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Almost missed out Gray-Card’s “PASSPORT TO THE WORLD PASSPORT”! But I’m going through the tag right now and loving it.

Here’s my Parisian contribution:

1. Concerts — I love going to see bands/musicians/orchestras/artists live and Paris has so many venues it’s often hard to choose.

2. Centre Pompidou / Beaubourg — My favorite museum, my favorite library, my favorite neighborhood… Anyone who knows me, knows I love this place.

3. Demonstration — People together in the streets of Paris for (what I consider being) a right cause is one of the few times I’m happy we are so many in this city.

4. Chez Justine — A typical Parisian bistrot. I love these places, whether it’s for a coffee, a meal, a drink, and this one is special because it’s where I met a fellow tumblr photographer.

5. Chez Lucienne — A typical Parisian fromagerie. This one’s near the Père Lachaise Cemetery and have the most delicious cheese. The owner, Lucienne has been selling these cheeses all her life and is such a nice lady.