justin drew bieber


Are you people proud of yourself? you’ve pushed Justin Bieber over the limit to where he was panicking and losing his breath because he was afraid nobody would accept him. He was afraid of getting booed again. He was afraid of people judging his appearance. You people have SPENT YEARS, and YEARS calling him a, “Fag” and, “gay” yet it’s 2015 and same sex marriage is legal. It’s NOT okay to call anyone a, “fag” yet somehow, it makes it okay to call Justin Bieber a, “fag” because you don’t like him for some butthurt reason. Justin Bieber is such a great young man with a huge heart, feelings, and has had all the shit in the world thrown at him nonstop. Justin built a school with his barehands, gave a little boy his shoes, and let him keep them because Justin knew that little boy needed them more. Justin then donated $545,000 for AIDS research foundation, and he’s apart of Pencils Of Promise. Justin has visited many young children in the hospital who have a dream of meeting him. Justin has had jokes about his mother having an abortion…….. on his roast, they told a horrible abortion joke, and people actually busted out laughing over it. Do you not know that his mother was raped? oh. Now you do. Grow the hell up. I’m sorry that you’re butthurt that he is a handsome young man with incredible talent, a big heart, and is willing to help others. I am sorry that he has money, and you do not(if that’s another reason you hate him), I am sorry that you still LOVE to misspell his last name on purpose, because you’re a pathetic idiot. His last name is Bieber, and he’s back, and he’s not going away. If you’re mad about it, go ahead and cry about it. I am so proud of this boy. Congratulations Justin. You’re amazing, and don’t you forget that. justinbieber 

Justin Bieber’s fans get told to “kill themselves” for supporting him. His fans get told, “you’re 12″ because they love him. They get called, “lesbians’ because people STILL LOVE to call Justin a, “lesbian”. You need to grow up, and stop acting immature. Justin is obviously a damn boy, and has a dick. I am so sick and tired of this young man getting bullied just for breathing. Justin’s fans have been there for him through all the bullcrap, all the ups, all the downs, even the years Justin didn’t put out music, they still stayed with him, and even through the whole Miami bullshit, they STILL STAYED by him. If that does not say, “They got guts to do that, and that’s true dedication”, then…. I don’t know what does. 





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