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Magic Guild Clash Online!
a sorta sequel to the Detention AU fic
…in which Mira manages to rally her girlfriend and her two new friends to help her in her favorite online game.
She’s a goddamn veteran. Cana tries her best. Freed just likes the outfit, and Laxus just wants to collect birb plushies.

Cana: Don’t worry, Laxus. I think you’re a hot girl.
Mira: Same.
Laxus: See, Freed, be proud. Your boyfriend is a hot girl.
Freed: Oh My G O D.



Hiro Mashima: Shirtless Males

Haru Glory

Hamrio Musica



Gale Glory

King Raregroove

Sieg Hart

Let Dahaka



Deep Snow



Lucia Raregroove

Natsu Dragneel

Gray Fullbuster

Laxus Dreyar


Elfman Strauss

Toby Horhorta

Jellal Fernades

Freed Justine


Panter Lily



Kain Hikaru

Lyon Vastia

Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki

Orga Nanagear

Ren Akatsuki

Bacchus Groh

Quatro Cerberus

Sting Eucliffe








Mard Geer Tartaros

Mest Gryder

Ajeel Ramal


Zeref Dragneel

Angela Basset as Catherine in the episode “Thanksgiving” of Master of None…..I mean they should just mail her her the Emmy right now right?! She was flawless in every scene. As she is every time in everything.

And yet. And yet.  I was not prepared, I repeat I WAS NOT PREPARED for the  the moment when she says to Denise: “I like Michelle… I’m happy for you.”

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Guys I had to press pause. Because trust me when I say I didn’t cry a river. I cried an entire ocean. Even though I’m already out to my sister and some other people, most of my family doesn’t know anything about me being bisexual. That includes my parents, and every now and then I wonder how they’ll react. And I worry.

Regardless of that this episode, was among  the best of the season and I’m so happy that Lena Waithe got to re-create her coming out story on screen. Watching black people who are part of the LGBTQ family, being able to tell their own stories is beyond amazing. And how great it is to see the stories of Lionel Higgins and Denise being told, with such humanity in the same year ? Obviously we need more of stories like these. Our representation is still incredibly small, when compared to the many many stories about white cis gay males. But this episode is still important. And it’s deserves to be celebrated. :)

Fairy Tail Parents Part 2: Dad`s


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At this point, given the LEGO films’ track record thus far, and how good the first trailer was, I’m not surprised this looks as amazingly fun as it does.

Master List

Justin=Justin Bieber 

Jason=Jason McCann 

Fake Text Message Imagines:

You’re at dance practice and he misses you (Justin)

You go out to the club and don’t respond to his texts and he gets worried (Jason)

He is on a mission and doesn’t respond so you get worried (Jason)

He’s mad at you so you promise to ‘make it up to him’ (Jason)

You get into a fight (Jason)

You get into a fight part 2 (Jason)

He’s on tour and you talk about your baby (Justin)

You and Justin are out to lunch with your friend Jake and he gets jealous and wants to leave (Justin)

You send him a picture and he gets turned on (Justin)

He’s in a bad mood so you try to cheer him up (Justin)

You get into a fight (Justin)

He forgets about your dinner date and promises to make it up to you (Jason)

He’s at the studio and misses you (Justin)

He wakes up turned on but you’re out with a friend (Justin)

He comes over to spend the night with you (Justin)

You send him a picture and he gets turned on (Jason)

He has a crush on you (Justin)

Him being cute (Jason)

He gets jealous (Jason)

You prank him (Justin)

You died in a car accident but he still pays your phone bill so he can text you (Justin)

You get into a fight (Justin)

Your father is abusive and hits you so you text him (Justin)

You steal his hoodie and wear it to work (Justin)

There is a spider in your room and you text him to come and kill it (Jason)

He tells you he is taking you to the fight (Justin)

He tries to cook (Jason)

He kissed Kendall and you’re upset (Justin)

He finds your daughters birth control (Justin)

He texts you the night before your wedding-Cute (Justin)

You get into a fight-Cute (Justin)

He teases you-Cute (Justin)

You want him to come home (Justin)

You breakup because of his bad behavior and he apologizes (Justin)

You’re his bestfriend and he confesses he is in love with you (Justin)

You’re pregnant and text him to get you food (Justin)

He is in a meeting and you turn him on (Justin)

He is visiting family and you and your baby he miss him (Justin)

You get into a fight (Justin)

You get into a fight part 2 (Justin)

You tease him (Justin)

He thinks you’re cheating (Jason)

He wakes you up (Justin)

You convince him to come join you (Justin)

He overhears you and your boyfriend (Justin)

