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Magic Guild Clash Online!
a sorta sequel to the Detention AU fic
…in which Mira manages to rally her girlfriend and her two new friends to help her in her favorite online game.
She’s a goddamn veteran. Cana tries her best. Freed just likes the outfit, and Laxus just wants to collect birb plushies.

Cana: Don’t worry, Laxus. I think you’re a hot girl.
Mira: Same.
Laxus: See, Freed, be proud. Your boyfriend is a hot girl.
Freed: Oh My G O D.

Fairy Tail Parents Part 2: Dad`s


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Trudeau somehow not calling Trump a bigot when directly asked about his bigotry


#16- Mile High Club (Purpose Tour)

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“I can’t believe we’re actually going to France!” I squeal at Justin as we walk through the airport, hand in hand.

“I told you I’d take you anywhere you want to go.” Justin says, kissing my hand before grinning at me.

“Yeah but I didn’t think you were serious!” I exclaim, Justin chuckling.

“Perks of having a rich boyfriend huh.” Kendall says, walking past us and I roll my eyes.

“Kendall go find a dick and sit on it, maybe you won’t be so uptight then.” I smile sarcastically, and she flips me the finger making me laugh.

“I can’t wait to explore.” I say as we reach the back of the airport and out the back doors where Justin’s private plane was waiting.

“I can’t wait to explore with you.” Justin says, kissing me gently on the lips and I smile up at him. He was so cute.

“Okay, I don’t mean to mess up this love thing y'all got going on but it’s time to board the plane.” Za says, Atifa shoving him in the shoulder.

I laugh at him, before sharing a knowing look with Atifa as we walked past them, boarding the plane.It was pretty late at night, so everyone was set on going to sleep.

“Man I’m dead tired.” Khalil says as he got comfortable in one of the single seats, his eyes already closing.

“Me too.” Kenny agrees, getting comfortable in another seat.

“Wanna go to the master bedroom?” Justin asks, and I shake my head.

“Let Za and Atifa get it, there’s no windows in there and I wanna see the views.” I grab his hand, leading him to the couch bed on the side of the plane near the back.

After getting myself comfortable, everyone besides Justin and I were asleep, and as tired as I was I couldn’t seem to sleep knowing that in hours id be in France.

“Babe.” Justin pulls me out of my thoughts, kissing my head and pulling me closer to him.

“Go to sleep.” He adds, and I smile.

“I caaaaant.” I say excitedly, turning around in his embrace.

“Fine, then let’s waste some time.” Justin smirks at me, before cupping my face in his hands and pressing his lips to mine.

I kiss him back harder, a wave of desire sweeping over me as I feel his boner against my thigh.I bite my lip as Justin presses kisses on my neck, lips roaming until finding my sweet spot, making me moan and pull away.

“Justin!” I swat his arm, looking around nervously. It felt ten times hotter than it did a few minutes ago.

“What?” He tries to kiss my again but I pull back, giving him a look.

“Our friends are literally feet away from us! We can’t.” I state, even though I could feel how wet I had already become.

“Come on baby.” Justin pleads, scooting closer to me in the bed until his body is almost pressed against mine.

“We’ll be quiet. Plus, I know how badly you want this.” He smirks before slipping his hand in my shorts, a gasp falling from my lips as he rubs me through my panties.

“Shh, you have to be quiet Y/N.” Justin teases and if I wasn’t feeling so much pleasure I’d roll my eyes.

“I can’t wait to fuck you in France.“ He whispers in my ear and I whimper, all rational thoughts leaving my brain as I turn around in his embrace and kiss him again.

FT Males react to the yaoi fanart they star in.

As requested by anon :)

So it would seem all of these lovely male FT Characters have discovered the art we create of them with other guys, is it bad of me to be a little jealous?

Natsu: Oh crap! MY EYES!!

Laxus: Why do they pair me with Natsu? And Bickslow? And Freed? I’m pretty sure he likes Mira anyway.

Freed: …My life is an eternal whirlpool of suck.

Laxus: …No comment.

Gray: Just… why with Natsu? And Lyon and/or Loke?!

Natsu: I’m not pleased about it either, idiot.

Gajeel: Try to be a little more convincing than that Salamander.

Natsu: Hey look Gajeel! This one is a great picture of you and Laxus doing it!

