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Because everyone deserves to see their fave artist front row at least once in their life!


Because every fan girl deserves to sit front row at a concert at least once!! REBLOG TO HELP EM OUT!


Ok I need y'all to decide right now before I put the next chapter up cause I’m just as indecisive as some of you guys. Kelsey the original character the first two pics or Justine Skye the bottom row pics. I need at least 3-4 votes. Next chapter will be in an hour. So hurry please.


Cada año se realiza un festival en China llamado El Yulin Festival, el cual será en unos pocos días, donde más de 10,000 perros/cachorros y gatos son asesinados, torturados, quemados vivos, descuartizados, asesinados con agua hirviendo a través de los humanos. Esto es horrible y es real. Por favor ayuden a impedir esto firmando una petición gracias a Change.org y TERMINAR el ‪#‎YulinFestival‬ , te toma segundos para ayudar y hacer una gran diferencia (Si quieren ver más busquen en Google) Firma: https://www.change.org/p/mr-chen-wu-yulin-governor-please-shut-down-the-yulin-dog-meat-festival-in-guangxi-china ‪#‎StopYulin2015

We hit 300! AAAAAAAAH!!!! I can’t thank you enough, but maybe these guys can :P.

Front row: Computer Jack, Dekka, Brianna, Astrid and Little Pete, Sam, Caine, Diana, Edillio, Roger with Justin, Mary

Second row: Quinn, Lana, Sanjit, Zil, Lance, Hunter, Albert

Back row: Orc/Charles and Howard, Nerezza, Orsay, Penny, Taylor, Sigar

On the rope: Duck

Photobombing: Drake and Gaia