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Request: can u do an imagine wherein y/n is a college student and is having a hard time balancing her studies and having a long distance relationship with Justin and Justin plans a surprise for her and does all these cute stuff to y/n.

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Time. It’s either your best friend or your worst nightmare. - A blessing or a curse - A hero or a villain. There are so many scenarios that can play out around the little hands of a mechanical machine that hangs on a dull wall.

In my case, at this second, I honestly could not hate time anymore then right now. It feels like it’s purposely teasing me, trying to boil my blood with every agonisingly slow second. I swear I think I can
hear the clock laughing at me. Each tick of the hands is a tiny giggle directed only at me.

There is so little time left, yet it feels like an eternity more. Just a few more seconds…





Oh thank God! With both hands, I swipe up all my equipment from in front of me and shove them aggressively back into my book bag. Not even letting Mr Martin compete his lecture on political opinions, I rush out the door and away from that nightmare of a class.

On the campus grounds, I’m immediately greeted with rushing students all around, all with the same determined goal and that is to get as far away from this hell hole as possible. Without even sparing a glance in the opposite direction, I’m immediately on the rush towards the girls dormitories.

My dorm room once I had approached it was my number one priority, quickly dashing inside as quick as possible, slamming the door with a sigh behind me. But It wasn’t as if I could just stop, drop and do nothing. I had hours and hours of studying ahead of me, and I was already having trouble keeping my eyes open.

It’s times like this I really wish Justin was here. To calm me down during times of anxiety and stress. I just miss him so much but I don’t have the heart to ask him to come and visit. He’s doing what he loves and I would never make myself a priority during a time made for belieber’s.

Many hours later, my dorm mate had been in out of the room for the last 20 minutes, yelling and laughing about with her friends. This totally threw me off, losing my train of thought somewhere between my books and the noise.

A sigh escaped my lips, fingers applying pressure to my temples in agitation. I can’t do this, not while I’m this distracted. I need my baby boy.  

After rubbing the corners of my eyes of the sleep forming, and removing my glasses from my face, I finally decided on a break and reached for my phone, quickly dialling Justin’s number for a facetime call.

It dialed, and dialled and dialled until….”Yo this is JB. Im probably busy in the studio or performing so just a leave a message and I’ll get back to you soon.” 

“Hey Jay baby. I know your probably busy but I really just wanted to call. Schools been really hectic and I just needed to hear your voice. Call me back as soon as you can. Love you.”

“Hey, Y/N! Can you run down to the store and buy us some beer.”

My head shot over to the door of my room, a sigh escaping my lips. It annoys me that my roommate is too late lazy to go out and do it herself, deciding to disturb my study session instead, but then again, a break and something to get Justin off my mind was definitely well needed.

It was still sun up outside, it being only a few past 2 in the afternoon meaning people were more then likely just finishing there own classes for today. Deciding to leave my phone at home, I swiped up my dorm keys and my wallet, and made my way out of the dormitory.

The walk to the local walmart was short and quite enjoyable. The late summer breeze sang around me, swaying my hair slightly as I strolled down the bustling paths. Students surrounded the entirety of the campus grounds, either chatting or finishing off some work. 

But my mind was set firmly on Justin. Oh how I missed him. 2 weeks ago was the last time we had spoken. 3 months since we had seen each other. It was as if he was only seeming to become busier and busier as purpose tour went on.

And the fact that our relationship is very private worries me slightly. Justin could honestly get away with messing around with a girl if he wanted to. Not that I didn’t trust him. But no one knows about us, so it only makes me more anxious about this whole situation.

As the doors of walmart retracted, allowing me access inside, I quickly dashed over to the alcohol section, grabbing ahold of the cheapest and most affordable box I could find. After a bit of struggle, I had managed to make it over to the register to pay for the beer, only to be suddenly interrupted by a loud yell from outside. 


It sounded high pitched and more shocked then anything. My eyes darted towards the windows of the store, peering outside at the scene before me. the Young cashier doing the same. 

All I caught sight of was a black SUV surrounded by a mob of girls. Suspicion drew within me, only one person I know that could cause such commotion running through my head. No, that’s ridiculous. He’s in New Zealand right now, half way across the world!

“Ma’am!” The boy called, it sounded as if he had been trying for my attention for a while. My head whipped back to stare at the boy, eyes wide.


“That’ll be 19.99.” He repeated, holding his hand out expectantly.

“Oh.” I mumbled, reaching out to hand the boy a twenty dollar note before grabbing a hold of the heavy box and quickly making my way outside. 

Gliding through the mob of girls was hard, and I tried everything to just ignore the scene and attempt to just get this box home as quick as possible, but the shouts of these girls had me drawn further and further in curiousity, one in particular catching me off guard.


