justin potts


“ It would appear that the same thing that is keeping you alive is also killing you, sir. “ - Jarvis

Road to Infinity War Set 3/19.

Third week, third set. Iron Man 2! Hope you guys like it! 

Iron Man set - Incredible Hulk set

Do you know how many times I’ve watched this movie?
Too many to count, is the answer.
And not once, NOT ONCE, did I catch Tony say ‘Don’t leave me.’ When Pepper said she was gonna go wash up.
I probably never would have caught it had I not, 1. Been rewinding to rewatch the part where Tony grimaces and slips his sunglasses back on when people start taking pictures, and 2. Had subtitles on. (3. Just been sadly thinking that Pepper was abandoning him to the sharks.)
It’s pretty quiet, but I kinda feel like I should have caught it before. 😣


Iron Man 2

Idris Elba as Tony Stark/Iron Man

Christina Millian as Virginia “Pepper” Potts

Regina King as Jaqueline Rhodes/War Machine

Benedict Wong as Ivan Vanko

George Takei as Nick Fury

Lupita Nyong’o as Natasha Romanov

John Cho as Justin Hammer

Benjamin Bratt as Happy Hogan

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