justin bieber turns 18

literally everything was illegal in this justin bieber/sofia richie relationship until three seconds ago when sofia turned 18 and justin bieber is a pedophile for hanging around her before that. judging by the recent imagines of them performing oral sex outdoors, it’s gonna be really fuckin hard to convince me that they were “just friends” up until her birthday and you know what, even if they were, it only makes him a disgusting predator for waiting for an opportunity when she became legal. additionally, she turned 18 days ago; there’s been no sort of major mental development in this time, she’s still a child and he has no business being around her. everything surrounding this situation is completely disgusting.

justin bieber threatened his own fans because they called him out on his disgusting actions. he whined like a baby because people refused to put up with bullshit, just like he always does. he was passive aggressive when fans called him out on getting cornrows, on getting dreads, and in being involved in a pedophilic relationship and he went so far as to delete his whole instagram because he really felt that he was in the right about this situation.

i’ve heard all sorts of shit about this sofia richie girl and honestly idc if she’s “into” older men, it doesn’t soften the situation or put justin in any better light. she might think she’s grown, but she’s not. i was in a relationship where my significant other was older than me and i didn’t see a problem with it, until it was too late and i had to deal with the psychological manipulation, the pressure to feel older and to please them, and the depression that came with the age cap and subsequent overpowerment. I’ve been through it and it wasn’t pretty. i didn’t have anyone warning me against it, and i really hope the guy i was with rots in hell for the way he treated and manipulated me. what he was doing was wrong and he had no business being around me.

justin bieber is the adult in this situation. he’s a grown ass man and as he’s proven before, he’s completely aware of what he’s doing and how people have reacted to and warned against it and he as publicly defied all warning and shown he doesn’t care. above all, he’s an ignorant, arrogant, racist, antiblack pedophile and a grown ass white man who needs to be held accountable for his actions. im tired of the excuses and seeing white men like him being the example in the popular media. i have completely had it; i don’t want to hear his excuses nor do i want to hear any excuses anyone has to defend him. i’m sick of it.

This Supernatural vs Justin Bieber thing is really hilarious

I was on the bus earlier and there were two girls fighting over it in the seat behind me 

the belieber was arguing that justin could take sam and dean on in a fight any day when the supernatural fan replied with

‘yeah right. it took justin bieber 18 years just to hit puberty!’

so i turned around and high-fived her

the belieber couldn’t look either of us in the eyes