Gajeel: My, eyes… [iron panels slide down to shield his sight]

Jellal: B-but why would they-?

Cobra: Dragneel’s the main character; I think it’s a rule that everyone’s shipped with him.

Gray, Gajeel, Elfman & Laxus: …Dammit!

Sting: Does that apply to me? Seeing as Natsu is the guy I’m trying to be like and all.

Romeo: It had better not!

Sting: But I am shipped with Natsu, and Rufus, and Rogue.

Rogue: You don’t have to be shipped with everybody Sting.

Sting: That’s a good point; being shipped with you is enough for me.

Rogue: I am weirdly okay with that.

Rufus: Who is this green haired man who looks like me and what exactly am I doing with him?

Freed: I believe we are making out while holding hands to combine your memory-make and my runes.


Makarov: Well while I’d prefer a hot young lady, I’m pretty excited about this. Where’s my yaoi?

[cricket noises]

Makarov: Oh come on!

Bob: There’s one here of me kissing your forehead, we’re pretty adorable aren’t we?

Yajima: There’s a few of us doing… things. Honestly you think they’d keep us out of it with us being so old and all…

Goldmine: But Yajima, you aren’t being paired with Bob.

Bob: And just what’s wrong with being paired with me?

Goldmine: So many things.

Bob: Oh I get it! You simple understand that my heart and body belongs to that delicious young man from Maky’s guild!

Goldmine: Sure, we’ll go with that.

Bob: Oh, if only I could find that gorgeous youth, I slept in bed with him once!

Gray: Th-that was filler!

Bob: There you are my handsome prince!

Gray: I don’t need another Juvia!

Natsu: Ha ha! Need a hand there Gray?

Natsu: Though you seem to be enjoying the attention!

Gray: Now look Natsu, is that a picture of Gildarts and Gramps doing it?

Natsu: …Well played.


Basically we give something back to him because he’s always spoiling us. Wouldn’t it be great, since he wouldn’t be expecting this.

Here is how to participate.

  • Pictures. You can take a picture of yourself or in a group. Yes you can totally cosplay. Although if you feel uncomfortable you don’t have to show your face, you can just hold a sign saying happy birthday or thank you for your work. Any language you feel comfortable.
  • Videos. No more than 10 seconds. You can record yourself or in a group saying thank you or happy birthday in which ever language you feel comfortable with. Yeah you can cosplay too :D No Background music and speak loudly too. The louder you are the music choices increases when everything is placed together.
  • Edits. You can make an edit of whatever with a nice message.
  • Artwork. Draw him or his characters.
  • Basically anything is fine.
  • NO NSFW. Keep it pg13.
  • No Gifs, cus I don’t know how to work them in a video…my bad.




Idea by fv-knightwalker and unisonraidd

ANY QUESTIONS CONTACT: fatedsong AND xxgruviadiamondsxx.

If you get lost tag it as #HIROMASHIMABIRTHDAYPROJECT.

Submit in this blog into the button on the left side.

You can also tag us in case you can’t figure it out.

spread the word.

(sorry for tagging this in unrelated tags.)

Master List

Justin=Justin Bieber 

Jason=Jason McCann 

Fake Text Message Imagines:

You’re at dance practice and he misses you (Justin)

You go out to the club and don’t respond to his texts and he gets worried (Jason)

He is on a mission and doesn’t respond so you get worried (Jason)

He’s mad at you so you promise to ‘make it up to him’ (Jason)

You get into a fight (Jason)

You get into a fight part 2 (Jason)

He’s on tour and you talk about your baby (Justin)

You and Justin are out to lunch with your friend Jake and he gets jealous and wants to leave (Justin)

You send him a picture and he gets turned on (Justin)

He’s in a bad mood so you try to cheer him up (Justin)

You get into a fight (Justin)

He forgets about your dinner date and promises to make it up to you (Jason)

He’s at the studio and misses you (Justin)

He wakes up turned on but you’re out with a friend (Justin)

He comes over to spend the night with you (Justin)

You send him a picture and he gets turned on (Jason)

He has a crush on you (Justin)

Him being cute (Jason)

He gets jealous (Jason)

You prank him (Justin)

You died in a car accident but he still pays your phone bill so he can text you (Justin)

