justin i love u so much!!!

bts with buzzfeed: highlights

- “hello we are bts! and what did you say?” *looks around in confusion*
- these questions BLESS
- yoongi looking like he wanted to murder namjoon’s ass for repeatedly asking him questions in english
- namjoon basically confirming hoseok’s new mixtape
- namjoon throwing jungkook under the bus for playing video games in the hotel room while yoongi works on his music lmao
- “everyone’s doing their job” my ass 👀👀
- jungkook exposing himself as a hardcore belieber
- im not saying this is a desperate “notice me senpai” moment but thats exactly what im saying. the way he talks about justin is me when i think about food and bangtan tbh
- like seriously
- someone get our jungcook to be acknowledged by the biebs
- return of savage ass namjoon as he calls out hoseok for having ‘outro:wings’ meaningful to him just bc of his solo rap
- jungkook: “I like i need u… uh, because…….start, stage, my heart. Boom boom”
- namjoon’s response: “wow perfect”
- the birth of j-dope, jinnie, yeon-ki min, monie, christian chim chim, justin seagull, and jack
- yoongi imitating english-speaking fans at airports is everything i never knew i needed gdkglflhdlhldlgl 💀💀💀💀💀
- “my sanctuary of birth is seagull. Yeah, justin seagull. I love justin bieber, i like justin seagull yeah” - jeon jungkook 2k17
- taehyung and his performance as rose in titanic. where the fuck is this mans oscar????
- *if you heard a bts song in public how would you react*
- Yoongi: “i try to get out of that area as fast as i can”
- jungkook: “i pretend i dont know the song and i get out of there as fast as i can”
- then theres jin
- “i look in the store and give it my blessings” 

- father jin up in this bitch deadass giving a demonstration of how he would bless the place
- ok but me too tbh
- *when you look especially good what runs through your head*
- tae getting so shy when talking about people on the street noticing his godly looks WHAT A FUCKING PRECIOUS YET SHAMELESS ASS CUTIE
- again, theres jin. bless that special boy
- “just look in the mirror and watch my face. Wow, handsome”
- “we’re so excited to interview again with buzzfeed” *imitates a bug*

The Jocks Reaction To Justin Foley’s Little Siblings Depression

Request: OKAY SO imagine the jocks + Alex and Jeff (excluding Marcus and Bryce bc ew) finding out bout Justin’s younger sis (like she’s 15ish) cutting herself and then finding out and how they would react. Who would be angry at themselves for not noticing (Monty), who would cry (Justin/Alex), who would comfort her and the others (Jeff/Zach). Yeah u get the point. Thank you in advance if you decide to do this headcannon. And if you decide not to then that’s perfectly fine too. You do you boo. Much love xx


A/N: I’m sorry I have changed the request a little it to something I’m a little more comfortable with writing. PLEASE BE SAFE WHILE READING THIS!


Warnings: Depression, Implied self harm, Crying.


The Jocks Reaction To Justin Foley’s Little Siblings Depression…

He would absolutely cry. He would hate to find out that you’re feeling like that. He would feel like he didn’t pay enough attention to what was going on in your life. More than anything he’d just want to help you. He’d want to shield you from that pain, but when he realises he can’t he’d just want to be by your side to help you through it, and watch you build a stronger version of yourself. Alex would always just be that encouraging voice reminding you of how strong you are and how far you’ve already come. He’d be the one to understand how hard it is, and that you can’t just make yourself better in a day.


He would go full parental mode on everyone. He would rock you in his arms while also trying to comfort the others. He’d be a little bit flustered, but he’d try to hide it because he doesn’t want to make you anxious. He’d definitely be the one to whisper sweet, reassuring things in your ear to calm you just in that moment. In the long run he’d absolutely continue to check up on you, and make sure that you let all your feelings out and that you’re receiving help with all the scary things going on in your life. Jeff would be the in-the-moment help that you need, every single time you call him, no matter what time of day it is or where in the world you both are.


