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this art piece for sale is also the artwork on my upcoming album on love earth music entitled “your,” an 11-track, carefully and intently edited 3-4 hours of recordings, meant as a continuation to the sold-out “erroneous zones” double disc set. it will be a full color, fairly large edition in a cozy little eco-pak including a lyric sheet with extra artwork. REALLY EXCITED FOR THIS ONE.


Listen to: Copkiller/Roro Perrot {split} c41 by Copkiller/Roro Perrot

Also available for pre-order! Should drop within the next 2-3 weeks.

FEB-046: Copkiller/Roro Perrot {split} c41 
I confess, I have a penchant for odd ball splits. The weirder, the better! With that in mind, I’m happy to present this split between Copkiller and Roro Perrot. 
Copkiller is Justin Marc Lloyd (Chicago/Baltimore) on synth, vocals, and programming. Drunken, stoned out, and broken. Avant electronic noise-rock-pop. 
Roro Perrot is the ultra shit folk alter ego of Vomir. No songs, no ryhme or reason - just demented acoustic improvisations.

Limited to 50 pieces. On blue shells. Full color artwork by Justin Marc Lloyd with some technical assistance from Raven.





This is one of the best singles I have heard in a while. I’m calling it a single mainly because its only 5:27, idk if this may offend people. What I do know is that this release is amazing. Its length is perfect, it builds perfect. It sounds perfect, guitar loop, tape loop, fried circuit noise that you have come to love from JML. A new JML favorite. Find a copy and buy it. I got the last one from Rainbow Bridge so look elsewhere. Don’t really want to give it a score for some reason… just… It’s highly reccomended you buy this.

“I imagine Justin Marc Lloyd’s uncle or granddad or maybe an ancient blind neighbor sitting him down at age, like, 8 on the front stoop of the Lloyd home. The sun barely peeks out from above the tree line and the fireflies fly low around the yard. “I want you to listen close, Justin,” the man whispers. “No matter what anyone says, no matter what highfalutin’ jobs you watch your school friends snatch up someday like suited-up soulless little shark-humans, I want you to remember this: you will be a Noise Musician, capital N, capital M. You will live modestly, run your own DIY tape label, and create art with an incredible degree of productivity under at least a dozen monikers. This, and this alone, is the American Dream.” Young Justin squints off into the sunset. “…uh, or, maybe this is the Japanese Dream. No, yeah, yes – this, and this alone, is Merzbow’s dream.” They share a solemn nod and go inside for some milk.

Perhaps best known for his work under the Pregnant Spore nom de guerre, noise maven / visual artist / Rainbow Bridge label honcho Justin Marc Lloyd has been churning out uncompromising music alone and with a bevy of collaborators since the mid aughts. His most recent batch of Rainbow Bridge tapes, in editions ranging from 19 to 100 a pop, features not one, not two, not three, but at least five of his own projects (the count could be higher but some releases are barely credited as far as I can tell). Regardless of nomenclature, his current output assaults eardrums with a gloriously noxious stew of overdriven pedals and electronics, field recordings, garbled vocals, and cathartic cut-and-stitch noise collage. His work as Dementia and Hope Trails strays into more consonant territory, however, presenting us with what he calls “deeply reflective, wrist slitting ambience and glistening beauty.” Check out a few samples of these projects below, or head to Lloyd’s SoundCloud for a full preview of the batch.”


[SF]Saturn Floats, Too
  • [SF]Saturn Floats, Too
  • OK Putrid
  • Saturn Floats recycled c60

OK Putrid ☂ Saturn Floats Too

~Raining scrap metal on the roof a burning arcade~

It’s been a while since I last showcased Justin Marc Lloyd’s many works of noise but now is the time. :) OK Putrid is a wonderful noise project of Lloyd’s which consists of custom circuit bent pedals and the occasional beat loop. This track however has no specific rhythm but somehow because of the sporadic clanking/plunking nature of the noises largely used in this song and the delay speed on the bitcrushed effects, “Saturn Floats Too” still has some semblance of rhythm. Which has always been something I’ve enjoyed about Justin’s noise compositions or improvisations. OK Putrid is primarily one take recordings which really makes “Saturn Floats Too” stand out as a natural gem if it sounds this interesting in one take. 