You get into a fight (Justin)

Your father is abusive and hits you so you text him (Justin)

You steal his hoodie and wear it to work (Justin)

There is a spider in your room and you text him to come and kill it (Jason)

He tells you he is taking you to the fight (Justin)

He tries to cook (Jason)

He kissed Kendall and you’re upset (Justin)

He finds your daughters birth control (Justin)

He texts you the night before your wedding-Cute (Justin)

You get into a fight-Cute (Justin)

He teases you-Cute (Justin)

You want him to come home (Justin)

You breakup because of his bad behavior and he apologizes (Justin)

You’re his bestfriend and he confesses he is in love with you (Justin)

You’re pregnant and text him to get you food (Justin)

He is in a meeting and you turn him on (Justin)

He is visiting family and you and your baby he miss him (Justin)

You get into a fight (Justin)

You get into a fight part 2 (Justin)

You tease him (Justin)

He thinks you’re cheating (Jason)

He wakes you up (Justin)

You convince him to come join you (Justin)

He overhears you and your boyfriend (Justin)

He texts you while you’re at a shoot (Justin)

He “misses” you (Justin)

Your Calvin’s come in the mail (Justin)

Written Imagines:

You Take your kids to the park-Cute (Jason)

He pleasures you during a family dinner-Dirty (Justin)

You try to leave him-Dirty (Justin)

He tries to cook you breakfast-Cute (Jason)

You tease him while he’s working-Dirty (Jason)

He is protective and gets jealous-Cute (Jason)

He is sick-Cute (Justin)

He gets mad-Cute (Jason)

He finds you after you were kidnapped-Cute (Jason)

He takes you to the beach-Jealous/Cute (Jason)

He distracts you when you’re scared-Dirty (Jason)

He joins you in the shower-Dirty (Justin)

You visit him at work-Dirty (Jason)

You see your ex and he gets possessive-Jealous/Cute (Jason)

He ignores you but apologizes-Cute (Justin)

He is frustrated-Dirty (Justin)

He wants to runway with you-Cute (Jason)

He wants you to stay home with him-Cute (Justin)

He stops you from leaving-Cute (Jason)

You have a nightmare and he calms you down-Cute (Jason)

You make up-Sad/Cute (Justin)

He gets possessive-Dirty (Jason)

He wants you-Dirty (Jason)

A guy tries to hit on you at the club-Jealous (Jason)

Werewolf imagine part 1-Cute (Jason)

Werewolf imagine part 2-Cute (Jason)

Werewolf imagine  part 3-Cute (Jason)

He leaves you behind when he goes on a mission-Cute (Jason)

You’re pregnant-Cute (Justin)

He gets busy-Cute (Justin)

You get drunk-Cute (Jason)

You have your baby-Cute (Justin)

You go out with a friend and hes mad-Jealous/Cute (Justin)

Lazy Sunday morning-Cute (Justin)

Your daughter is a daddy’s girl-Cute (Jason)

He gets clingy-Cute (Justin)

You can’t sleep-Cute (Justin)

He tries to make breakfast-Cute (Jason)

He gets jealous part 1-Dirty (Jason)

He gets jealous part 2-Dirty (Jason)

As Long As You Love Me part 1-Cute/Sad/Protective (Jason)

As Long As You Love Me part 2-Cute/Sad/Protective (Jason)

As Long As You Love Me part 3-Cute/Sad/Protective (Jason)

As Long As You Love Me part 4-Cute/Sad/Protective (Jason)

As Long As You Love Me part 5-Cute/Sad/Protective (Jason)

As Long As You Love Me part 6-Cute/Sad/Protective (Jason)

As Long As You Love Me part 7-Cute/Sad/Protective (Jason)

You broke up weeks ago and he comes to apologize-Sad/Cute (Justin)

He visits your grave-Sad/Cute (Justin)

Hes in the hospital Part 1-Sad/Cute (Justin)

Hes in the hospital Part 2-Sad (Justin)

Your daughter invites him to lunch-Cute (Justin)

They tell you hes gone-Sad/Cute (Jason)

You go to the studio with him-Cute (Justin)

You have a panic attack and call him-Cute (Justin)

You wake him up-Cute (Justin)

You take your son to daycare-Cute (Justin)

He gets possessive at the club-Protective/Cute (Jason)

You meet him for the first time after you broke up-Cute (Justin)

He has been in the army for a year and you get news-Sad (Jason)

He comes home drunk and you take care of him-Cute (Justin)

He is in a meeting and you tease him-Dirty (Justin)

He is drunk at the club and you have to go get him-Cute (Justin)


He tells you he loves you

How he cuddles

How he kisses

How he is in bed

How he wakes you


❀Master List❀

♡ Justin Bieber  ♡ : 

Breakfast in Bed

Kiss and Tell

It’s my job!