Justin?! I-It can’t be! can it?

My head immediately whipped around, turning to acknowledge the SUV parked rather close to me. My eyes locked on the tinted window supporting the back seat, squinting slightly as if something in me just knew something. And before I knew it, the door was opening. 

Slowly, but it was opening, a figure finding its way out of the car. Screams had enhances, more girls appearing at the realisation of the pop icon in our campus but out of every girl, his eyes seemed to only be on one. Me.

My eyes watered, tears threatening to spill at sight and the box I was holding immediately slipped from my fingers, a small crack sounding as it impacted the floor. “Justin?” I whispered. 

A smile played at his perfectly plump lips, arms spreading slightly as if to say ‘you guessed it!’

At that moment, Mikey stepped out of the front seat, a bouquet of bright red and white roses, and multiple shopping bags from stores such as Pink, Nike, VS, Lou boutin and Pandora In hand. All topped with a large card sticking out the top of the roses reading ‘To My babygirl, Love Jay baby.’

Instantly smiling at the use of my nickname to him, I looked over into his eyes with a grateful and loving smile.

“I’m right here baby girl.” He mumbled but to me, it was the loudest thing i could hear. Instantly, I pressed my body forward, wasting no time but to jump into his arms. Ignoring all the confused and jealous stares emitting from all around, I pressed my lips against his as he supported me by placing his arms under my ass.

Both arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him to me to intensify the kiss. 

God, I missed his lips so much.

“You’re here.” I mumbled. 

“I’m here.” he repeated. “Right here.”


Justin Bieber - Right Here ft. Drake (Lyric Video) 

Jealousy - part 2

“Yeah yeah,” He babbled, “You can go on fucking your guitarist, bye!” 

I’ve never had something like this with Justin before, he’d never do this when i was with guys he knew/met. Who gives him the right to think i’m cheating on him with my guitarist? Is he crazy?! He knows how much I’m in love with him. Someone must be giving him those thoughts, it’s not Justin who’s talking right now. I’m sure he’s not. 

“Don’t-” I tried to stop him from hanging up the phone but he did. “He hung up on me.” 

“What did he say?” 

“He thinks i’m cheating on him with you,” I rolled my eyes, “The only thing going through my mind is, how? He knows i’d never love anyone how i love him, well, he probably does not know me that well after all.” 

“Does he know i have a girlfriend?” Joe asked going through his phone. 

“If you didn’t tell him, nope.” I replied throwing little stones in the water. 

“Well tell him! What are you waiting for?” 

“I’m not going to do that,” I laughed, standing up from the rock i was sitting on. “If he thinks i’m that girl that would cheat we let him think that.” 

I started walking my way back to the studio with Joe following me behind. He was so far behind and yelling for me to wait for him and I just smiled walking closer to the paps in front of the studio. I was furious but i kept smiling, wanna know why? Because i’m going to get him back for this.

“y/n” I heard joe yell from far behind, “Wait!” 

“I’ll see you inside boo!” I yelled back waving at the paps making my way through them inside. I waved at them till the doors closed and turned around making myself get pushed back by a hard chest. I closed my eyes and held my forehead. “Ouch.” 

“Where do you think you’re going.” I opened my eyes to see who was standing in front of me. 

“Somewhere far from where you are,” I replied walking past him. I heard his footsteps following me. “Don’t come after me.” 

“Why? Are you going to your secret lover?” 

“Justin!” I yelled turning around to face him. “Where did this all come from?” 

“This!” He said throwing a magazine in my face. “How are you gonna explain this?” 

I took the magazine from the ground, touching my cheek where it hit me, opened it and started looking through the pages. “What am I looking for?” 

“page 8.” He said looking at me with folded arms at his chest. 

“You believe this crap?” 

I was reading the page with wide eyes, they had made a shitty rumor about Joe and me. It said ‘is he more than just her guitarist?’ and then it showed a lot of pictures of us together including the ones from this morning. Paps are so fast with everything. 

“Wouldn’t you?” He asked now less angry.

Wouldn’t I? I would. 

“Justin you know me, don’t you?” I asked letting go of the magazine now taking his hand in mine. 

He blinked one time before he took me in his arms. He took a deep breathe through his nose, before he kissed my head. 

“So you lied?” I asked him as he let go of me. “You weren’t smoking?” 

“I wasn’t,” He chuckled, “was just a little mad at you that’s all.” 

I grabbed his hand and pulled him close, heading upstairs to the studio room I was in. I let his hand go the second i walked inside and ran over to my papers. I wanted to sing this song to him that i wrote, but i realized Joe wasn’t here. “Ugh,” I let out while pouting, “I wrote you a song.” 

