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Calling pregnant women 'hosts'? We're in an anti-choice Republican dystopia | Jessica Valenti
A new anti-abortion bill uses shocking language about women. But there are countless other laws that deserve to be called out, too
By Jessica Valenti

If you had any doubt that that Republicans were taking their cues on women’s health from The Handmaid’s Tale, consider Oklahoma representative Justin Humphrey, who said this week that women are not individual people once they get pregnant, just “hosts”.

New bill requires father’s permission for a woman to have an abortion in Oklahoma

February 8, 2017
By Rhiannon Poolaw
Digital Content Manager

OK (KSWO)- A new bill looks to make terminating a pregnancy harder for Oklahoma women by requiring the father to sign off on an abortion. House Bill 1441 was introduced by Republican Representative Justin Humphrey.

In addition to needing the father’s sign-off, the woman would also have to identify the father to a doctor. The bill does have exceptions for rape, incest, or when the mother’s safety is at risk.

The Public Health Committee tabled the bill today but it is expected to be back on the agenda next week.


YES!!! Talk about inequality between the sexes. A man has no right in the life or death of his child and this is a beginning.

Finally Oklahoma is pulling it’s head out of its ass and getting back to its moral roots.

I happened to stumble over a book recently called Interviews Too Shocking to Print!: Conversations with Horror Filmmakers and Their Accomplices by Justin Humphreys, and it has a lengthy discussion of de Palma’s 1974 movie Phantom of the Paradise, including interviews with the cast and crew!  Here’s a fun excerpt from the section where William Finley (who played Winslow Leach/the Phantom) talks about working on the movie:

Then, in 1974, came Finley’s signature film, Phantom of the Paradise.  Like Sisters, Finley says, “That was from a script by Louisa Rosa Bryan, but it got modified quite a bit as people came in because there were so many creative folks that worked on it.  I would change things, and Gerrit [Graham] would change things.  It just got better and better…”

Playing Winslow and the Phantom “was a lot of fun”, Finley recalls.  “One of the problems was the helmet gave me headaches, to wear it, so I had a real love/hate relationship with it because it WAS the character.  It was designed with great care.  It was just it gave me terrible headaches.  The material it was made of just blasted me.  So I’d be lying on the floor after takes with Brian saying, ‘What’s wrong! What’s wrong! What’s wrong!”, and I’d say, “It’s the helmet!  The fucking helmet - it’s killing me!”  Finley laughed.  “And you can’t hear, that’s the other thing.  Two little ear holes, but not enough.  We piped in a tiny little amplifier for some of the stuff, which worked.”

There’s a lot of other neat stuff in there, so if you’re a PotP buff, you might want to give it a look.  :)