justin matisse

Let's just talk for a minute

Can we talk about how perfect Hope Floats is? And I’m not even going to touch the tip of the iceberg on how amazing it is. But not only are Birdie and Justin just the most awakwardly adorable couple there is, which is adorable to watch.. But can we talk about the end for a minute? Justin coming and making sure Travis got attention, instead of being ignored.. Like that’s so important. Everyone else was so busy trying to comfort Birdie and hell maybe even Bernice because she was right there, and then Bernice and Birdie are so engrossed in talking with Bill.. but not once that we see does anyone say anything to Travis. His grandmother was all he had.. His mother has left him, even if nobody will come out and just admit to it. And he’s obviously struggling with it.. He takes her picture off the stand before he leaves the church.. He’s sitting alone on the porch.. And not once does anyone address him until Justin. Travis even says “Aren’t you going to go inside and say hi to Aunt Birdie?” He’s genuinely confused as to why Justin has come to talk to him. And then at the very end, when they’re all walking around the parade, and Justin is spinning Travis around.. And he says “You’re stuck with us now buddy” and then he’s walking around holding his hand… I’m sorry but hello these are the little things in the movie that I can’t help but love. My one teeny tiny “complaint” is I wish we had seen more positive Bernice and Justin moments. BUT YOU GUYS THIS MOVIE IS SO FREAKING AMAZING I CANT HANDLE THIS.