☃❆(Holiday Edition)❆☃  Christmas with the Bieber’s


Too Easy

Family Movie Night

What does the Dino say?

Baby Talk

A Getaway

The Gym

Never Know

Let me Know

New Americana

Roller Skating

Drunk Justin

Party Girl

Driving Lessons


I Don’t Wan’t You To Leave

Car Rides

Boyfriend Tag

Show Off

We Actually Met Before


No Disrespect


No Good

My Girl






Home To Mama

Do Better



No Tears

Date Night

Sneak peek


Ping Pong

The Way you Make Me Feel

Ice Skating

Party (Jason McCann)

Soft Side( Jason McCann)

Sing along

New Car

Daddy’s Girl (Jason McCann)



Walk Away Part 1&Part 2 Jason McCann


Gone Jason McCann

You’re Wrong Jason McCann

Partners Jason McCann


Homecoming Jason McCann


Faking it

Wanna Dance?






Chef Justin


Hide And Seek

Teach me

Help Jason McCann

That isn’t working out

Bad Boy



Ice Bucket

Stop Looking at my butt



Fan Boy

Don’t Leave Jason McCann

I care




Bad Dream

Loosen Up

No fight, Just words Jason McCann


What’s Up

Someone New

Baby Baby ohh

I appreciate you

Miss You

Like what you see

The Selfie


Kiss my Ass

I’m Sorry


Teach me, Sometime




Justin Checks you out

you’re mine

Guitar  Lessons

Being Justin’s Stylist

I still get Jealous

Face Time

Neck Kisses

Justin and the Mannequin

I knew it was a good Idea taking you to the beach

you Can’t stay mad

You look fine

Justin Asks you to prom

Marry me

Lost in your eyes

Come Cuddle


You’re back

Call me maybe

When do I ever look Bad?


Justin get s you a new car

The Chain

Look how far you’ve come

Breaks  my heart

Here it goes

How’d you meet?

Special lady

Justin’s Promposal

Christmas surprise


Justin Teaches you dance

Baby Justin

♡ One Direction ♡ :

Little Styles

Make me laugh

Cheer you  up


~ Niall:

Top Secret

Keeping Up With Horan

I win

Good For You



Trash Bin


Risky Texts



Cheering Up

Meet the Parents

Best Friends


Love On Top


Lazy Day




Take Care of Me

I miss him







I’ll Always be with you

Failed Flirt

This is my Girlfriend


Without You

Tour bus


Wish you were here

Daddy’s Coming

Fool Around

Niall and Lux say hi

~ Harry:

Puppy love

❆☃ Holiday Memories ❆☃



Drag Me Down


Will You Marry Me. Darling?

Trash Bin


Spa Day

Best Friends

No Good

Work of Art


You’re Pretty


Ping Pong






Work out

Im here


Daddy’s Lil Girl


red carpet kisses

Sushi Date

Banana Dance

I promise

Harry gets protective


Take a ride

You look Fabulous

~ Liam :

Top Secret

Creep Crawlies

Hot and Heavy

Home Town


Bear Hug

Hot Tub

Cutie Pie




Work out



Pose Sexy

~ Louis:

Well Needed Break


Road Trip


Good Luck Charm

My Hat


Hi daddy


Seduce me

♡ Zayn ♡ :

Puppy Love


Rain Check

Valentine’s Date


Baby Baby



Watch Your Mouth

Travel with me



Night Changes




I’m there



Favorite things

I Wish

Zayn’s Hair

I came too see you

I win

Nerf war

House Warming

That  Smirk

Pool Party

Tutor Zayn

Truth  or Dare

The Truth comes out

Number One - Part one

Number one - Part Two

♡ 5SOS  ♡ :




Your seat


anonymous asked:

can you do a smutty imagine using the name leslie!? and please make it in a imagine format? thank you!