“Really? Let me hear it.” He said getting excited now letting himself drop on the couch. 

“Don’t think that’s possible,” I could play guitar, but not as good as joe. “my guitarist isn’t around.”

“Please,” He said in a ‘duh’ tone, “I’m right here,” He took the guitar from the table and played a few strings before looking up at me. “give me the sheets.” 

I hand them to him and i heard the familiar tune, he played it like there was no tomorrow. I grabbed my phone quickly and decided to record it for the gram. I started singing close to the end of the video but stopped right when it became too much, i want my fans to get hyped for this new album. Justin looked at me and mouthed something like ‘you ready?’ and i nod as he started to play the guitar. 

“you know they don’t wanna see us together, 

but it don’t matter, no, ‘cause i got you” I sang giving him a wink. 

He was so focused on the guitar, he had his eyes closed and his head was moving with the beat. 

“Anytime you’re under the weather, 

babe we can always go, if i gotta pull up on you, 

on the east side, in the late night, in a disguise.”  I continued with the song now sitting next to him on the couch. The song was over and he pulled me on his lap. He started kissing my cheeks and my chin then my lips. 

“I love you so much.” 

  • <p> <b>LR:</b> *drops a new album*<p/><b>Hyuk:</b> song 👍<p/><b>Justin Bieber:</b> *drops a new album*<p/><b>Hyuk:</b> 👀👅💦💦good shit right here💦🔥🔥🔥👌👌never stop singing 👌💦🔥👏king👏👏👍👌💦💦👀🔥vixx who🔥👂👌🔥👅oppa saranghae👅👅💦👀🔥<p/></p>

Wrapping my arms around myself, inhaling the scent of Justin’s jumper that I was wearing, I rocked back and forth subtly as the storm outside echoed throughout the house. I hated storms, I absolutely hated them. They always make me really panicky, I don’t know why – I guess I just don’t like the thought of uncontrollable weather, especially when it’s this bad.

Work had had me on edge anyway, so every time I heard the thunder rumble, I let out a small whimper and hugged my legs tighter. I suppose I was an easy target right now.

Justin opened the bedroom door and automatically looked panicked, rushing over to the bed, we made eye contact, “It’s alright, baby…” He soothed, embracing me and kissing my temple.

Nuzzling my face into his neck, I let out shallow shaky breaths, storms made me so nervous – I needed him close by all the time. Pulling me away slightly so that my face came into view, he dried my eyes, “I hate to see you cry… Baby, shh… I’m here.”

“We need to go to the basement.” I announced, looking up at him, “The house could be torn apart, we need to go to the basement.” I rambled, standing up and tugging at his arm. My voice was shaky because I was crying, but I didn’t care, I wanted to get out of the bedroom, it wasn’t safe.

Justin knew that I had a tendency to over exaggerate when we had weather like this, but he learnt to humour me and go along with it. “Alright, let’s go down to the basement.”

Wrapping my arms around his neck, he picked me up and carried me through the halls and down the steps. Kissing his neck once softly, I hugged him tighter, trying to stop my limbs from shaking so much. His natural scent mixed with his cologne began to somewhat calm me down, Justin was like a sanctuary – knowing he was close made me less uneasy.

When we got down to the basement, Justin sat on the couch and I continued to stay in his grasp. He rubbed my back soothingly and I sighed. The noise from outside wasn’t as loud down here, but you could still hear it.

“Can you play with my hair, please?” I whispered, looking up at my boyfriend. He kissed my forehead and moved us so we were lying down. Resting my head on his chest, I listened to his steady heartbeat as he entwined his fingers in my hair, playing with it and massaging my scalp every so often.

I loved that he put up with m– no, I was grateful that he put up with me. Not many people would in situations like this, I’m acting ridiculous but I can’t help it. It’s the same every single time.

The storm was all I could hear and it was heavier than ever, “Sing… please.” I begged.

Justin removed his hand from my hair and wrapped both arms around my waist, drawing small circled on the small of my back, “Let me tell you a story, about a girl and a boy. He fell in love with his best friend, when she’s around he feels nothing but joy…” He began.

Attempting to tune out the rain, I listened to Justin’s smooth vocals and focussed on regaining a steady breathing pattern.

“I love you, Justin. Thank you for everything.” I mumbled, my eyes closing slowly. “I love you too, Princess. I’d do anything for you.”

All the panicking and crying had tired me out, and Justin seemed to notice “Try and fall asleep, babe. I’ll be right here when you wake up. I promise.”

She Don't Like The Lights - Chapter 1

A/N: So, this is just a little something I’ve been thinking of doing for a day and it’s finally come to light. The main character will be you, the reader, because why not? Hope you enjoy! 

