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“Heart Strings” - I miss you guys tbh- K 💖

Fuck Boy (Skate Maloley)

Synopsis: After getting invited to Skate’s bedroom, things get a little intense, and you don’t mind. 

“Who’s this?” His dark eyes glaze over your body, stopping just at the right spots before meeting your gaze with his own. 

“This is, Y/N.” Derek Luh answers his question, “Y/N, this is Skate.” The boy was covered in tattoos and smelt highly of alcohol and weed. He had a sense of danger that sent your mind into overdrive. 

You smile at Skate, “nice to meet you,” his gaze meets yours once more and a coy smile appears on his lips. 

“I know, right,” he chuckles, all while checking out your figure, “you should come with me.” He gestures with his head to the bedroom upstairs. Your eyes walk up every step as you contemplate your decision. 

You shrug, “sure,” his arm extends and his hand finds yours, the pair of you climb the stairs leaving Derek Luh at the bottom questioning what had just happened. You enter his bedroom, it was messy, but it looked like the kind of mess that was organised. There were polaroids of girls hung up on his wall, it looked like there was enough for a new girl every day of the year. 

“Another notch on your bed post?” You question at the girls on his wall. 

He shrugs, “maybe one or two,” he was lying, he had slept with every single one of them. They were pretty girls, ranging from all different sizes and ethnicities. He really didn’t have a ‘type’ per say. 

You sigh, fingers drawing over the books on his self, it looked like they were all of the required readings he had to do in high-school as well as a few comic books and music books, “you like to snoop,” he comments, coming up behind you his arms find your waste and his lips find your shoulder. He was highly intoxicated and you were just under the limit. 

“Maybe once or twice,” you breathe, countering his observation, his lips go to work on your neck sucking and nibbling, leaving goosebumps all of your body. His hands travel up to your breasts and he squeezes them in his hand before turning you around and pressing you up against the bookshelf. 

“I think that’s enough small talk,” he whispers against your lips, slowly and surely pressing a kiss to your plump bottom lip. Your fingers tangle in his long hair as you taste the last joint he smoked twenty minutes before the encounter. 

His hands travel to your ass and he squeezes it in the same way that he squeezed your breasts just before, he lifts you up and wraps your legs around his waist, making his way over to his bed with you in his grasp. 

Within a few moments, your clothes were off and on the floor and you were dressed only in your pretty little lingerie. As he kisses you, you feel him reach for his camera on the table beside his bed. 

“What are you doing?” You whisper, wondering how you were okay with this situation but something about it felt so good. 

He chuckles, snaps a picture and smiles at you, “just another notch on my bedpost,” before pressing his body into yours again to escalate the situation. 

This makes Nate look so bad, but I’m kind of digging it tbh. If you want a pt. 2 lemme know! - Bri x

Crash Course || Shawn Mendes Imagine (TRIGGER WARNING)

“You know what!? Fuck you!” That’s the last thing I said before Shawn looked back at me, walked out and slammed the door to our apartment.

*3 Days Before*

“Dammit Y/N! Why are you bitching so much?! Fucking seriously, what is your problem?”

“Huh. You know what Shawn, never mind. All I’ve wanted to do is get out of this fucking apartment, go out with you! But if all you want to do is sit, then that’s fine.”

“I’m not just sitting. I’m writing for my next album and the distractions aren’t helping.”

“So I’m a distraction?”

“No, I didn’t mean-*sigh*, I just meant that I’m really stressed out and-”

“Shawn, save your breath. I’ll be upstairs.”

“Why are you dragging this out? I have to work!” he said standing up off the couch.

“Fine. Then get back to your work.” After I said that, I went up the stairs and cried on our bed. 

*The Next Day*

Shawn POV

“Dude, all we’ve been doing is fighting. One minute she’s happy and giddy and the next she’s the Godzilla of girlfriends.”

“That’s just girls, man. Trust me, Madison is the same way. Especially around that God forsaken time,” Jack G said over the phone. “You still love her right?”

“Of course. It’s just that sometimes, it gets to be too much. Makes me think if all of this would be easier if I weren’t in a relationship right now.”

“Yeah I get that. Hey, I gotta go, but tell me how it all works out.”

“Alright man, I will. Bye.”


For the past few weeks, Shawn an I have been at major odds. It’s been really past these past few days. I can’t help but think that a lot of it is my fault, but I can’t control it. If we could just stop arguing long enough for me to explain, that would be great. But, like other things, I didn’t get my way tonight. 

We’ve been screaming at each other for over 2 hours now. I forgot what he even said, but when I saw him start to walk out on me,

“You know what?! Fuck you!” And before I knew it, the door slammed with Shawn on the other side.

It’s been 2 hours since he left and after a lot of thinking, I realized I needed to call him. I didn’t want to do this over the phone, but we don’t always get what we want.

About 5 minutes later, I finally fell asleep.

Shawn POV

I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to walk out before I said or did something I could never forgive myself for. I got in my car and threw my phone somewhere unknown. I drove until I found an over look halfway up a mountain. It looked out over a river and I just walked around for hours and thought of her. The heavy rain brought back why I was so in love. Fuck, I need to call her before it’s too late.

I walked back to my car and got in.

I started up my car and searched for my phone. I pulled away from the outlook and as I was about to call her, I saw that I had a voicemail.

“Hey. It’s me. Look I know you’re mad at me and stressed out. And I also know I haven’t made that easier either. Listen, I really didn’t want to do this over the phone, but I have to tell you before, who knows.”

I was on the corkscrew road, heading down the mountain when she said the words.

“Shawn, I’m pregnant and I wanted you to know before whatever is happening with us gets worse-”


I jolted out of my sleep and instantly searched for Shawn on my left. When my brain registered that he wasn’t there, I checked my phone. Nothing. It’s 2:17 a.m and I have a feeling that I can’t shake.

Shawn POV

I finally woke up and realized my head was bleeding. I looked around and noticed my car filling up with water.

When I saw how fast it was filling up, I knew I had to get out.

I was starting to get scared when I remembered what Y/N said. As the car filled up faster and faster, I accepted the fact that I would never get to tell her I love her again. Never hold her. Kiss her. Or meet our child. This can’t be the end. Not my end.

“Fuck! God, please have mercy! Please! Somebody help me!”-

“AHHH! Somebody help her!”

“Oh my god! What is she doing?!”

Those were the words I heard as I looked out into the horizon. I can’t believe this is happening, but it’s for him. It’s always been about him. He left me and now I have nothing. 

You would think that I would want to protect my baby, but what baby? She’s gone too. I’m all alone and I would give anything to see him again. To meet her. To fall into his arms one last time. Now I can. Forever