You’re his little sibling, he’d be absolutely devastated. His breath would catch in his throat and he’d just be stunned, wondering how he didn’t see it. Then the hysterics would set in, and he’d be crying and just apologising to you over and over while he tries to inspect your body for any signs of recent harm. His heart would be shattered, to the point where you’d just have to cry as well, and Zach would probably have to talk him through breathing techniques to calm him down before he scares you. After that Justin just wouldn’t let you out of his sight. He’d constantly be checking up on you, and he’d ask if you’re okay every five seconds. He’d also never stop apologising for not noticing earlier.


More than anything he would be so angry at himself for not noticing. He’s always got you pulled into his side, with an arm around you or sat beside you at lunch, so he thinks that he should’ve noticed. He’d feel incredibly guilty and like he’d let you down. Above it all those his main concern would be you. He’d want to protect you, always. He wouldn’t let anyone at school talk to you if he considered them unworthy, and he only let you surround yourself with people he knew were genuine and cared about you. He’d always pop by randomly to check on you and Justin, and every day at school he’d be suspiciously (trying to be subtle) looking at your skin to make sure you haven’t done anything to hurt yourself.


He would mostly try to keep everything calm. Being an older brother himself he’d feel Justin’s pain on a personal level, and he’d just try to keep the crying boy calm, and the situation at bay so it didn’t upset you. He’d feel sick for not ever noticing considering how much time you spend together, but he’d know that the past was unchangeable, and that you all now had the opportunity to do better in the future. Zach would probably be the one to just silently sit across from you in your room on the bad days- not saying anything, just being a presence there that you know you can turn to when you need to. He’d always be the one trying to keep it all low key and just make you laugh.

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HAPPY 300th EPISODE, Grey’s Anatomy!

C ON G R A T U L A T I O N S. ♡

Yestrday, September 26, the cast celebrated the taping of the 300th episode on set with a cake-cutting ceremony.


masterpost de bios, lembrando que os nomes dos idols bios / series bios / ship bios é só de exemplo, você muda.  bios masterpost, remember that the names of the idols bios / bios series / ship bios is an just a example, you change.

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bios random

  1. me chama que eu vo
  2. vamo devargazinho, conversa tudo gostosinho
  3. a saida é logo ali monamu
  4. quem nao gostar do que eu falo me da um block na cara
  5. eu to implorando para de passar vergonha
  6. queria um antivirus no coração e um redtube na cabeça
  7. vontade de te beija nao disse quem mas se vc quiser eh vc
  8. vontade de chorar……. porém sigo firme
  9. vo perde o bv esse ano vcs vao ve ngm me segura
  10. nao interessa pra vc palhaço
  11. cansado.com.br/mortocomfarofa
  12. deus eh top
  13. olho pro teclado do meu pc…e não sei mais oq dizer…só sentir
  14. vamos rir pra não chorar
  15. eu nao me prestaria a esse papel…
  16. eu amo meus haters, eles me deixam famosa
  17. estrela de que se vamos morrer minha irmã? 
  18. sofrimento pra mim é cancer
  19. se nem ines brasil agradou a todos pq eu vou agradar??
  20. parabéns vc foi sorteada para ficar na sua
  21. eh uma honra vcs n gostarem de mim
  22. erva nao faz mal, eh mato, cresce no chão igual arroz
  23. mas eh aquele ditado ne
  24. se queria estar morta pq n se mato ainda????
  25. haters é sinonimo de sucesso
  26. nao sou plastica pra agrada gente feia
  27. status update: dead
  28. bad boys, good lips
  29. hi stalker
  30. pizza is my religion
  31. trust no bitch
  32. cute but hungry
  33. my mama don’t like you, and i dont like too
  34. maybe i’m crazy
  35. breaking news: no one cares
  36.  i hope u die  (◡‿◡✿) 
  37. do i wanna know what u think to say this shit?
  38. life is beautiful, you not
  39. I invite you to die
  40. black is my happiness.
  41. netflix is my true love
  42. :): happy people :(:
  43. oh, shut up  ⊱✿◕‿◕✿⊰
  44. how many secrets can you keep?
  45. all humans are monsters
  46. i’m so sick of drama 
  47. go back to hetero world where you belong
  48. my pussy my choice
  49. netflix? netflix
  50. eww, pussy
  51. heterophobic
  52. i’m so fancy  💋 💋
  53. bye loser 
  54. i dont like school people, or school, or people
  55. shh bitch
  56. i hate you the first time, i hate you the last time
  57. wow, really? idc
  58. i say the right things, but act the wrong way
  59. i dont need a man, i just need food. 
  60. i lost my head

