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Do you think Justin Bieber is a bad role model?

I think we should stop expecting celebrities to be our role models considering they make many mistakes themselves. Idk someone can see him as a good role model and someone might say he isn’t.

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You think you broke my heart, for goodness sake.😏 (Você acha que você quebrou meu coração, pelo amor de Deus.)

You think I’m crying alone, well, I’m not.💅 (você acha que estou chorando sozinho, bem, não estou.)

You should go and love yourself.😘 (Você deveria ir e amar a si mesma)

Never let you go, never let me down.💫 (Nunca te deixarei, nunca me decepcione)

Let me love you.🙆 (Me deixe te amar)

You know I try, but I don’t do too well with apologies 😣. (Você sabe que eu tento, mas não sou bom com desculpas)

I know that I let you down.💔 (Eu sei que te decepcionei)

So take a deep breath and let it go.💙 ( Então respire fundo e relaxe.)

And although time may take us into different places, i will still be patient with you.🔀 (E mesmo que o tempo nos leve para lugares diferentes, eu ainda serei paciente com você)

And I hope you knowI won’t let go.👫 (E eu espero que você saiba que eu não vou te soltar.)

Cause we all get lost sometimes, you know? It’s how we learn and how we grow.🚮 (Porque todos nós nos perdemos de vez em quando, sabe?
É assim que nós aprendemos e é assim que crescemos)

And I wanna lay with you ‘til I’m old.🌀(E eu quero ficar com você até eu ficar velho)

I won’t let go.🎋 (Eu não vou te soltar)

Let’s set each other’s lonely nights.💑 (Vamos acabar com as noites solitárias um do outro)

As long as you love me. 😻(Contato que você me ame.)

Smile on your face even though your heart is frowning.😄 (Sorriso em seu rosto mesmo que seu coração esteja triste)

We don’t need no wings to fly, just take my hand.👐 (Não precisamos de asas para voar, apenas pegue minha mão.)

Never say never.🤐 (Nunca diga nunca)

I never thought that I could feel this free.🍃 (Eu nunca pensei que eu pudesse sentir essa liberdade)

Whenever you knock me down, i will not stay on the ground. ⚡️(Sempre que você me derrubar, eu não vou ficar no chão.)

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Do I? - Jaime Benn

A/N: I’ve written this one for @minourouss. I hope you like it, boo.

Word Count: 1314

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol

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“Guys, I am way too sober for this” I say, trying to sit back down on the couch.

We had had our last exam of the semester this morning and we were celebrating it. The night was perfectly scheduled, dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, drinks at the newest pub in town and hit the club right after that. We were all dressed to impressed and ready to run this city, and I was all for it until we got to the pub and found out they were having karaoke night. We found a couch with a small table and we sat down as two of my friends went to the bar and ordered our drinks.

“(y/n), you should go up there and show them how it’s done” and it started, my friends pushing me out of the couch, yelling at the host that I wanted to sing a song and I trying to use my sobriety as an excuse.

“C’mon, we have heard you sing a million times. You are good” my friends kept pushing me. “Here, bottoms up and get ready to rock and roll” they say, handing me two shots of tequila.

I look at them and I know I have no choice so I drown both of the shots and walk down to the stage, where two very drunk ladies are singing, I’m too nice to say that they are destroying, “holding out for a hero” by Bonnie Tyler. I take the time to look around while I wait, the pub is not packed, but there is a fair amount of people there. God, I need another ten shots, pronto.

“What are you singing, doll?” the host asks me and I look at him, that was a hell of a good question.

“Mmh… I think I’m gonna do Do I by Luke Bryan” I answer and he nods, looking for it on the computer.

“No pressure, but we kind of need a good show after this” he jokes, looking at the two women who are having trouble staying on their feet.

I give him a nervous smile and wait until he hands me the mic and helps the last artists down the stage. I take a deep breath and go up.

“So… I don’t really want to do this, like at all” everyone laughs at my comment and that gives me the courage I need to keep talking. “I don’t want to do this, but today it is our first night of freedom after finals and I’m taking one for the team, so here I go”

I give a small nod and the music starts playing. I’ve always liked this song, from the moment I first listened to it. I know every single word, I don’t need to look at the lyrics on the monitor, so I just walk around on the stage. I look at my friends and they are holding their hands on the air, swaying from left to right and making me laugh. The song ends and I give the crowd a shy smile as they give me an ovation, or at least it feels like an ovation to me.

“I was kidding when I said we needed a good show, but thank you for that, it was amazing” the host says and I feel my cheeks heating up.

I walk back to my friends and they stand up, making a scene as they yell my name and ask me for autographs.

“Ok, stop it. You’ve embarrassed me enough for the next hundred years” I scowl at them, sitting on the couch and grab my drink, ready to get as wasted as possible.

We listen to a couple of songs, laughing and cheering as the people on stage are our favorite artists when the bartender brings a bottle of champagne to our table. The bottle is tipped by a lit sparkler and brings everyone’s attention to us.

“Excuse me, we haven’t ordered th…” my friend tries to tell the man when he pulls a note from his pocket and gives it to me before walking away.

