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Packs maravilhosas pro aniversário do Justin!! Nem acredito que meu bolinho tá fazendo 23 anos… quero muitos likes em!! ❤


is it really march 1, 2017???? making justin drew bieber 23?? and making myself be a fan of his lousy ass for 7 fucking years? im shook. in disbelief. happy birthday to the man who causes me so much grief, emotion but shout out because he (barely) knows my existence!!! kudos to you for distracting me from college work and for making me barely functioning in the real world. but honestly i hope this year is filled with so much love and happiness you damn fool. i can’t wish this old ballz enough fullness and genuine bliss an to have a fabulous birthday. im happy to have been a fan for so long, god knows it wasn’t easy!! love ya lots ya old fart. be happy babe, 23rd never looked better xx

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo haley

his inner pastor came out tonight and i’m so proud of him

Happy 23rd birthday to my baby & the loml 😍 I can’t believe you’re 23 years old 😩 like Usher said “ you ain’t gonna be 16 forever” and he was right😭 you are everything to me and you put smiles on a lot of peoples faces. I’m so proud of you & I love you ❤️ happy birthday Justin 😘


‘Dear Old Y/N please call back’
This Was Inspired By Nicki Minaj’s Dear Old Nicki


I’ve been supporting Justin since ‘09, when Justin was 15 and I 11. I’m so happy to have seen him grow and turn into the guy he is today. Although he won’t see this, I wish him the best and many many more birthdays!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MI AMOR ❤️🌹 @justinbieber



‘We all do Ethan’