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Spoilers...Why do I do this to myself?

That moment when you really love a tv show and read the biggest spoiler  of all times and you are so worry about your fav character…

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Okay so I just found out that Justin Baldoni from Jane the Virgin (Rafael) is married to Emily Foxler!

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Yes, THAT Emily Foxler. The one who played Nicci 2.0 on Legend of the Seeker and confessed the Confessor, making Kahlan her slave.

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Of course, we all know the lovely actress who played Kahlan Amnell! (None other than Bridget Regaaaan!) Playing 6 degrees of separation with Bridget Regan is getting ridiculously easy with all the shows she’s been on in the last 5 years.

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So Rafael’s step-mother Rose Solano, crime lord Sin Rostro, and the love of his half sister Luisa’s life:

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Has also been turned into a soulless slave by his real life wife:

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I knooooooow. Cray cray right?


There’s no denying that 21-year-old Santa Monica native, Lizzie Armanto, is the gnarliest lady to ever skate transition and she’s got the accolades to prove having won nearly every women’s contest she’s entered including the 2013 and 2014 Van Doren Invitationals in Huntington Beach, CA, X-Games Gold in Women’s Skateboard Park in Barcelona as well as placing Top 10 in numerous men’s bowl contests.

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FYF FEST Day 1 snapshots:  Emilie and her husband Dustin, Justin Regan (Vans) and his hero Britt Walford (Slint), Future Islands backstage, Ty Segall with fresh kicks , Future Islands performing, Erika Spring of Au Revoir Simone, King Tuff and myself in Dodger’s hats (Grimes BGP), Kathy Miranda from Vans, Abby and Dave Portner aka Avey Tare.