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“One more time, play that back, ” Justin said into the mic.  He adjusted his headphones and stepped back to listen. The music engineer did something with all the switchs and played the part of music that he had requested to hear. Justin was in the booth nodding his head waiting for the part to start singing over. You sat on the couch next to Ryan. It was going on 11:30 in the night and Justin had been in the studio since 10:00 that morning. It was ridiculous how hard he was working to release a couple more songs for his fans.  You didn’t really understand; he had just released Purpose and it was still maintaining a number one spot not to mention all the records Justin was braking.
Never the less, the vibe in the studio was so chill.This was like his second home/man cave. As his best friend,  you knew that when he brought a girl here, he was planning to not only give her a music sneak peek but also try and sleep with her. You smiled at the thought.
“Hey, the food is here, I’m gonna run down and get it. If I need help, I’ll call,” Ryan said standing up. You nodded and looked at Justin again. You admired him and his passion.  Despite what he’d been through, he was still willing to put himself back out there no matter how vulnerable it might make him feel.
“Alright,” Justin said coming out of the booth. “I wanna hear it.“  The sound guy nodded and played the track back. The producer was nodding and tapping his foot as Justin closed his eyes listening. His eyebrows furrowed deeply in concentration and his fingers moved as if to hit every beat.  When it was over, the producer started giving him notes and Justin put in his thoughts too.
“Y/N,” Justin said suddenly making you look up at him. “What do you think? You’ve pretty much been here all day, thanks by the way,” he flashed you a smile. You sat up thinking for a second.
“I love it. I like the route you’re taking. It’s sexy, a club banger,” you shrugged. Justin chuckled. “Sexy,” he repeated and then considered it for a second.
“Alright, let’s leave it alone for now,” he said and then turned to you. “Did Ryan go and get the food, I’m starved.” You nodded and moved over on the couch to make room for him. He plopped down and sighed laying back. His face seeming to relax. You noticed how handsome he looked with his hair slicked back the way it was. Ryan came in shortly after, his arms stacked with the take out. You jumped up to help him.
“Awe yes, Mexican,” Justin cheered. You laughed at his eagerness and sat the things that he had on the table.
“Oh yes, we all know that you love Mexican things,” Ryan teased.  You bit your lip, stomach dropping a little, not sure why. Justin smacked his lips,  “Fuck you,” he muttered causing Ryan to laugh. You all started to eat the music playing softly in the background.
“So what about you missy. You seeing anyone, ” Justin questioned. The question surprised you. Truth was, you really liked Justin. It was hard not to. He was just so sweet and flirty. He pulled you onto his lap waiting on your answer.
“No, not right now,” you replied finally. Ryan chuckled at this making you throw a sauce packet his way when Justin wasn’t looking. He knew how you felt about Justin. “Well you see man, I’ve been trying to tell Y/N that she’s going to be a virgin forever if she doesn’t just tell guys how she feels,” Ryan said to Justin who was now bouncing you on his lap slightly. Your mouth fell open; of course Justin knew everything about you including that you were still a virgin, you were friends since age 15, but it was still embarrassing. 
“Look Ryan. I don’t need you making fun nor trying to give me advice. I’d rather be a virgin than on my way to a long life of struggling with vicious STD’s,” you said looking at both Justin and Ryan. They laughed in unison and Justin snaked his arms around your waist. “I’m not that bad. I use condoms,” he whispered in you ear lowly. Ryan raised his eyebrows at this as you felt shivers jump down your spine. “All I’m saying is that, I want the right person. Someone who looks at me with so much love in their eyes that it consumes me. When we kiss, I want to think about it for days after, not just seconds later. And making love…” you sighed closing your eyes forgetting that you were talking to boys until Ryan spoke up. “Wow,” he said. You snapped your eyes open and looked at him and then Justin. He was looking at you with something in his eyes that you couldn’t quite figure out. It struck a patch of heat in your chest and you couldn’t look away. Longing ran through your system like electricity running through wires. You wanted him so badly your body ached. If Ryan wasn’t there, you reckon that you might have kissed Justin. Finally, you tore your eyes away from his coughing uncomfortably. Ryans eyes were wide and sparkly.
“You guys need to get yourselves together,” he said standing. No. Oh god, he wasn’t going to leave you two alone was he? “Obviously there’s something going on,” he said in a sing song voice. You watched in horror as he grabbed his food and exited out of the room with a mischievous smile. You quickly moved off Justins lap and to his side. “Maybe Ryan’s right Y/N. Maybe we should talk,“Justin said looking at you. Taking a deep nervous breath, you nodded in agreement.

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