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anyone: *even slightly implies that hannah may have been telling the truth*






Yerkes Observatory, Halley’s comet, 1910.

1. Yerkes Observatory, Halley’s comet (1P/1909 R1 1910 II 1909c).

2. Edward Emerson Barnard, Drawing (photograph copy) of the tail of Halley’s comet (1P/1909 R1 1910 II 1909c), by Edward Emerson Barnard, made the morning of May 19, 1910.

3. Mary Ross Calvert, Halley’s comet (1P/1909 R1 1910 II 1909c), showing division in the end of the tail.

4. Oliver Justin Lee, Halley’s comet (1P/1909 R1 1910 II 1909c), head and nucleus. Photographed with the 24-inch reflector telescope  (1 h 35 m exposure).

dating hannah baker would include...

request: dating hannah baker would include?

– being there for her when she’s feeling down.

– you being the only person that she can trust.

– sleeping at her house on a daily basis.

– being unconditionally in love with her.

– hannah loving you to the point where she didn’t make her ‘choice’ to leave you behind because she loved you so much.

– both being a part of fml

– milkshakes at monet’s after school on most nights.

– study dates that turn into movie nights.

– being hannah’s first memorable kiss.

– you and clay being best friends.

– playing with hannah’s hair.

– her parents loving you.

– being the most down to earth and most talked about couple in school since people thought that you two were a match made in heaven.

– being each other’s soulmates.

– baking with each other which ends up being covered in whipped cream and flour everywhere.

– making hannah the most happiest person on the earth.

– going to the park late at night and pushing each other and the swings and going down on the slides together.

– kisses, kisses and more kisses.

– walks in the meadows and collecting flowers for each other.

– standing up for her whenever someone tries to put her down, she would always do the same thing for you too.

– going on mini vacations together to take a break from school and life.

– cute selfies together.

– spending winter nights in front of the fire with strawberries dipped in chocolate.

– being hannah’s sun, moon and stars.

– working together at the crestmont and usually sitting on the roof whilst watching the stars together after your shifts.

– regular dates at rosie’s or monet’s.

if you guys want more dating would include then please send me some requests:)

dating tony padilla would include...

request: dating tony would include?

ps can we just appreciate how beautiful tony is i love him so much. also this is gender neutral.

– late night drives in his mustang.

– being the only person who can touch his hair since nobody else can.

– him protecting you when you receive the tapes.

– being tony’s sun on a rainy day.

– his brothers protecting you against anybody who’s mean to you.

– cheek kisses.

so many hugs and kisses.

– tony being a jealous lil bean.

– him being extremely overprotective but you love it anyways.

– being introduced to one another through clay.

– movie nights almost every night.

– him watching you during school to make sure that you’re okay.

– arriving at your house late at night and taking you out on adventures in his car.

– he’ll bring you your favourite foods whenever you’re upset.

– cute skype calls at night.

– sleeping at his house most of the time.

– “borrowing” his sweatshirts.

– always teasing him about his height and enjoying it.

– helping clay with the tapes.

– tony loving you more than his mustang.

– you always tagging along when clay and tony hang out.

– “oh you brought y/n, again.

– pizza dates.

im sorry it’s so short i’m going through tons of requests but i’m trying i promise:)

parent’s approval — montgomery de la cruz

prompt: monty meets your parents for the first time.

request: monty x reader that they are at the readers house and he meets her parents for the first time for dinner :)

warnings: none

a/n: i am so sorry that this took so long, i’m currently working from the bottom of my inbox to the top so people who have been waiting for a while will be receiving their imagines shortly:) 

tonight monty was going to meet your parents for the first time, you weren’t nervous — but you’re pretty sure that he was.

“i promise they will love you.” you reassured your boyfriend, adjusting the collar on his white shirt. he sighs deeply before staring into your mesmerising eyes.

“are you sure? i don’t want them to think of me as not good enough for you.” he says anxiously as you shook your head.

“that’s the thing, monty. you’re too good enough for me.” you smiled before placing a kiss on his cheek and walking outside towards his car where he would be on his way to meet your parents.

they have been wanting to meet monty for a while but you always hesitated, at first you were very unsure about the idea but as time went on and your relationship progressed the thought of it wasn’t so bad.

monty came outside as you both drove to your house, your parents were inside and you could tell that monty’s nerves were overboard.

“don’t worry, they’ll really like you. monty, i promise.” you exhaled as monty drums his fingers against the steering wheel.

