the top of her head. She glanced up to see Justin’s eyes that were pools of dark brown. For what felt like an eternity, the two gazed at one another with smiles imprinted across both of their lips, neither speaking a single word.

“Shall I keep reading?” (Your Name) broke the silence. Justin quickly nodded his head in response.

“Of course,” he said in a hushed voice. His face was now only inches away from (Your Name)’s, his lips brushing ever so gently along her hair and across the side of her cheek. “I could listen to you all night.”

(Your Name) chuckled at his comment. Why he was being so affectionate in a way he had never been before and why he suddenly had an interest in listening to her read to him aloud — something he also had never done before — was unknown to her.

She continued to read.

July 31st  — True Love.

A quote from Daphne Rose Kingma…

True love is much more than a feeling, a sensation, much more than a magical interlude of emotional inebriation that overwhelms us when the full moon is only a tiny sliver. Love is a range of behaviors, attitudes, and abilities whose practice creates and maintains a state that we call love. It is a dimension in the form of a relationship that satisfies, vivifies and heals, but it is also the product of a complex effort. In truth, love is ‘the work of love’ that is apparent only when we realize that in addition to being a gift, it is quite an undertaking…

(Your Name) had been reading for almost an hour but to Justin, it had felt like only a few short minutes. He smiled and watched her intensely. She was so oblivious of how therapeutic her voice was to him. Feeling the goosebumps rise all over her arms from the coldness, his hands began rubbing her skin up and down in a nonchalant and soothing matter.

“Are you tired of listening to me yet?” she asked in a joking matter but also with a sense of curiosity. Justin was quick to shake his head before gently nipping her chin with his thumb and index finger. “I could never get tired of listening to that incredibly beautiful voice of yours,” he whispered.

“You, sweetheart, have the voice of an angel.”

(Your Name) noticed that his face was slowly moving in towards hers. She closed her eyes just before she felt his lips softly overlap hers, swallowing her breath she molded her lips to fit perfectly with his. She smiled against the kiss and slowly her eyes fluttered back open as she felt Justin pull away.

The sun had now almost completely descended and there was now a surreal blend of sunset and a starry night sky left in its wake. Turning to another page, (Your Name) once again began perusaling out loud while Justin continued to listen, letting her angelic voice and soothing words free his mind.

The End

PS - Hope you enjoyed it. The book which I’ve quoted from is one that I’m currently reading and that is Happiness—One Day At a Time by Marc Alain. It’s written in a page-a-day format and it’s sort of a guideline on how to live a healthy life: physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s rather very calming and peaceful to read and I highly recommend it if you’re into such type of books. Thanks for reading 💗

PPS - I’m always open to more ideas. Send requests anytime ❤️😘



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My Best Friend Is A...

A/N: Okay so I did something different. I did a crossover with Teen Wolf for this one. I haven’t been inspired by anything lately but I’ve been watching Teen Wolf and the Vampire Diaries just catching up on some episodes. So I just started writing and this was the result. Thank you to those who stick it out with me when I don’t post anything for weeks. Anyway, I hope you like it. Let me know what you think and if you want more (:

For the past two weeks, your best friend has been acting weird. He’d zone out for minutes and you literally had to scream to get his attention. The other day he got up from his seat in History class and bolted out of the class. You stood up to follow him but then Scott McCall sprang up from his spot next to you, halting your movements. When you think about it some more, Scott and Justin have been spending a lot of time together. They played together on varsity lacrosse, along with Scott’s best friend Stiles. It didn’t really bother you but somehow he had to know what was going on with him and you knew for some reason he had something to do with it.

Anytime you’d ask Justin what was going on, he would just shrug it off and say that he wasn’t sleeping that much lately. When you’d ask why, he’d get frustrated and asked you not to ask him anymore questions. Of course you laid off but it didn’t stop you from worrying about him.

The other day Haley Dawson literally told him she wanted to have sex with him and he didn’t even bat an eyelash.

“Do you realize Haley Dawson, as in Haley Dawson the girl you’ve had a crush on for two years said she wanted to go out to Locke Point with you on Friday night?”

You couldn’t believe what you saw or heard. Justin was obviously very attractive with his warm caramel eyes and his bumblegum pink lips. He just started getting tattoos and all of the girls were throwing themselves at him but the only he’s ever liked was Haley.

“I have some things to do on that night.” He shrugged.

“There’s going to be a full moon on that night too, so staying home will probably be best.” You said playing around but Justin froze.


“I-uh-I have to meet Scott in a few minutes. I’ll meet up with you at lunch.” He backed up going the opposite way and turning a corner.

Okay that was it, you needed to find out what was going on with him and Scott was the key to everything.

At lunch, you saw Justin sitting at your usual table outside but there were five other people with him. Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Malia and Kira all sat around your best friend laughing as if they’ve known him for years. Annoyed and not really up for talking to that many people, you turned to leave but Justin’s voice stopped you.

“Y/N, over here!”

