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Shadow* (Jason McCann imagine)

WARNING: Imagine might contain mature material so read with your own risk! No need to come say to me that I didn’t warned you

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Y/N’s POV:

Everything happened too quickly when he pulled me behind the club and his soft lips connected on mine. I had no time to fight back not that I would have wanted. I was way too drunk to control myself

In the shadows there was just me and brown-haired young man whose name I had heard to be Jason. Lips locked each others, his hand wandering all over my body, sparks, shivers all over my body. I pulled away from the kiss and bit my lower lip

“Stop doing that, kitten or I can’t contain myself anymore” he groaned lowly. “Who said that you should do that?” I moved my mouth closer to his ear and whispered before I kissed his earlobe. His strong cologne made my head spin even more it already did

“So you want me to take you right here?” he murmed and his hands made their way over my hips. He didn’t wait my answer but pushed me with force against the tile wall. “Spread your legs for me, babygirl” he hummed softly

Flashback about two hours ago:

We stepped out of the big limousine with girls and heated over the club where we supposed to spend one of my dearest friend’s birthday. “Don’t say that this is so strip club” she rolled her eyes for us but we shook our heads. “Nope but we can go in one if you want there so badly. Night is still young” That suggestion made her just chuckle and shook her head

“I think that I’ll be fine” she told before the porter let us inside that big club. Neon lights hit against our faces when we walked on the dance floor which was full of people, youngs and little older ones too. You was able to feel that heat around you and it made your body relax. It was time to party

We pulled our friend over the bar and sat her down on a chair. “The strongest one which you can find there” I told to the bartender and he nodded smirking over us. “Are you trying to get me drunk?” she asked chuckling and we all rolled our eyes. “Of course not, birthday girl. We came here just chill and play tea parties you know like five year old kids” You could feel that all sarcasm flying out from our words to her

“Do you want some tea to your cup, Ms. Daisy?” I asked her cutely and reminded her of those times when we sat corner of her room playing that play together with our teddy bears. “Shut up, Y/N” he pushed me against my shoulder and it made all of us laugh before the bartender gave the birthday hero her drink and seconds later our drinks came too. “For the best night ever” she raised her glass. “For the best night ever” we said back and clinked out shot glasses together

Shot glasses were covering our table after we left and moved to the dance floor with unsteady steps. We started dance along ‘In The Name of Love’ by Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha. Beat hit strong against us and I was almost able to feel it in my bodys. Adrenaline rushed in my veins quicker and I closed my eyes for few seconds

And all of sudden I was all alone in the dance floor when I opened them. I mean of course there was a lot of people around me but they all were so unfamiliar for me. But I was too worked up to think about something like that. I didn’t need anyone to keep me up, I could do that by myself too. I just let the music take me in its grip and gave my body a permission to get some loose

I felt how someone would have been staring at me while I danced. I decided turn around and noticed a big group of young men sitting on the table just few meters away from where I was. My eyes met one of those men eyes and light smirk spread on my face

He was wearing a black leather jacket, black ripped jeans and he pulled him sunglasses to cover his eyes which color I didn’t recognized that quick. I turned my back for them and started dance even wilder I already did and soon someones hands moved on my hips

It was some unfamiliar guy but I didn’t push him away but started grind against him slowly before low moans slipped out of his mouth and I was able to feel him hardening against me. I bit my lip for him and started grind him harder but before I even noticed he was gone. I turned my head and noticed that mysterious sunglass man had pushed my companion away

That man walked over me soon smirking and took off his sunglasses and finally I was able to see his deep brown eyes even it was almost dark around us. “Wanna dance, sexy?” he asked and I nodded before he could continue. We moved middle of the dance floor and I heard whistles behind us. “Go get that slut, Jason!” one of his friends yelled for him but it made him just chuckle back

“What’s your name, babe?” he asked and I felt his hand land on my hips when we started dance. My back was lightly touching his chest while our bodies where slowly moving along the beat. “Y/N” I whispered back

He hummed nodding. “Beautiful name” his breath hit against my neck and it made my senses wake up. I moaned softly wishing that he wouldn’t hear it but he did and smirked. “Are you horny, baby?” his words tickled in my ear and without thinking I had already nodded for him

Suddenly he took me by my arm and started drag me out of the club. I noticed my friends sitting in one tsble with a few men. They noticed me and I winked at them nodding over my partner. They must be jealous now