“okay, i’m ready.” he sighs before jogging over towards the passenger side and opening the door for you, you smiled before thanking him and intertwining hands with him and walking towards the front door.

instantly, your mother opened the door as a huge smile broke across her face. she welcomes monty into the house with a warm embrace, he instantly feels better knowing that the door wasn’t instantly slammed in his face.

your father enters the hallway as he shakes monty’s hand.

“montgomery de la cruz.” he grins, introducing himself formally as your parents both exchanged approving glances.

your mother had prepared a delicious dinner for all four of you, you all sat down as your parents began asking monty basic questions.

“so, montgomery. how did you meet our daughter?” your father asks.

“well sir, we were in the same history class in freshman year and i have been in love with her ever since. and i eventually gathered the courage to ask her out.” he smiles as your mother smiles too.

“that’s nice, and how long have you two been together?” he questions.

“it’s coming up almost six months.” monty replies as your cheeks heated.

“i must say, i do like you montgomery.” your father says as your mother nodded in agreement. “welcome to the family.” he chuckles as you clapped your hands playfully, monty smiles widely as you pecked his cheek.

“i love you.” you whispered.

“i love you too.”

guitars and cakes — jessica davis

prompt: jessica confesses her love for you.

request: for all you jessica lovers.

warnings: this is a gender neutral imagine.

you sauntered over towards the bakery that has confectionary stacked in the windows, in the time that you’ve known jessica you were knowledgeable that she didn’t like those specific cakes or that certain milkshake flavour.

“the usual y/n?” the woman asked as you nodded before flashing a wide smile, the woman behind the counter begins to prepare yours and jessica’s favourite delights.

within seconds she had placed two vanilla sponge cakes onto the counter, jessica’s had two strawberries and a cherry on top and yours had star whipped cream shaped dollops.

“thank you jane.” you grinned as she thanks you sweetly, you collected the cakes and walked over towards the guitar store where jessica would be waiting upon your arrival.

the bell dinged as you opened the door which made jessica’s head pop out of the cd racks selection. she smiles as you held up the bags of cakes, you wiggled your eyebrows as she takes the white bag from your hands.

“god, i love you so much.” jessica sighs happily as she bites into the fluffy mixture. her brown curls bounced on her shoulders as she leads you into the room at the back of the guitar store where different century guitars were portrayed on the wall.

if it wasn’t for you then jessica wouldn’t of discovered her undying passion of guitars and learning to play them, she enjoyed doing acoustic covers with you at times and she was quite frankly a very good singer.

you retrieved your guitar from the storage cupboard before sitting down and adjusting it so it would sound magical. jessica did the same, she fiddles with the strings slightly, plucking them as the soft sound waves across the room.

however, you both decided to sing an acoustic cover of a song that you both adored. it was originally played on a guitar which was the best fit for both of you.

jessica cleared her throat as she began to pluck at the strings, making angelic sounds which you smiled at softly.

i am not the only traveller, who has not repaid his debt.” jessica sings as your heart fluttered. her voice was so magical. “i’ve been searching for a trail to follow again, take me back to the night we met.

your eyes locked with jessica’s as she smiles, she sent you a single nod as you began to murmur the words.

and then i can’t tell myself, what the hell i’m supposed to do. and then i can’t tell myself, not to ride along with you…” your fingers effortlessly plucked at the strings as jessica rocked back and forth to the beat.

she stares at you heavenly as you both sang the main part together.

i had all of you, most of you, some and now none of you.

jessica’s eyes twinkled as she sung, you grinned as her fingers stopped playing.

“what?” you giggled as her rosy lips curving upwards into a smile. her cheeks turn a shade of crimson as you tilted your head.

“can i tell you something y/n?” jessica begins as she placed her guitar next to her, you nodded before she inhales deeply.

“we’ve been friends for a really long time and i’d hate to ruin what we have but i just can’t keep this to myself any longer.” she says as you urged for her to continue, you were completely oblivious to what her words were leading up to.

“i love you.”

your eyes widened as her expression was full of good and nervousness, and then a huge smile spread across your face.

“jessica, i—i love you too.” you grinned as she flashes the cutest grin you had ever seen.

“do you maybe want to go out sometime? you know, someplace other than here.” she giggles as you nodded, she bites her lip to try and hold back the obvious smile on her face.

“shall we continue?” jessica picks her guitar back up as you smiled happily.

“yes we shall.” you smirked as she giggles once again.

you two spend days on end talking about your unconditional feelings for each other and how you both never wanted to break your friendship which is why you both kept them a secret from one another.