Now I dont do this very often but sometimes I will suggest things to sync up while listening to my posts. THIS time I just happened to come across this one by accident but I found it absolutely enthralling and inspiring. Start “Saturn Floats Too” from the beginning and click play on this version of Portishead’s “Over” from Jools Holland.

The result is something I find really truly interesting and enjoyable, something dark and jazzy, soulful and dangerous. A thrashing violent disheveled slow groove made for the ears of the true musical artist inside you. Give it a try and PLEASE tell me what you think. Because this is an experiment I’m very curious to see what people think of it.. Including Mr. Marc Lloyd himself.

If you dig “Saturn Floats Too” and the rest of the OK Putrid album entitled
Saturn Floats recycled, go to JML’s noise label Rainbow Bridge’s bandcamp and buy it for a price of your choice.
Oh and by the way, if you like the blissful noise Justin Marc Lloyd creates and would like a pedal to make such noise yourself purchase circuit bent pedals from him here.<3

JML & Tanner Garza – Desired Constellation

There are few more colorful characters that I have had the pleasure and opportunity of meeting in the experimental underground than Justin Marc Lloyd.  I can’t imagine anyone would argue against the fact that the man is among the most eccentric people making noise today, and when combining his solo output with his Pregnant Spore alias and his ever-prolific Rainbow Bridge Recordingsimprint, you’ll find that he is responsible for what is now likely well over 250 releases.  Needless to say, his Pregnant Spore alias is fitting in the sense that he has indeed burst forth and infected the rest of the scene, supporting and pushing a rather large handful of other underground artists along the way.  It should be made clear that this glance into his output doesn’t even take into consideration the plethora of other side-projects that Lloyd is either involved in or the sole figure behind, most notable of which are False Flag, Dementia and Hope Trails, and Sensible Nectar, the last of which has unfortunately disappeared altogether after an absurdly hectic release schedule in 2010.

Tanner Garza should be no stranger to any noise / experimental fan either.  Though his solo output has been steadily trickling in since 2012 from Kevin McEleney‘s Heavy Psych imprint, Jan Warnke‘s Geräuschmanufaktur, and virtually everywhere in between including his own Bookend Recordings, Garza is likely more known for his presence alongside Richard Ramirez and Sean Matzus in seminal junk-noise collective Black Leather Jesus, which seemingly swallows up every experimental artist near the Houston, Texas area at one point or another.  There is also arguably the more interesting and equally sacrilegious Priest in Shit that Garza is a member of alongside the same two artists, who several years ago released the Filth split LP with two of the genre’s most infamous artists:  Bizarre Uproar and Nicole 12.  Needless to say, these are two artists that exist on the same metaphorical planet artistically, yet appear to come from entirely different cultures.  Without hearing even the first moments of this collaboration, which has been released on the obscure Cincinnati noise label Urgent Telepathy Recordings, their combined history alone should show promise for any interested party.

Justin Marc Lloyd

It’s clear from the onset, if you’re familiar with Lloyd’s Rainbow Bridge releases, that the artwork was left up to his hand.  An all-too-familiar bright collage style makes up the front cover of Desired Constellation, mostly working in abstractions through pastel spring-time colors, but also leaving a few spaces for recognizable imagery.  The first—an illustration of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph—isn’t clear regarding its meaning to the release in general, but the second—the legendary Vegvísir—is one of Iceland’s most enduring metaphysical symbols and is an image proudly worn by the tape’s artistic focus on her left outer bicep:  Björk.  Indeed, aside from the tape sharing its namesake with Björk’s 2004 release, the track titles have been lifted directly from her own lyrics in the songs “Pagan Poetry,” “Triumph of a Heart,” “Headphones,” and “Desired Constellations” respectively.  It is those descriptive track titles that bind this work to Björk’s through emotional means rather than those of a more literal nature as what follows is far from the pop stylings that are already likely being assumed by the reader.