I look at it in shock for a couple seconds while the sparkler keeps lighting up the room.

“What does it say?” “What is it?” “How is it from?” I snap back to reality and open the note to find a short text.


JB 14


“(y/n), I think Justin Bieber is flirting with you” and all of them laugh as I look around the room, trying to find the mysterious man that has paid for an overly expensive bottle of champagne.

My eyes travel all over the place before they find a pair of big brown eyes staring at me making me blush, and I thank God for the darkness of the room. I know very well who he is and I mentally face palm myself for not figuring it out before. I give him a shy smile and he smirks, mouthing “cheers” and holding up his glass while I shake my head and bite my lip. He turns back to his group of friends and I do the same, finding all the eyes set on me.

“Is that who I think it is?” yeah, my friends are hockey fans too.

“I suppose it is” I answer and let go of the breath I didn’t know I was holding.

“Girl, hook us up. Tyler and I could have a good time” my friend Alyssa says and I roll my eyes.

“I don’t think it works that way, Al” I mutter, drinking the rest of liquor I have in my glass. I’m quite tipsy by now, the alcohol is kicking off and I feel quite floaty. “C’mon ladies, let’s go to the club”

We get on our feet, ready to go, when my brain decides that it is a good time to be brave.

“Hold on” I say to my friends, turning around and heading to the VIP space in the pub.

Jamie is talking with some of his friends when his brother elbows him and cocks his head in my direction. Jamie looks at me and gets up, meeting me half way. I’m sure he doesn’t want to have this conversation in front of his friends.

“Thanks for the champagne, it was very kind of you”

“You are welcome. It got your attention, so it is money well spent” He smirks and my heart flutters

“It definitely did” I give him a shy smile.

“Hitting the clubs?” he asks, looking at my outfit.

“As I said, first night of freedom” I laugh “going out tonight?”

“No, we are just having a couple drinks to unwind a little” he explains and I turn my head to look at his friends. All of they are part of the Dallas Stars and all of them are staring at us “big game tomorrow”

“Well, do me a favor and kick some ass tomorrow?” I joke around.

“Will do…”


“(y/n), that’s a pretty name” he looks right at my eyes and I swear I’m gonna faint “you should come to the game tomorrow”

“Sold out, my friend” I say, annoyed because my friends and I couldn’t get tickets on time.

“It’s good you have contacts then…” He winks at me and hands me his phone.

“Smooth, Benn. Very smooth” I praise him, typing my name and number and handing it back to him “tell my contact to text me the details”

“He will do it gladly” he smiles and looks over my shoulder “you should go before your friends go crazy”

I turn around and I see them pointing at the door and making weird dance moves.

“Gotta go” I say, turning around and walking towards my crazy ass friends. “see you around”

We leave the pub and walk for around three minutes before I get a text from a number I don’t know.

Stay out of trouble, young lady.


I raise an eyebrow and I’m about to text back I get another message,

And by trouble I mean guys.



CHILD’S PLAY: in which ( y/n ) reluctantly teaches justin how to bake and the kitchen shenanigans end up being a hearty mix of back and forth banter, playful moments, as well as a little bit of pda. both justin and ( y/n ) have never considered themselves to be anything more than just friends, but despite the simplicity of their relationship there’s absolutely no doubt that there’s a mild tension between the two. and their time in the kitchen ends up proving just that. 

so basically i wanted to write something really fluffy because that was just the type of mood i was in today. i’m actually pretty happy with the way this one turned out, and i hope that you guys like it too. as always, feel free to tell me what you thought about it because i love hearing from y’all. 

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You think I’m crying, oh my oh, well I ain’t.

(Você acha que estou chorando, oh meu bem, não estou)

Is it too late now to say sorry?
(É tarde demais para pedir desculpa? )

Is it too late now to say sorry? Cause I’m missing more than just your body.
(É tarde demais agora, para pedir desculpa? Porque eu sinto falta mais do que só do seu corpo.)

Smile in your face even thought your heart is frowning. 
(Sorriso no rosto, mesmo que o coração esteja triste.)

You give me purpose.
(Você me dá propósito.)

And now I know, I’m better sleeping on my own.
(E agora eu sei, estou melhor dormindo sozinho.)

You should go and love yourself.
(Você deveria ir e se amar.)

Faith ful no matter the distance.
(Fiel, não importa a distância)

As long as you love me.
(Contanto que você me ame.)

Where are you now that I need ya? (Onde você está agora que preciso de você?)

Can we keep each other company.
(Podemos fazer companhia um pro outro)

I need you.
(Eu preciso de você)

I need you the most.
(Eu preciso de você mais que tudo.)

You’re all that matters to me.
(Você é tudo que importa para mim)

Cause life’s not easy. I’m not made out of steel.
(Porque a vida não é fácil. Não sou feito de aço)

You make me complete.
(Você me faz completo)

Act like you know me, but you never will
(Age como se me conhecesse, mas você nunca vai)

Be each other’s paradise
(Ser o paraíso um do outro)