justin lowe

best TAZ family moments

-“I GAVE YOU LIFE!” / “yeah you gave me life apparently Mom gave me D&D skills!”
-when Justin is annoyed and calls his dad “Clinton.”
-“I went to all of Travis’s wrestling matches and watched him lose every time except the ONE time I didn’t go he beat a kid with the flu.”
-when they make fun of Griffin for not being able to sleep unless he builds a pillow fort.
-“you’re my brother and I love you but [string of insults].”
-when the brothers call Clint “daddy.”
-when Justin or Travis calls Griffin “Griffy.”
-when Justin or Travis calls Griffin “Ditto.”
-“wow that’s really low!” / “is it?! is it, Griffin?! is it almost like some fucking liches of your imagination sucked the life out of me a wizard?!” / “yeah that’s like real low!”
-when Justin has Taako do some gamebreaking shit and Griffin is like “oh my God, Justiiiiiiiin!”
-*Griffin does something sinister as a DM* “I forgot ONE birthday, Griffin!”


St. Patrick VS Heaven // PVRIS

But does anyone really know and understand how much Sleeping with sirens helped me and many others? It’s like, more than just a band. It’s what saved our lives. They mean more to us than anything else. They help us through everything. They helped so many people out if depression, and in glad to say they are helping me too. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them. I cant thank them enough for what they have done to help.

One day, I’ll let Sleeping with sirens know how much they mean to me. I’ll tell them how much they impacted my life and how they helped me so many times through so many things. They saved me, and i want to thank them for that, thank them for everything they have done to help me live, be happy, and be who i am today.