Flashback ends

He kneeled down on his knees and pulled my skirt on my knees. His hand connected against my ass with a few teasing slap. He cursed slowly before he stood up again and pushed my hands tighter against the wall. “Keep them there and don’t move” he told

I was nothing but mess under his control. I felt how it start get more and more disgusting after every words of his when I felt myself getting wetter for him. I might be desperate already but I didn’t want show that to him so I stood there patiently staring to the wall. “Damn, someone is a bit excited, aren’t you?” his hand teased me between my legs and made shivers run all over my body

“How bad you want it?” he hummed to my ear and I gasped because of the sudden close contact. “So bad” I almost whispered because I could get almost nothing out of my mouth on that point anymore. “Speak louder so I can hear” he moved even closer to me and I felt something poking against my ass. I bit my lip and closed my eyes before I let out weak moan: “So bad, please”

He chuckled and pulled off my panties. “Already begging for me, you’re too easy treat for me” I heard sound of opening belt and zipper. A low groan made my curious woke up and me look over my shoulder. He was standing tall and ready for me. I bit my lip and smirked for him after I was his size. He was maybe one of the biggest that I had ever had

My friend might be, no they totally would be jealous if I tell them but then his words made me drop back to reality: “This will stay just between us then” he said before he turned my head back to face the wall and pushed himself inside my. I saw stars a while

Thankfully no one came there so we had all that peace to finish our act. He pulled me lightly to my ponytail and whispered dirty things to my ears while he was pounding me with just the perfect pace in and out

Hitting the right spots that I would have been able to come after 5 minutes already but I decided hold it. It didn’t help nothing but maybe ten minutes before I was already reached my first orgasm

His heavy breathing hit my next and I felt how he started slow down a bit already. “Are you close? God, you better be because.. ” he couldn’t finish his sentence before I already felt how his warm loads filled me. My body was tired, so was his. Speechless and breathless we just tried figure out what had just happened but we couldn’t find the right answer

My head had started to clear a bit and headache started take a place. “Soo.. ” I started and looked him shyly. “Another round?” I smirked and he looked me back. “Maybe next time babe, I gotta go” he told and kissed me on the cheek before he disappeared in the shadows

That next time ever happened and I didn’t really see him after that night. He was just a one new man to my list, one good fuck which I didn’t remember clearly anymore in the morning when I woke up next day. Just dark hickeys on my neck reminded me of that something had happened between me and him

Something bigger than just innocent dancing, something that you would have experience again but you could ever do it. One night stand wouldn’t be called one time after it happen twice so maybe it would be better just move on, like I always did

tyler seguin on the ticket 3/18/15

  • asked what his 5-3-1 tattoo means: him and one other person have the exact same tattoo, and neither tyler nor the other guy have ever told anyone what it means, not even his family or teammates. they asked who the guy was, he said ‘you wouldn’t know him anyway’
  • they asked him if he feels like the justin bieber of hockey with all these young girls having crushes on him: he felt more like that in boston, and that’s one reason he has a beard a lot now, he wants to be more like the david beckham of hockey instead.
  • if he didn’t get a lab, he would get a bulldog or rottweiler
  • all the time when he signs a check he accidentally puts his number next to it like he’s signing an autograph, sometimes he still even puts #19 from boston. and then he looks in the mirror and is like ‘what am i doing’
Fifty Shades’ Jamie Dornan Says He Can Sing ‘Every Line’ from Frozen

Like many parents with young children, Jamie Dornan has fallen victim to the kid-pleasing power (and countless repeat viewings) of Disney’s animated hit, Frozen.

“Oh my God are you kidding me? I could act the whole bloody thing out for you right now,” Dornan tells PEOPLE, when asked if he’d been introduced to the film through his daughters Phoebe, 1, and Dulcie, 3.

“And I could sing every bloody line of every song. Trolls is the one at the moment with our 3-year-old. In the car, we just listen to Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick sing at us on every family journey we go on at the moment, which is kind of fun and really kind of awful at the same time, once it’s the 70th time of the week.”

When the Fifty Shades Darker star isn’t catering to the movie-watching preferences of his daughters, Dornan says he and his wife Amelia Warner enjoy a bit of binge-watching.

“We’ve got quite a good cinema setup in our house for watching movies,” he says. “But we’re like everyone else, Netflix and Downton and we very easily binge when the kids are asleep.”

But does Mrs. Dornan have any interest in seeing her husband in his Fifty Shades films?