He texts you while you’re at a shoot (Justin)

He “misses” you (Justin)

Your Calvin’s come in the mail (Justin)

Written Imagines:

You Take your kids to the park-Cute (Jason)

He pleasures you during a family dinner-Dirty (Justin)

You try to leave him-Dirty (Justin)

He tries to cook you breakfast-Cute (Jason)

You tease him while he’s working-Dirty (Jason)

He is protective and gets jealous-Cute (Jason)

He is sick-Cute (Justin)

He gets mad-Cute (Jason)

He finds you after you were kidnapped-Cute (Jason)

He takes you to the beach-Jealous/Cute (Jason)

He distracts you when you’re scared-Dirty (Jason)

He joins you in the shower-Dirty (Justin)

You visit him at work-Dirty (Jason)

You see your ex and he gets possessive-Jealous/Cute (Jason)

He ignores you but apologizes-Cute (Justin)

He is frustrated-Dirty (Justin)

He wants to runway with you-Cute (Jason)

He wants you to stay home with him-Cute (Justin)

He stops you from leaving-Cute (Jason)

You have a nightmare and he calms you down-Cute (Jason)

You make up-Sad/Cute (Justin)

He gets possessive-Dirty (Jason)

He wants you-Dirty (Jason)

A guy tries to hit on you at the club-Jealous (Jason)

Werewolf imagine part 1-Cute (Jason)

Werewolf imagine part 2-Cute (Jason)

Werewolf imagine  part 3-Cute (Jason)

He leaves you behind when he goes on a mission-Cute (Jason)

You’re pregnant-Cute (Justin)

He gets busy-Cute (Justin)

You get drunk-Cute (Jason)

You have your baby-Cute (Justin)

You go out with a friend and hes mad-Jealous/Cute (Justin)

Lazy Sunday morning-Cute (Justin)

Your daughter is a daddy’s girl-Cute (Jason)

He gets clingy-Cute (Justin)

You can’t sleep-Cute (Justin)

He tries to make breakfast-Cute (Jason)

He gets jealous part 1-Dirty (Jason)

He gets jealous part 2-Dirty (Jason)

As Long As You Love Me part 1-Cute/Sad/Protective (Jason)

As Long As You Love Me part 2-Cute/Sad/Protective (Jason)

As Long As You Love Me part 3-Cute/Sad/Protective (Jason)

As Long As You Love Me part 4-Cute/Sad/Protective (Jason)

As Long As You Love Me part 5-Cute/Sad/Protective (Jason)

As Long As You Love Me part 6-Cute/Sad/Protective (Jason)

As Long As You Love Me part 7-Cute/Sad/Protective (Jason)

You broke up weeks ago and he comes to apologize-Sad/Cute (Justin)

He visits your grave-Sad/Cute (Justin)

Hes in the hospital Part 1-Sad/Cute (Justin)

Hes in the hospital Part 2-Sad (Justin)

Your daughter invites him to lunch-Cute (Justin)

They tell you hes gone-Sad/Cute (Jason)

You go to the studio with him-Cute (Justin)

You have a panic attack and call him-Cute (Justin)

You wake him up-Cute (Justin)

You take your son to daycare-Cute (Justin)

He gets possessive at the club-Protective/Cute (Jason)

You meet him for the first time after you broke up-Cute (Justin)

He has been in the army for a year and you get news-Sad (Jason)

He comes home drunk and you take care of him-Cute (Justin)

He is in a meeting and you tease him-Dirty (Justin)

He is drunk at the club and you have to go get him-Cute (Justin)


He tells you he loves you

How he cuddles

How he kisses

How he is in bed

How he wakes you


#16- Mile High Club (Purpose Tour)

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“I can’t believe we’re actually going to France!” I squeal at Justin as we walk through the airport, hand in hand.

“I told you I’d take you anywhere you want to go.” Justin says, kissing my hand before grinning at me.

“Yeah but I didn’t think you were serious!” I exclaim, Justin chuckling.

“Perks of having a rich boyfriend huh.” Kendall says, walking past us and I roll my eyes.

“Kendall go find a dick and sit on it, maybe you won’t be so uptight then.” I smile sarcastically, and she flips me the finger making me laugh.

“I can’t wait to explore.” I say as we reach the back of the airport and out the back doors where Justin’s private plane was waiting.

“I can’t wait to explore with you.” Justin says, kissing me gently on the lips and I smile up at him. He was so cute.

“Okay, I don’t mean to mess up this love thing y'all got going on but it’s time to board the plane.” Za says, Atifa shoving him in the shoulder.