bios idols 

  1. justin (((((king))))) bieber
  2. liam payne is my daddy 
  3. selena gomez has not idea how it makes me happy
  4. i tried but its so hard to find words to describe how much i love demi lovato 
  5. she saved my life
  6. ariana grande followskfgdfgkdfósdf no
  7. miley is better than you.
  8. always in my heart @5sos 
  9. i hate you but i love u @taylorswift 
  10. lesbian for ruby rose  ◑ω◐
  11. love me like nina dobrev do
  12. devo ter jogado pedra na cruz pra sofrer por perrie edwards
  13. ・゚:*✧・゚ deus criou a laurenj diabo com inveja criou vc  ・゚:*✧・゚ 
  14. seu pai não tem uma piroca, ele tem um pincel @zaynmalik 
  15. as mãe cria a filha com amor carinho leite ninho dai elas vai e sofre por dylan o’brien
  16. em 1992 nasceu um anjinho pra fude minha vida
  17. ian somerhalder stole my heart
  18. why is ashley benson so perf
  19. se o computador der pau o hstyle senta 
  20. look in to hayes eyes is where her demons hide
  21. a solidão me fez magcult
  22. tem gente bonita tem gente muito bonita tem gente extremamente bonita tem mahogany lox
  23. nash grier ???? who???
  24. batatinha quando nasce se espalha rama pelo chão, a shawn mendes veio pra fude meu coração 
  25. “i love you” “me?” “no, i was talking to the vamps”
  26. uma hora ta tudo bem, outra hora sou fã de adele
  27. beyonce is my sunshine  ☽
  28. quando deus te desenhou ele nao tava namorando nao, ele tava inspiradissimo @rihanna 
  29. médicos afirmam: limpar todos os premios da taylor é o melhor exercicio para emagrecer
  30. to sentada na cadeira mas queria estar sentada na sua cara @hollandroden

bios ships

  1. talvez larry seja real e vc nao 
  2. jelena shipper tem area reservada no solo do inferno
  3. camren is not realHAHAHAHA no
  4. desejo a todas brouis vida curta 
  5. •✿ jerrie is definition of love ✿•
  6. sophiam are my parents
  7. jailey is real real is jailey
  8. *:・゚✧ muke eh real cake só bolo  *:・゚✧
  9. ✫˖∴✿ ziam is so fucking real ✿∴˖✫
  10. i shipp larry bc i believe in true love regardless of gender
  11. sua mae sabe que vc procura teoria de casal gay?
  12. all monsters are zerrie ships
  13. shippo casal gay sim nao sou fã de empresa pra shippar contrato
  14. nasci com uma falha no cérebro por isso shippo nian entendeu
  15. ainda bem que camren é real
  16. crazy for gay ship
  17. i hate zigi… ok… i do not know how to lie
  18. talvez hitler só quisesse que larry se assumisse
  19. “larry doesnt exists” i ask you something????????

series bios

  1. anteriormente em maldosas 
  2. pagando pelos meus pecados sendo fã de teen wolf
  3. como assim vc assistiu pll e nao gostou? viu errado, vê de novo
  4. no fundo do poço mais conhecido como fã de tvd
  5. pareço ser legal mas assisto the flash
  6. queria ser social mas existe ahs 
  7. eww, you ship stalia 
  8. só nao conta pra minha mae que eu assisto scream 
  9. eu falo ha e vcs leb 
  10. eh claro que eu nao fico esperando a netflix atualizar shadowhunters obvio que nao
  11. delena is my otp forever
  12. flap flep flip htgawm flup
  13. i’m vampire maniac, how u can think i’m happy??
  14. se eu assisti the originals foi pra criar minhas filhas
  15. vc eh tao bosta que vou te chamar de spn dublado
  16. mais desnecessário que hiatus só spaleb
  17. orange is the new who?????? 
  18. a moral eu perdi quando assisti o primeiro ep de twd
  19. i’m watching skins, leave a message
  20. chegou a que vê the 100 dublado

mywitfailsme  asked:

No Strings Attached- *NSYNC

so i’ve been thinking about this for LITERAL ACTUAL HOURS now omg. i was sixteen when this album came out. this was when mtv still like…existed. and everyone just watched it, and there would be a britney spears song and then a korn song and then len’s “steal my sunshine” and it was all just fuckin’ chaos all the time. so even if you didn’t like nsync, you…didn’t have a choice, you were going to watch the making of the video for “it’s gonna be me” for the seventh time that month along with everyone else, just deal with it, “road rules” will be on in a minute.

