justin pendleton


Now’s the time of year when I drag up this old rejected Channel 101 pilot I made in 2011.

I was working with Jackie on RC9GN at the time and she helped me wrangle some fun guest voices like Justin Roiland, Pen Ward and Thurop Van Orman. Plus it co-stars Abed Gheith, one of my favorite people!

Now that Rick & Morty is airing again it seemed appropriate to exploit this tangential connection and make more people look at my old rejected pilot! 

Sorry for the unresolved cliffhanger at the end - there would have potentially been more episodes had it been picked up by 101.


im sorry mate, i just cannot see the difference between Michael Pitt and Mads Mikkelsen right now. 

it was all started as i’ve been swearing to my life these days with Hannibal series and now i’m watching Murder by Numbers (which is, its Pitt guys!). yes, he’s a killer here with those demanding lush lips. my sister told me, “i think he would be perfectly cool to be Hannibal’s long lost brother or something. you think?” and yissss, she was damned right. 

have you seen Michael Pitt’s Funny Games movie? what do ya think if suddenly he sucked into Hannibal series (and still he’s wearing Jimmy Darmody’s suit) then BOOM. “hello, hannibal. it is pleasure to meet you again.” and flatly Hannibal replied “it is pleasure to meet you too.” [end of conversation]

HA HA. sorry, i know, its 12.17 AM here and i just really fed up with this UNAOC essay.