justin isnt in this

i love canada

i mean you have those cool syrup and snow stick things??? i want that

also your president is awesome
he does boxing i love (kick)boxing its so cool

and you have cool wildlife! I mean moose are great and so are bears and everyone is so nice


how do you Canadians put up with tourist’s bullshit

canada is too perfect and i am skeptical that it exists


my favorite moment to date in the adventure zone is when griffin asked the boys if they had told each other about what had happened during that one lunar interlude where magnus trained, merle dealt with his kids, and taako went on a date and justin was like “taako isnt going to tell them shit because its none of their business if he went on a date with death and now that ive phrased it like that holy fuck taako would want to brag about that”

you all  act like character development isnt a thing & ppl don’t realize they’ve made mistakes justin was a piece of shit for the most part what he did was wrong, but he realized, he stopped being friends with bryce, & jessica never wanting to see him again is great, but don’t act like he didn’t change and improve & like he deserves to be fucking homeless because he realized what he did late in the series


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @damasath/ @laxusthelightning!

I thought you might like your two top OTPs dressed up and waiting with presents for you~ I mean, what else would promise a good B-day right??? ANYWAYS, you know how important and precious you are to me and I really hope this day will be somewhat enjoyable for you! Stay as awesome as you are and feel much loved <3

Bisexual Ransom

Justin never thought he was queer growing up.

He liked girls, and he just focused on that because little boys like little girls, that’s just how the world is.

he liked the ways girls smelled, the way their hair was always soft. he liked how Judy in his 3rd grade class always colored her people with purple hair.

the same time he meets Judy, he befriends Isaac. Isaac never smells nice, and his hair is always a mess, but he shares his favorite snacks with Justin at lunch time, and he always picks Justin first to be on his team at gym.

Its not until he is 13, and has been best friends with Isaac for five years that he notices the dimples in Isaac’s cheeks when he laughs, the way his eyes are a perfect mix of brown and green, how his arms feel strong and safe when they hug.

Justin doesn’t think much on it because he likes girls. he always has.

a year later, when Isaac is sleeping over, Justin is about to go to sleep when the bed shifts, and when he looks up, hazel eyes meet his.

they kiss.

its over in a flash, and Justin isnt sure if it even happened, except then why does he have butterflies in his stomach? why are his lips tingling?

Justin doesnt get a second kiss, and Isaac moves away that summer.

But, he spends many nights after that staring at the ceiling of his room, asking himself ‘am i gay?’

he cant be gay. he likes girls.

Then he starts high school, and hockey, and he’s dating a girl named Lily in his English class who he’s head over heals for

but sometimes he catches himself staring in the locker room.

‘im not gay’ becomes a mantra that Justin is finding harder to believe the more he says it.

‘im not gay, im not gay’ turns to ‘shit, im gay.’

but he cant be gay, he likes girls.

he likes the way they smell, he likes their voices.

he likes boys.

he likes their eyes, he likes how big their hands are.

when Justin Oluransi first learns the word ‘bisexual’ at 15 in sex ed, it is a revelation.

‘i am bisexual’ he says like a mantra, and he feels warm.

when he comes out to his best friend Mark, who says ‘come on man! youve got the whole female population falling over themselves for you, but you still want all the guys too? you are one greedy son of a bitch’

Justin laughs, but he feels cold.

When he comes out to his parents, they tell him, ‘we love you son, and when this phase passes, and you make your choice, we will love you then too.’

and they smile, so he smiles.

Justin picks Samwell, and he tells everyone its for hockey, but the ‘one in four maybe more’ certainly helped.

He meets Adam Birkholtz, who walks into the first team meeting wearing a ‘Bi Pride’ t-shirt and a goofy grin.

‘i like your shirt’ Justin says afterwards, and the words warm his lips.

‘BRO!’ Adam says and Justin smiles as he notices how his eyes are not just blue, there’s a little bit of green in them too,

he likes the crinkles he gets by his eyes when he smiles.

Justin never stops having moments where he thinks ‘maybe they were right.’

he never stops thinking that he is greedy, that he’s just trying to get attention, that he’s going through a phase and soon enough he’ll snap out of it.

but, then he looks into blue-green eyes that crinkle around the edges, and he thinks that there is nothing more true than how he likes girls,

and fuck if boys arent great too.