“bye bye bye” is iconic on every level, THANKS. it’s weird to think about now, but like…all boyband music of that time was love songs. ALL OF IT. seriously like even most of nsync’s christmas album is really just love songs about loving someone at christmas. backstreet boys had one (1) song in the same sort of vein, almost a year earlier, with “don’t want you back,” but it was never a single, and it’s also nowhere near as good as “bye bye bye” like don’t even play that shit with me bsb fans, some of them still wanna act like bsb invented the concept of the boyband kiss off song and nsync ~stole it~ 🙄🙄 but boyband music was supposed to be aspirational. every single song was supposed to be five dudes singing to you about how they loved you or missed you or couldn’t live without you or whatever. and this song is just so contrary to that!!!! it’s literally “i don’t care if you hate me, goodbye forever u lying bitch.” it’s not aspirational at all, but it’s catchy as FUQ. and it was the first huge single of nsync’s career that WASN’T written by max martin. now, don’t get me wrong, max martin is a living legend and a god in my personal pantheon of pop songwriters. but for me, this album overall and this single in particular really demonstrated that max martin was going to craft one sound with bsb, and nsync was going to craft their own sound with jc and justin. I COULD LITERALLY TALK ABOUT THIS ALL DAY GUYS, HOW MUCH TIME DO U HAVE. (omg i know that andreas carlsson and kristian lundin worked with max martin all the time, i know that some people consider them all interchangeable, literally no one has time for my thoughts on all this, we need to move on)

lol so uh “digital get down” is my favorite nsync song of all time, so just take a minute to get used to the idea that the entire rest of this paragraph is going to be about a song that i unapologetically love that contains the lyrics “we’re getting nasty nasty / we’re getting freaky deaky.” okay, ready? first of all, this song was written by jc chasez UM OF FUCKING COURSE IT WAS. for those of you unfamiliar with jc, take everything you love about harry styles, make him like a thousand times weirder, then send him back in time fifteen years, and that’s jc. oh, harry has one lyric on his debut album about playing with himself in a hotel room? jc had an entire song on his solo album about masturbating while thinking about aliens. here’s a picture of jc wearing pants with tulips painted onto them

that picture is from SIXTEEN YEARS AGO. anyway, jc wrote “digital get down” about wanting to have video sex with his girlfriend, three years before skype EVEN EXISTED. can you even BELIEVE that jc invented cybersex because he literally did, and he wrote a song about it on an album that was marketed to teenage girls because jc chasez DID NOT GIVE A FUCK, he wanted to get nasty nasty and freaky deaky and no one stopped him for some reason? this song is catchy as hell and also really awful and also definitely my favorite.

and for my last song, let’s go “i thought she knew.”

like, i know everyone thinks their boybands can sing, but sorry, literally no boyband can sing except for nsync 😕😕😕😕 listen to those goddamn live a cappella harmonies and try to tell me that anyone else was doing that shit. nope nope nope. you think nick carter can sound like that?????? N O P E. even joey sounds good, and joey had the worst voice in nsync, but still fucking flawless. also, pay attention to the fact that justin timberlake is the most charismatic motherfucker on the planet and he was only nineteen. that guy has had the world in the palm of his hand since birth, basically.