“o-oh fuck me, justin… yes daddy, right there- oh fuck!!”
you were squirming around under your sheets, your arm getting tired from how furiously you were pumping a dildo in and out of your vagina.
you missed justin, a lot. not that he left you or anything, he just spent his nights at the studio more than he spent them at home with you, and doing- well, doing you, i suppose, and so you were left with a silicone dick and your hand to make up for it. it wasn’t justin’s dick, but it was better than no dick at all.
after a third round of a solo session, you sighed and pulled the sheets from off of your head. you were left unsatisfied, as always.
you pulled up your panties and kicked your leggings to the end of the bed, not bothering to put them back on as you were home alone and you were most likely going to add a fourth notch on your belt for tonight’s masturbation sessions.
you rolled out of the king sized bed that you and justin shared and made your way downstairs to the kitchen, glancing at the microwave clock once you walked past it. 9:27, it wasn’t too late. you opened a cabinet and pulled a mug, filled it with water, then shoved it into the microwave, punching in a total of four minutes in preparation for a hot mug of tea.
you tapped your foot impatiently. “what to do, what to do,” you mumbled as you looked around the kitchen, leaned against the counter, then got off of the counter in a split change of mind. before making a stroll to the nearby pantry, you plugged your phone into a speaker adjacent to the microwave and pressed play, allowing a random song off of shuffle to blast through the speaker. the hills by the weeknd, this is always a good one.
you sang along to the song, making your way to the pantry, grabbing a box of kraft mac and cheese and swiftly preparing it over the stove, your hand stirring in time with your hips stirring to the weeknd’s smooth and sensual voice.
“hide your lies, hide your lies.
only you to trust, only you…”
“damn, baby. this is definitely something i’d love to come home to every night,” you heard a deep, familiar voice speak behind you. even though you knew it was justin, you couldn’t help but jump. he wasn’t expected home for another three hours.
you looked over your shoulder at him and smiled widely. “i thought you we’re at the studio tonight,” you said as you turned around, leaning against the nearby counter. justin had a slight smirk on his face as he walked towards you.
“i would’ve been, but i think you’re so much more important than the studio,” he said, smiling and his arms slithering around your waist like two boa constrictors. your body was pulled against his like two magnets attracting to one another, and his lips pressed against yours like they were air and he was desperate to breathe.
you smiled widely as he pulled away, his lips now pressed against your neck. “i missed you, jay.”
“i missed you too, leslie. so - fucking - much.”
his hands were so desperate, you could tell. he missed you just as much, if not more than you had missed him. his cold hands moved down your waist and your hips, and they found a home, sweet home on the peaks of your ass, his thumb rubbing soft, deep circles against your smooth skin. he always did have a thing for the way your skin felt beneath his fingers.
justin let out a soft groan once he felt your hand against his already rock hard, jean clad cock, causing you to smile in satisfaction. he pulled away from your neck and looked into your eyes, his hazel orbs now darkened to a deep and dark brown.
you bit down on your lip. “i really missed you, daddy. you have no clue,” you whispered. your right hand worked it’s magic on his genitalia while your left hand’s thumb ran over his soft, plump lips at an unbelievably slow rate. he instinctively bit his bottom lip, causing you to be even more horny than before. he knew what it meant when you called him daddy, he knew what you needed, and it was evident that he was willing to give it to you.
“i missed you too, baby. i really did.”
“so show me. show me how much you missed me.” and almost as soon as you had said it, justin took your hand and pulled you, practically dragging you upstairs and to your shared master bedroom.
justin opened the door for you, allowing you to walk into the room first and for him to close the door after walking in himself. you looked at him over your shoulder and winked, smiling to yourself as you took off your tank top, revealing a bra to match your black lace and practically see through panties. you were practically suffocating on the amount of lust in the bedroom at that moment, but you didn’t mind it at all.
justin quietly came up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling the back of your body against the front of his. you could feel his hard on from behind the fly of his jeans. he began planting soft, yet sensual kisses against your neck, occasionally nibbling or sucking softly on your delicate skin. you knew that he definitely left some marks on your neck, knowing how easily that you bruised.