“It’s totally her choice, if she wants to, but I don’t imagine why she’d want to see it,” he says. “Yeah, I’m not going to tell her what she can and can’t do, I’m very un-Christian-like in that way but no, I don’t think she has any plans to see it.”

For much more on Jamie Dornan and Fifty Shades Darker, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

Yeah, you’re right. Justin’s attractiveness seriously does have an impact on his popularity but not a ton. Justin’s popularity or fans/beliebers come from his kind words and actions and AMAZING voice. You can say anything else but you’re lying to yourself right there. Ariana’s success doesn’t come from Justin, it comes from her amazing vocals and voice, the girl really is talented. I honestly love her. But there is no room to compare when Ariana’s net worth is about 12 million? (Not that she doesn’t deserve more than that) And Justin’s is about 200 million. Justin’s money doesn’t come from looks. No idiot would buy his album because they find his face pretty or because he has a “decent” voice. No idiot would spend money on that. But what they would spend money on is an incredibly talented young artists who has an -please may I say- angelic voice. And I know exactly what comeback you’re going to use, “he went to jail” “he’s a bad role model” etc etc. yeah, he did go to jail, thank you for acknowledging that! But you know what else he did? He apologized publicly for his actions more than 3 times. MORE THAN 3 TIMES. you know how much strength it takes to come back from an all time low like that? Do you know how it fucking feels to have people bash you down EVERY single day for the rest of your goddamn life (since you were 12, may I repeat : 1 2) and then STILL manage to become a better person out of it? Getting death threats everyday is not a nice thing, may I assure you. Being teased and haunted for your mistakes every day of your life is not a great thing either. But here he is moving forward with his life even when to this day he still gets an incredible amount of hate. Okay, thank you. Thank you for recognizing the fact that he “went to jail” but do you know that he has also done all these things :
He often visits children from the Make A Wish foundation, which dedicates to making the dreams of children battling life threatening diseases come true
Many of these visits he has asked to make without cameras to make it more special for the kids
He is involved and/or supports many charities such as Pencils of Promise, Make A Wish, Boys and Girls Club of America, Project Medishare for Haiti, City of Hope, Musicians on Call, and the Grammy Foundation
He started the Believe Charity Drive which raises money from all of his album sales (which are a lot) to give to each of these charities
In total that is $119,2004 for charity
He visited victims from the Tsunami in Japan and invited them to his show to give them a break from all the disaster
On his 17th and 18th birthday Justin asked his fans to help bring clean water to those in need by donating to Charity Water
He donates $1 from each ticket he sells from his shows to Pencils of Promise
He donates a portion of all his fragrance sales to charity
He donated a portion of his Christmas Album Under the Mistletoe to charity. This album later became #1 in the US with 1,245,000 copies sold. But that’s just in the US
He supports WETOPIA, a game on Facebook that helps donate clean water, meals, and other things to people in need just by playing He visited a needy school in Las Vegas which is a school that supports homeless children or children on the verge of being homeless. Justin donated $100,000 to the school for supplies and food plus and additional $100,000 in toys for the kids. To top it all off, in December he went to the school to do an acoustic performance of his #1 album, Under the Mistletoe
When he cut his hair wich came to a shock to his fans and the media, he auctioned a lock of his hair on eBay for charity. His hair sold for $40,668.
He recently joined the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign
Justin donated portions of his single Turn To You, a dedication to his mom on Mother’s Day, to Save Bethesda Centre for pregnant teens
He donated $10,000 to a food bank in Canada
He visited a 7 year old cancer patient who is also a huge fan of his, and made her entire day by singing to her
He auctioned his motorcycle off to give money to the Rob Dyrdek Foundation
In 2011, he flew out to meet one of his biggest fans, Avalanna Routh who was suffering from a rare brain cancer. In the hospital she was in, she was known as ‘Mrs. Bieber". After the first meeting, Justin became attached to this little girl and he later flew her out to meet him several times and even made her his ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ in one of his concert. Justin did whatever he could to make this little girl happy until she unfortunately passed away in 2013.
Apart from all the charity work, Justin also does anything he can to make his fans happy. This includes following his fans on twitter, DMing them, tweeting them, putting out silly pictures and videos for them, and simply interacting with them.
At a recent concert in Iowa, Justin went out of his way to give three fans tickets when didn’t have tickets to his show, chatted with them a bit, bought all three of them McDonalds, and later tweeted and followed him after the show.
At one of his concerts, fans tried to sneak into his meet and greet and, upon hearing this, Justin told security to let them in even if it meant running late for his show.
On the day of his 18th birthday, he stayed in the studio all day to finish his album Believe for his fans

