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                                     Not everyone is a stereotype.

every Spanish speaking person has illegally migrated from Mexico.

Not every African American is a thug.

Not every person with dreadlocks smokes weed.

Not everyone who drinks is an alcoholic.

Not everyone who is American is racist.

Not everyone who is from the Middle East is a terrorist.

Not everyone who is overweight is obese.

Not everyone who is thin is anorexic.

Not everyone who is a police officer is bad.

Not everyone from Asia eats dogs.

Not everyone who is German is a Nazi.

Not everyone is gay/lesbian.

                                     Not everyone is a stereotype.

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Anon: Can you do an imagine where y/n is an German actor & Justin wants to meet her so much and he talks in interviews about her because she’s his celebrity crush& then they meet at the Grammy and y/n wins an Oscars for the best film of the year thank you💘

Me:hope you like it !!󾠰󾠱

When requesting you may ask for specific features such as race, hair colour, eye colour, skin colour, name etc.

Justin’s POV

“Let’s talk about Y/N Y/L/N!” The interviewer chuckle, I smiled at the gracious name that had flowed out of his lips.

“Oh, she’s amazing!”

“Well, you posted a picture of her and didn’t even know her name! How did that come about?”

“I was going through my mentions and someone said that we would look cute together so I took the opportunity to ask who she was and she’s been my crush ever since!”

“Did you hear she’d love to meet you?”

“Yeah actually, I got really excited that day nothing could calm me down,” I chuckled.

“Maybe you’ll meet each other at the Grammy’s.”

“That would be a dream come true.”

“Speaking of the Grammy’s, congratulations on your nominations! You’ve come so far man, my daughter are really proud!” I laughed before speaking up again.

“It’s an honor really. Tell your daughters I love them!”

“I sure will! Been an honor having you on here, make sure to get your copy of Purpose in stores and online and catch Justin at the Grammy’s this Saturday, here’s Get Used To It!”

We pulled up to the venue and I stepped out with Jaxon locked onto my hand. We approached the red carpet, being a little hard with Jaxon’s stubbornness but it was an amazing experience none the less. I had a few interviews and made my way into the venue. 

The workers lead us to our table and told us the gist about what happens and other things. I greeted people that passed and said hello to the people at surrounding tables.

Later, a young lady and I’m guessing her manager, sat at in the empty seats infront of us. I looked up immediately and saw Y/N Y/L/N sitting in front of me. I looked at her in awe, I was starstruck not knowing what to say.

“Jay, isn’t that the girl you like?” Jaxon whispered in my ear. I nodded and smiled.

“Say something!” My eyes widened and then contracted when I heard my name being called.

“Justin Bieber. What an honor to finally meet you.” I saw Y/N sitting beside me in one of the other empty seats. I smiled shyly before talking.

 “Y/N Y/L/N, well its an honor to say you look more beautiful in person.” I leaned in and kissed her cheek.

 “And I’m Jaxon!” I heard him giggle from behind me. They had their own little conversation full of laughter and giggles before Jaxon ran off to Scooter. 

 “Would you like something to drink Y/N?” I asked her starting our own conversation. 

 “Yeah, let’s go to the bar.” We stood up and I let her link her arm with mine.

 “You know something, I wouldn’t even think you are German, your English is perfect.”

 “Thank you, but when I first came to America I could barely say ‘hi’ all I could say was ‘yeah’!” We laughed and continued to talk as we walked. We talked about general things before she hit me with the biggest question of the night.

 “I’ve been told that you have a crush on me, is that true Mr.Bieber?” She smiled innocently while she sipped on her cocktail. I look down at my drink and then back up to her, my face heating up. “Aw, are you embarrassed?” She giggled. 

“Well, yes Y/N, I am embarrassed and I do have a crush on you.” She leaned in, her hot breath hitting of my skin causing Jerry to twitch. 

“I also have a crush on you Mr.Bieber.” She let her fingers run down my chest and trail above Jerry. She whispered sweet nothings during the entire show making it extremely hard not being able to rip off the dress that adorned her body.

The Oscars came very soon and this time I decided to go with just Scooter to avoid further stubbornness. We arrived at the venue and did the all the basic things we did at award shows. We sat at our desired places and much to my dismay Y/N was sitting to my left. 

“Well, I think fate is telling us we’re meant to be because not once did I think we were going to meet again.” I whispered into her hair. 

“Mr.Bieber, I think I very much agree with you.” She giggled. The night flowed smoothly. We both ended up getting drunk and went to my LA mansion. 

“Show me what that mouth do Y/N.” I slurred.

“I don’t think I’m sober enough to do that, I just want to sleep,” she mumbled drunkenly. I stood up, tripping a bit and made my way to my closet. I slowly unzipped her dress being careful not to wake her up and put a jumper on her. I slipped in beside her and admired her face. 

‘I can’t believe i’m sleeping with my crush,’ I thought. I fell asleep with my arm draped around her a massive smile plastered on my face.