justin devera


“Shape of You (Acoustic)” by Ed Sheeran | Choreography by Anthony Lee

ft. dancers: Anthony Lee, Carlo Darang, Chad Mayate, Charles Nguyen, Chase Lihilihi, Jawn Ha, Justin Santiago, Law Devera, Trevor Takemoto

The Kinjaz



Justin heard a soft voice behind him. He turned to be face to face with Kara.
“Oh. Hey, I didn’t know you were coming to Jenna’s party, too.”

“Yeah… She invited me. Wow, I didn’t even recognize you.”

“Heh, yeah. I shaved & cleaned a bit up. And I guess I just got sick of my old hairstyle.”

“You look nice. I can see there’s a new sparkle in your eye. Have you been getting laid by a lot of girls lately or something?" 

Justin let out a soft laugh. "Hah, no. I don’t do that anymore. But about my eyes… I think you’re the only person who notices something like that. Maybe I’ve just got my eye on you,” Justin shrugged.

Kara bursted out laughing. “Just because you got a new look you think that you’ve changed? You’re still the same on the inside." 

Justin sighed. "No, I’m serious. I don’t wanna be that guy anymore.”

Kara just nodded her head, but he knows she doesn’t believe him.