justin dotson


This is my 30,000th post

I know I mostly just post pictures of pretty girls that I photograph, random wedding crap, and ice/frost macros. I do a whole lot more than that though. I take photos at concerts, namely Flaming Lips concerts, the moon, insects, frogs, flowers, my 4th of July fun, and places that I’ve visited. I’ll probably start putting together selections of my macro stuff. I have nasty spiders, cute little worms and nifty awesome looking flowers. Maybe I’ll post more from my trips to Chicago, Memphis and St. Louis.

I just want everyone to know that you all are wonderful, beautiful human beings. I’m glad to know the ones that I’ve gotten to know over the 4 years I’ve been on this site. My first real tumblr friendships were probably my Thunder peeps, that’s still a term right? Peeps? Not the nommy marshmallow bunnies either. Candice, Kat (ps Texas sucks), Holley, and Jack plus the numerous other fine folks that are Thunder fans as well. I know I’m forgetting a ton of you.

I also love yall fellow Oklahomans. Les and friends (that’s what I call them now)

Lenea only gets this mention. HIIIII. I almost posted the human sexuality text book photos but I figured you’d kill me.

And those perfect QotSA folks who I have no clue what you’re real names are but you’re completely awesome anyways.