justin collins


2016 Critics Choice Awards Red Carpet

I wanna date Bucky Barnes.
I wanna slap Chase Collins in the face then kiss him hard.
I wanna hug Blaine.
I wanna makeout with Chris Beck.
I wanna go down on Jefferson.
I wanna marry Josh.
I wanna cuddle T.J Hammond.
I wanna have a one night stand with Carter Baizen.
I wanna get drunk with Leo.
I wanna help Justin Capshaw get better.
I wanna hold hands with Jack Benjamin.
I wanna marry Sebastian Stan.
(I know I forgot some characters)

I'm quiting
  • I dont know if anyone even noticed but i havent been active lately so i decided to tell you that i will completly stop posting. I have been dealing with some issues that i dont want to bother you with,and i havent been feeling myself. I dont know if i will start posting soon,is this a break or goodbye i dont know. Dont know if anyone cares but yeah.
  • Love you with all my heart.

Electric shock game with David Tennant, Freema Agyeman, Alan Carr, Justin Lee Collins and Suzanne Shaw.

Enjoy (or-re-enjoy - if already seen…) with the sound on.

I do not claim ownership of this production.


Part 2 okay this is too much


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