You rolled your eyes and tacked on your best smile. You took a couple of seconds to check your attitude before walking over to the table.

Justin gestured for you to sit in the middle of him and Scott.

“Hey I’m Scott.” He smiled and you instantly melted. The guy was undoubtedly handsome but he still knew something about Justin that you didn’t and it made you upset all over again.

You offered a small smile, “I’m Y/N.”

“Don’t we have History together?” Stiles caught your attention.

“Yea.” You started to pick at your food. It was awkward being around the group.

They all got comfortable in their own conversation and Justin was actually participating. You usually had to force him to say more than word and here he was with people he had barely known for two weeks and he can’t keep his mouth shut. You couldn’t take it anymore, so you grabbed your tray and purse to leave.

“Y/N? Where are you going?” Justin asked as you got up from the table.

“I forgot I have to make up a math test. See you guys later.” You left, not letting Justin say anything else.

You didn’t talk to Justin for three days. He was constantly texting and calling you. You ignored all of his messages and when he would try to talk to you at school you would just keep walking without saying a word.

Friday came quickly and you forgot that you had volunteered to work at the concession stand for the Lacrosse game. You spent most of your time worried about your best friend and doing your homework that it slipped your mind. There was no way you could get out of it and you were getting community service hours for it so you dragged yourself to the field.

You could see the two teams warming up from the small shack they called the snack bar. Justin was wearing the number six, his favorite number. As you stared at him, he looked up and caught you looking. You tried to make it seem like you were busy organizing the candies but you knew that he had known what you had been doing. You could see him making a move to come over before Scott blocked him.

The game finally started an hour later. They were playing your school’s rivals, the Robert E. Lee Timberwolves. This team was amazing; there was no weak team member, it was pretty impressive. However, your school’s team was holding their own. Surprisingly, Justin scored three points. He was on fire and running so fast that he was a blur sometimes. Everything was going fine before a guy from another team charged at Justin as he was making his way down the field to score another point. The guy bent over and knocked Justin on his back hard. You could see him say something to him and Justin was suddenly furious. He jumped back up instantly and was about to go after him before Scott pulled him back. Scott looked at him and tried to talk to him but there was no reasoning with him.

All of a sudden Scott grabbed him by his collar and pulled him off the field and towards the locker room with Stiles following behind him.

“Where are you going?! McCall bring Bieber back. Stilinski you can actually stay off the field.” Coach yelled out to the three boys who had already entered the room.

“I should just quit. These kids are literally a pain in my ass.” Coach growled.

“Greenberg!” Coach yelled and the young man jumped up, ready to play.

“Just don’t mess this up.” He patted his helmet covered head before he ran out to the team on the field.

You couldn’t take it any longer. You wanted to know what was up with your best friend, so you told the other girl who had volunteered that you were going to the bathroom.

You entered the locker room and all you could hear was low growling and grunting coming from the showers. As you got closer, the noise got louder and you didn’t what you were going to find. When you finally came to the opening to the showers, all you could see was Scott holding a resisting Justin down underneath the shower.

“What are you guys doing?!” You yelled.

You started to walk into the showers to get to Justin but Stiles blocked your path.

“You shouldn’t be in here. It’s the boys’ locker room and you’re clearly not a boy.”

“And you’re clearly not good at lacrosse so why are you on varsity?” You narrowed your eyes.

He shrugged, “You’re right on that one.”

Hearing the growling caused you to go back to why you were here. Justin was the one growling, and you see claws growing out of his fingertips. What the hell?

“What’s wrong with him?” You look between Scott and Stiles.

Justin reached out, trying to claw at Scott but he missed.

“Justin! Calm down! Control it!” Scott yelled at him.

However, Justin kept on clawing and fighting Scott. He got tired of him and Scott slammed him against the wall of the shower.

That seemed to knock some sense into him. You didn’t notice his face at first but when he looked up, you stood back and almost had a heart attack.

“What-he’s-uh-I.” You couldn’t get the words out. You didn’t know what was going on before but now you were utterly confused.

After Justin calmed down and his eyes which had been a glowing yellow color returned their amber shade, he looked up at you. He was waiting for a reaction that you didn’t have. You were completely still, trying to piece everything together.

“So long story short I’m a werewolf.” Justin flashed his signature smile.

You didn’t say much after that because you had blacked out.

This was going to be an interesting school year.

very rare picture of obama when he sees nerds on the internet who actually put effort into a petition to deport justin bieber thinking their signatures mean shit

Hey it’s Freed! Again… I just love this guy, ok?

Don’t ask me why he’s posing like this. I had something else in mind. I like it anyway. Especially because I could give him some glasses and test my new brushes on him! …maybe there will be more of him with glasses. Maybe.

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pueden hacer un random pack, pero que el header, tenga la firma de justin? conocen como son, verdad? si no pueden... bueno, un header normal.

[[si podemos hacer el header con la firma de justin, la verdad que no podemos complacer a todos, pero aprendí a hacerlo solo por tí :)]]

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