I laugh at him, before sharing a knowing look with Atifa as we walked past them, boarding the plane.It was pretty late at night, so everyone was set on going to sleep.

“Man I’m dead tired.” Khalil says as he got comfortable in one of the single seats, his eyes already closing.

“Me too.” Kenny agrees, getting comfortable in another seat.

“Wanna go to the master bedroom?” Justin asks, and I shake my head.

“Let Za and Atifa get it, there’s no windows in there and I wanna see the views.” I grab his hand, leading him to the couch bed on the side of the plane near the back.

After getting myself comfortable, everyone besides Justin and I were asleep, and as tired as I was I couldn’t seem to sleep knowing that in hours id be in France.

“Babe.” Justin pulls me out of my thoughts, kissing my head and pulling me closer to him.

“Go to sleep.” He adds, and I smile.

“I caaaaant.” I say excitedly, turning around in his embrace.

“Fine, then let’s waste some time.” Justin smirks at me, before cupping my face in his hands and pressing his lips to mine.

I kiss him back harder, a wave of desire sweeping over me as I feel his boner against my thigh.I bite my lip as Justin presses kisses on my neck, lips roaming until finding my sweet spot, making me moan and pull away.

“Justin!” I swat his arm, looking around nervously. It felt ten times hotter than it did a few minutes ago.

“What?” He tries to kiss my again but I pull back, giving him a look.

“Our friends are literally feet away from us! We can’t.” I state, even though I could feel how wet I had already become.

“Come on baby.” Justin pleads, scooting closer to me in the bed until his body is almost pressed against mine.

“We’ll be quiet. Plus, I know how badly you want this.” He smirks before slipping his hand in my shorts, a gasp falling from my lips as he rubs me through my panties.

“Shh, you have to be quiet Y/N.” Justin teases and if I wasn’t feeling so much pleasure I’d roll my eyes.

“I can’t wait to fuck you in France.“ He whispers in my ear and I whimper, all rational thoughts leaving my brain as I turn around in his embrace and kiss him again.

FT Males react to the yaoi fanart they star in.

As requested by anon :)

So it would seem all of these lovely male FT Characters have discovered the art we create of them with other guys, is it bad of me to be a little jealous?

Natsu: Oh crap! MY EYES!!

Laxus: Why do they pair me with Natsu? And Bickslow? And Freed? I’m pretty sure he likes Mira anyway.

Freed: …My life is an eternal whirlpool of suck.

Laxus: …No comment.

Gray: Just… why with Natsu? And Lyon and/or Loke?!

Natsu: I’m not pleased about it either, idiot.

Gajeel: Try to be a little more convincing than that Salamander.

Natsu: Hey look Gajeel! This one is a great picture of you and Laxus doing it!

Gajeel: My, eyes… [iron panels slide down to shield his sight]

Jellal: B-but why would they-?

Cobra: Dragneel’s the main character; I think it’s a rule that everyone’s shipped with him.

Gray, Gajeel, Elfman & Laxus: …Dammit!

Sting: Does that apply to me? Seeing as Natsu is the guy I’m trying to be like and all.

Romeo: It had better not!

Sting: But I am shipped with Natsu, and Rufus, and Rogue.

Rogue: You don’t have to be shipped with everybody Sting.

Sting: That’s a good point; being shipped with you is enough for me.

Rogue: I am weirdly okay with that.

Rufus: Who is this green haired man who looks like me and what exactly am I doing with him?

Freed: I believe we are making out while holding hands to combine your memory-make and my runes.


Makarov: Well while I’d prefer a hot young lady, I’m pretty excited about this. Where’s my yaoi?

[cricket noises]

Makarov: Oh come on!

Bob: There’s one here of me kissing your forehead, we’re pretty adorable aren’t we?

Yajima: There’s a few of us doing… things. Honestly you think they’d keep us out of it with us being so old and all…

Goldmine: But Yajima, you aren’t being paired with Bob.

Bob: And just what’s wrong with being paired with me?

Goldmine: So many things.

Bob: Oh I get it! You simple understand that my heart and body belongs to that delicious young man from Maky’s guild!

Goldmine: Sure, we’ll go with that.

Bob: Oh, if only I could find that gorgeous youth, I slept in bed with him once!

Gray: Th-that was filler!

Bob: There you are my handsome prince!

Gray: I don’t need another Juvia!

Natsu: Ha ha! Need a hand there Gray?

Natsu: Though you seem to be enjoying the attention!

Gray: Now look Natsu, is that a picture of Gildarts and Gramps doing it?

Natsu: …Well played.


Trudeau somehow not calling Trump a bigot when directly asked about his bigotry