justin bieber x2

Hi loves! Lilia and I have recently bonded over some of our favorite musicians, so we decided to make some awards based on our concert bucket lists!


  • Sia- best theme (x2)
  • Adele- best posts (x2)
  • The Weeknd- best url (x2)
  • Justin Bieber- best icon (x2)
  • Fifth Harmony- best color scheme (x2)
  • Rihanna- best overall (x2)
  • Oh Wonder- new discovery (x2)
  • Ellie Goulding- Emily’s fave (x1)
  • Troye Sivan- Lilia’s fave (x1)


  • Must be following both Lilia (@nitroxed) and Emily (@devisinq)
  • Reblog this post at least once, likes will be counted as bookmarks


  • A follow from both of us (if we aren’t following already)
  • 2 new friends!
  • You will be featured on a page with the other winners (under construction)
  • Promos to our followers 3x a week

Higher chance:

  • Reblog this post more than once
  • Have a catchy url and and a clean theme
  • Talk to us, we don’t bite!


  • We will be picking when we are happy with the notes
  • Banner made by svnbabe, picture from tumblr
  • Apply for Emily’s faves page here
  • Apply for Lilia’s network here
  • Message us if you have any questions

We are so excited to pick our winners! Good luck to everyone, xo