you practically melted against justin. you knew that he knew exactly what he was capable of doing to you, how wrapped around his finger you were, and he only proved this point when his hand snuck his way into your panties, cupping your extremely hot sex. you moaned. your knees fell extremely weak. god, he always knew what to do to you and how exactly to do it.
“i can definitely tell how much you missed me, baby,” justin whispered, teasingly, into your ear. this was before he began nibbling on your earlobe. you moaned in response at the pure sound of his voice.
you turned around to face him. “i want you so bad, jay,” you whimpered as you tugged on the hem of his shirt, then pulled at the waistline of his pants as you slowly got down on your knees before him. your eyes met justin’s as you looked up at him, maintaining eye contact while you unzipped the fly to his jeans. he guided your hands to his dick after pulling it out from his fly, and you immediately began kissing on the sensitive skin softly. you could hear him groaning as you shut your eyes. you could tell how much he loved this. your lips wrapped around the head of his cock and your tongue teased it with ease. even though you were doing so little, your actions had the greatest effect on him. the mere idea of satisfying justin sexually turned you on.
after five short minutes of foreplay, he grunted as he lifted you up suddenly, you squealing, and carried you over to your bed. he laid you down on your back, leaving you to look up at him and watch as he took off his white v-neck t-shirt, then crawled on top of you.
you smiled up at him, running your fingers throughout his hair before pulling his head towards yours and kissing him softly, your eyes fluttering shut. all you could hear was the faint sound of your music playing from the kitchen downstairs, your lips softly smacking against justin’s, and the sound of justin fumbling with his belt buckle.
justin sighed as he pulled away and looked down at his belt, causing you to laugh. for as long as you two have been together, he always had a hard time unbuckling his belt without looking. it was a stupid characteristic, but it was a little inside joke between the two of you. he’d say he had to go to the bathroom, and you’d look at him with a smug smile. “want me to come and help you with your belt?” you would ask, and he would glare at you before walking away.
you placed your hands over justin’s and helped him unbuckle his belt, then further pulled his belt off of his pants and tossed it to the side before pulling his face back down to yours once again, giggled escaping from both your lips as well as his once your lips met. his pants and boxers were removed almost as fast as you removed your underwear, his hand meeting your sex once again, and your mouthful of moans let loose once he pushed a finger into your right hole only for a short moment before he replaced his finger with his ready shaft.
“oh, fuck,” the two of you mumbled in harmony. justin looked down and into your eyes as he pulled away. he brought your arms above your head as he laced his fingers between yours. you smiled at him, and he smiled back at you.
“i love you,” you said.
“i love you,” he responded as he began thrusting slowly, in and out, causing you to moan repeatedly as if he were pushing a button inside of you. “wow, i missed this. i missed you so much. oh- fuck! god, i missed you leslie. i love you so much.”
you smiled and pulled justin’s ear towards your lips. “i missed you, daddy,” you whispered. “you’re the best i’ve ever had. i never want to lose you.”
“god damn,” justin mumbled, taking a tight grip on your hips as he began thrusting into you even harder. “keep talking, baby girl. how much do you love me?”
“god, so much. i love you so much, justin. you’re my entire world. i would die without you,” you whispered before pressing a soft kiss against his earlobe.
this is what your sex always consisted of. justin was easily turned on by your voice, he told you this himself. you could be speaking about what you did at work at a dinner with friends, and as a tease you would rest your hand on his cock in hopes of hardening him, only to find it hard from your words instead. you didn’t mind. you liked that you had such an impact on justin.
after a sex filled half hour of alternations between soft, sweet love making, and rough, hair pulling, deep-scratch making sex, you and justin finally finished once the two of you came at once (well, when he came at once, you however had come about 7 times).
once the two of you finished, justin rolled off of and beside you, pulling your body against his and panting softly in your ear.
“i love you, i love you, i love you,” you said repeatedly as you kissed his face.
justin chuckled. “and i love you. now get some rest, i’m waking you up in a few minutes so we can get started on part two,” he said breathlessly, and you rolled your eyes playfully as you giggled.
“alright, alright. you’re lucky i love you.”
“i know,” he said, leaving you with the sight of his lips against your forehead as your eyes fell shut.

thanks for the request, leslie. sorry for the delay!! x
ask box is open for requests!