He went to Guatemala and hands on built a school for children in need with the money from his concert tickets
He gave a kid with no shoes the shoes off his feet
Later he made a video expressing his gratitude for being able to help out and make a difference and bring smiles to children’s faces.
He went out to meet a fan who got into a car accident on her way to his concert and gave her a private show.
He raised over 3 million dollars for the damages in the Philippines and went out to perform or them
He was awarded a star on the Philippine Walk of Fame for his Typhoon Haiyan Relief Effort
Justin donated half a million to AIDS Research
Won the Champ of Charity Award at the Young Hollywood Awards 2014 for being the celebrity with the most Make-A-Wish granted

And there is proof for every single thing on this list and I can send you all of it if you just don’t believe me- if you even bothered to read because I mean duh he’s Justin Bieber and he absolutely does NOT deserve a chance because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time surrounded by all the wrong people (not that it wasn’t also his doing or fault) .
Justin isn’t here because of Usher, usher only played a small part in his success and without Justin’s talent usher wouldn’t have had any liking to justin in the first place…I mean why would he need someone with an attractive face and a decent voice right?
So please, get your facts straight before you start making up random shit, thank you. And if that isn’t enough for you and your ignorant self then I’ll let you know that justin cares very much about his fans. If you don’t believe THAT then I can try to dig up the post which proved it 100% (you can’t deny his unconditional love for his fans) and gladly send you the link :) totalariana

How I Reignited My Love for Writing

Everyone has a different NaNoWriMo experience. We’ve asked some wonderful NaNoWriMo writers to share theirs. Today, Justin Isaacs, NaNoWriMo participant, shares how he rediscovered his passion for writing:

When I was in first grade, I wrote my first story. It wasn’t particularly good. However, that didn’t stop me from using writing as a creative outlet. 

Even at a young age I was fascinated with the macabre. Fueled by R.L. Stine’s Fear Street series, and later, Stephen King, I began my writing career early on with horror stories. (I was sent to the guidance counselor on more than one occasion throughout grade school. They eventually confirmed that I was able to mentally separate fiction from reality, and thankfully allowed me to continue writing unabated.)

I wrote dozens of short stories and novellas throughout grade school. On Halloween, during my sophomore year in high school, my little brother destroyed all of my manuscripts by gluing them to a desk and painting on them. I was absolutely devastated. All of my hard work had been completely eradicated, and so had my passion for writing. I thought I would never write again.

Keep reading

Music's Men of Style: Nick Jonas Reveals His Greatest Fashion Regret and the Accessory He Can't Live Without

For 22-year-old Nick Jonas, style has been an integral part of his ­trajectory, especially as he matured from a purity-ring-wearing Jonas Brother to an abs-fabulous pop heartthrob in the mold of Justin Timberlake or a young Mark Wahlberg.

“I like classic elements but with bolder statements,” says the ­youngest of the Jonas juggernaut, whose career as a solo artist has taken him to new heights – and new venues, from the unveiling of a Lord & Taylor holiday window to a gay club in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. “Your clothing and approach to fashion are the visual statements you make as a performer or a songwriter.”

It doesn’t hurt when reaching out to new fan bases either. Since going solo, Jonas has sold 388,000 albums (according to Nielsen Music) with “Jealous,” the second single from his eponymous sophomore album, hitting No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100.

While his looks vary from the maroon plaid suit he wore at the iHeartRadio Awards to the silver bomber jacket and ripped black jeans he sported at the Billboard Music Awards, Jonas has no trouble ­deciding what to wear at home. “In my ­apartment by myself, it’s usually just me in my underwear,” he says. (For the record, he prefers boxer briefs.)

Fashion Faux Pas

“Bow ties are great, but there’s a time and place for them. Bow ties for everyday wear is maybe not the best move, and I was doing that for a minute.”

Trend He’s Trying

“I’ve been getting into the fancy sweatpants trend – the sweatpants-you-can-wear-to-work kind of vibe. Public School is doing a very cool job with that.”

Every Guy Should Have

“A classic black leather jacket. Mine is Margiela and I take it everywhere I go. If it’s a two-day trip or a two-month trip, it’s with me.”