Tanner Garza

Of course, the collaboration itself was destined to involve more of an abstract approach that is found on the album cover than what one would ever find in a Björk track, though there are certainly a few uncomplicated, beautiful moments to be heard.  The truth is that, for the most part, Desired Constellation is unexpectedly and, often, unapologetically dark for the light and colorful scenery that adorns its cover.  The closest that we ever get to realizing this warm appearance is the opening track, “A Secret Code Carved,” which pairs a droning warm synth with the familiar cold, static, and vintage crackle that is present on many other experimental works.  Dabbing the mix with textured mid-to-high-pitched accents gives the track the desired cosmological atmosphere that the title Desired Constellation implies, but what’s to follow is neither nearly so relaxing nor inviting for the listener.  The rest of the album fluctuates between everything from cut-up collaged samples that are largely unintelligible to that minimal pulsating pattern that can be heard in virtually every 70’s horror film; from Garza’s trademark junk-metal squalls in “Cells that Haven’t Been Touched” to the droning background looping brass sounds of “With a Palm Full of Stars,” which requires the entire B-side to bookend the collaboration.  It is through this final track that we are brought full-circle, back to a dreamy, droning beginning.

Desired Constellation is, in the end, a curious work that unfortunately just doesn’t make sense on a number of levels, but paying tribute to another artist that has inspired you is usually a cathartic process that requires no one else’s understanding.  I can’t say that there are many Björk fans out there that are likely going to enjoy Desired Constellation, but as a tape released in an edition of a mere 36 copies, I can’t imagine many will ever hear about it to begin with.  Desired Constellation‘s fatal flaw is that without the blatant dedications (track titles, album title, etc.), no one would ever know this is a release in tribute because there is so little to tie it in aurally.  In all, this tape encompasses what both of these artists are already known for.  It would have been more interesting, perhaps, to see them step outside of their respective comfort zones and try something a bit different.  Perhaps that drives Desired Constellation towards more of a pop direction, but not every experiment has to be abstract in nature.  For what it’s worth, the diversity of experimental styles present on just four tracks is admirable and an appropriate tribute to one of pop’s most endeared, honest, and innovative artists.

_____________________________________________________Track List:

A1) A Secret Code Carved
A2) Smooth Soft Velvety Lungs
A3) Cells That Haven’t Been Touched
B1) With a Palm Full of Stars

Rating: 6.25/10
Written by: S. L. Weatherford
Label: Urgent Telepathy Recordings (United States) / UTR010 / Tape
Experimental / Noise / Abstract


Justin Marc Lloyd


~ UXIA - Hymns Of Praise And Fear To The Deep One Beneath CDr (harsh as fuck, touches of industrial and PE)

~ PATIENT BELONGINGS - Glowing Over Mars Hill c66 (gorgeous synth drones, jams and scapes by Ben Brucato of Cathartic Process/Clew Of Theseus)

~ TEEN DREAMS - S/T c36 (synths, drum machines, ambient vocals, awkward dancing, self loathing, psychedelic zones by Dylan Mulshine/NU Depth/Cat Sex/Krull/etc)

~ CINCINNATUS C/JUSTIN MARC LLOYD - Dim Dusk Looney Tunes c10 (CC is the best singer/noisewriter in town, JML brings fucked up broken electronics, murky and weird)


  • Justin Marc Lloyd
  • Purified Warfield Queenpuddle

so, my last post was about field recordings i did during the Boulder, CO flood and it was on the eve of the flood, and as it turned out it was really quite a mess. we got a bunch of water leaking at our studio and blah blah blah. if you want you can see my personal pics from the flood here http://imgur.com/a/uzk94

anyway, i wanted to get back to doing tape rips, posting music, etc. and this track just blew my mind. I got this one is from a mailorder in early summer 2013 from rainbow bridge. this track is super harsh noise/power electronics/circuit bending +++ cats yowling. amazing.