justin kirk [1]

Andy: Forget Van Nuys. Keep the baby. It does not matter. But we leave.
Nancy: [choking up] Shane did something so -
Andy: - That’s why we have to leave, it’s not safe here. Even your plants -
Nancy: - But Esteban -
Andy: Leave him a note!
Nancy: A note?!
Andy: Write him a note, like the olden times. Break his heart in ink. He will understand, if he loves you.
Nancy: I do have nice handwriting…
Andy: And in the morning, we go. I’ll throw some ambien in Ignacio’s smoothie and we hit the road as soon as his eyes close, okay? 
Nancy: Oh, Andy…
Andy: And tomorrow night, we’re someplace… new! It doesn’t even have to be Copenhagen, it can be fuckin’… Van Nuys, wherever! We’re a family. And then we’re done with all this, and we’ll be safe. I know that I’m just… y'know, I’m Andy, but… we could be more… I would like to try. …Okay?
Nancy: [smiles, sniffles, and takes his hand] Okay.