justin pritchard

Calum Takes Care of You

background: after getting a little bit too tipsy and wandering off with the wrong person at a party, calum and the band come to your defense and take care of you.

a/n: i just wanted a tiny bit of calum fluff so xx

word count: 1316


Being friends with the boys for a while, you were familiar and close to each other. Calum was the first one you knew as he had always helped you out in your math class since you were never too good at it, and you soon became great friends. After meeting him, you met the band, and you had been close ever since, but Calum was always your best friend.

You had a boyfriend even before the day you met Calum, and you had been friends with him for nearly five years now. Unfortunately, your boyfriend ended up breaking up with you after he was low enough to find someone else, and when the band heard a house party was happening, you all decided to go.

“Who’s even throwing this party?” Ashton asked as you all stepped toward the door.

“I don’t know, some guy named Justin or something. We went to school with him, I think,” Michael responded.

“Wait, Justin Pritchard?” Luke then asked.

“Yeah, yeah,” Michael quickly reassured, “that’s him.”

“I’m getting a drink,” you said as you passed through the door, quickly running off to find where the alcohol was coming from in order to drown your sorrows. Calum kept his eye on you as he almost reached his hand out to pull you back, but he knew you were in a fragile state at the moment.

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