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i love my beliebers. thanks for make me fell better

my #beliebers and the @#%@#%@#%. haha

naw… my fans… #beliebers are perfect

u smile i smile. thanks

i love u. #mybeliebers

justin bieber is a great person, is better than many

let’s imagine that justin bieber and i are walking in the streets and this stupid justin fans attacked me, i’m sorry, girls but HE IS MINE

oh and i loved singing with the fans

all the pretty stars shine for you my love @justinbieber

i just tried so hard to find words to describe how much i love justin and it didn’t work i can’t find anything

justin bieber look what you’ve done to me, look what you’ve done now

all I can do is say that these arms were made for holding you justin bieber

justin bieber is so amazing, so kind, so beautiful, so generous, I’m so lucky to have him on my life

when I can’t sleep, I keep thinking in the man that motivates me to keep going, in the man who stole my heart and this man is justin bieber

when I hear his voice in every song, when I see he smiling, everything that he does, my world stops and I see just me and him

I see you being cute with the fans, caring for them, being funny with them, I could have a day like this with you, justin? is all that I want, I need

I chose the best person to be my idol, and his name is jusin bieber

“i love my beliebers” and i love my idol

to talk about the wonderful person with name justin bieber

certainly justin bieber is the eighth wonder of the world

i’m still owned by the bieber fever

bieber fever is magic


it will not be sixteen forever


pelo menos meu idolo não fica nu para ganhar views,mas seria uma boa ver aquela torneira gigante vulgo bieberconda

vcs tem um minuto para palavra de deus? e deus disse, oh minha querida filha seja tudo menos belieba isso é um desgosto, assim obedeci

tava subindo a escadinha para o ceu e jesus perguntou o que eu fazia da vida eu falei que era belieber ai o satanas gritou xuxuzinho seu lugar é comigo

justin não follows

kidrauhl deve tá mamando

bieber não follows, bitches!!!

como posso amar alguém que me faz sofrer a cada musica,a cada foto,a cada frase? sim,estou falando de justin bieber

fui no google pesquisei por ”belieber” e apareceu uma foto minha do lado escrito ”OTARIA” não entendi

ele nao vai ter dezesseis anos para sempre

vcs não tem noção do quanto é grande o meu orgulho por justin bieber, aquele moleque acaba comigo

estamos no inicio do ano e eu ja não estou sabendo como sobreviver ate o ano acabar, vai com calma justin bieber


I think, for me specifically when it comes to music, I don’t think that I need any persuading to think about it. It’s always kind of in the back of your mind and - but I think it’s part of who I am and always will be, I mean, in a very cellular way. When you grow up doing, you know, one thing, I think you get to this place where you want to try new things. And I do think that we live in the type of world where people get comfortable with you in one way, and so seeing you in a different way, it takes some time.

this is dedicated to @forovnix‘s Kings in Couture which u should read bc if you haven’t read it you won’t understand this at all whatsoever

It’s cold, dark.

“Victor?” he breathes, feeling tears stinging at his eyes. Tears without a warrant to be there, tears of an origin unknown. As he swipes at them with his thumb, the dream comes back to him–the waiting, the void, swirling.

Victor stirs beside him. “Yuuri?” His voice is a low mumble, until he peeks open one of his eyes. Then he’s sitting up, an arm around his shoulders. “Yuuri, what happened?”

“I had… I had a nightmare,” Yuuri breathes, and he holds up a hand to realize that his fingers are trembling. Victor takes his hand, laces their fingers. The comforting gesture doesn’t calm him down completely, but it helps.

He says something in Russian before he pulls Yuuri to lay down beside him, keeping their hands joined. With his free hand, he begins to stroke Yuuri’s hair, slow, gentle. “Was it the same one?”

“I don’t know why it keeps happening,” he complains, frustrated. “I’m sorry for waking you up.”

“No, that’s okay,” Victor promises, kissing his upper cheek, where a stray tear had fallen during the dream. “You just need to remind yourself that it’s not real, that it’s all in your imagination.”

He buries his face in Victor’s shoulder, breathes him in. “You’re right.”

“We’re married,” Victor reminds him, touching Yuuri’s ring and spinning it around.

“But it feels so real. It feels like our story stopped when I officially got my job working for you. Isn’t that weird?”

“Weirdly specific,” Victor agrees. “But fake.”

“I love you,” he says quietly, knowing that Victor will hear him.

“I love you too.”

“Almost as much as you love Chanel?”

Victor chuckles, kissing him on his forehead. “Almost,” he agrees sarcastically.