Word Count: 1,606 


Everything seemed to happen so quick. Justin’s rise to stardom seemed to have been thrown at him as if he were a dog, and being famous was the bone. I didn’t mind it of course, because I was supposed to be the supportive girlfriend. Justin went from the ideal boyfriend to someone completely different. But, let’s not move too fast now.

I was currently enrolled at UCLA, majoring in Science because I always had a thing for science and everything in it. Justin wasn’t just your regular, typical guy. He wanted to do something with his life and that was pursuing in music. Did I agree with it? No. But, I did support him. If that’s what he wants to do then, so be it.

I knew what the music industry was like because an old friend of mine was in it and things didn’t end well for them. I didn’t want the same to happen to Justin. I could never forgive myself if Justin got hurt, I wanted the best for him. 

The lecture my professor was giving was driving me insane. He was dragging on and on about Shakespeare and his many works. I could honestly care less because I’m not majoring in British Literature. The only thing that really made this class bearable was that Justin was in here. 

Uploading covers on the Internet wasn’t going to pay your bills, getting an education would. Occasionally, Justin would send me a goofy look and I would have to try my best from laughing. I’m sure everyone else could see the faces he was making but, he didn’t care. I looked back over at the blackboard and noticed the never ending notes. When did these even get here? I quickly jotted down what I could until my teacher erased everything, leaving the bare board. 

“Alright class, so I’m going to be assigning you all with a project on Shakespeare.” My professor began, “I want you all to pick your favorite work by him and give a presentation about it. If you want, you may work with a partner.” My teacher needn’t say anymore. 

Justin and I gave each other the ’we-are-working-together’ look. The bell rang, marking the end of the class. I gathered my things and left the classroom. Justin caught up with me in the crowded halls, throwing his arm over my shoulder. “Nelson really knows how to grind my gears. He’s really going to assign a project before the weekend?” Justin questioned. 

“What did you think this was? High school?” I raised an eyebrow, looking up at him. He didn’t answer. “We’re going to have to get used to this life. We have to deal with this for the next 3 years or maybe even more.“ 

“Maybe not. If my music career takes off then, we can leave UCLA in the dust.” Justin replied. What did he mean by ‘we’? There was no we, there was maybe him but, not the two of us. 

“Yeah, alright.” I rolled my eyes. I wasn’t mad about him wanting to do something good with his life, I wanted the best for him. We walked side by side to the library, where we could begin our project. We picked a table far away from the rest and began working on Shakespeare. “So, Justin I was thinking that maybe we could do something on Romeo and Juliet maybe? I mean it’s easy so—are you even listening to me?” I glared at him annoyed. 

“Of course I’m listening, Y/N. I’m just looking at specific topics to actually write about.” He responded, not taking his eye off the laptop even once. 

“Justin, I can clearly see in the reflection of your glasses that you are not looking at topics that even pertain to this assignment,” I scoffed. “Why are you worried about what people are saying about you on YouTube? Are your viewers going to pay our bills?" 

"I haven’t looked at it all day babe, cut me some slack,” Justin whined. “I promise, after I’m done with this we can do all the Shakespeare you want.” I nodded my head, not acknowledging what he said. I began actually looking for the topics that we could do. I was too busy typing up a storm to realize a group of girls who stood around the table. 

They were clearly here for Justin. “Hey, you’re Justin Bieber, right? The one who uploads the covers on YouTube?” One of the girls spoke. I knew that voice anywhere and I knew it was Veronica Smith. She always had a thing for Justin for as long as I can remember. 

“I am him.” He replied, smiling up at her. “Can I help you with something?" 

"Well, not really. I couldn’t help but, notice how well you sing. You have the voice of an angel!” She continued, sending Justin a toothy grin. 

“Gee, thanks. Means a lot.” He said, nodding his head. “Well, ladies it’s been nice and all but, I have to get back to my work. See you guys later." 

"Oh! I almost forgot!” She was so close to leaving, why couldn’t she just forget? “Me and a few girls are having a party tonight. It’d be cool if you could be the main entertainment." 

"Oh, that’s quite the offer but, we-" 

"Sure I’ll do it! Let me know the time and address.” Justin had cut me off before I could finish what I had to say. “Great. I’ll send you the details and hope to see you soon. See you Justin.” Veronica turned on her heels, her posse followed closely behind her. I then turned my attention back to Justin and I was in complete disbelief. 

“Really Justin? We have a project to do and it’s due Monday, and you want to go out and party?” I yelled at him which resulted in me getting a few ‘shushes’ from the other people in the library. 

“It’s not partying, it’s just entertaining. You could use some color in your cheeks.” Justin suggested. I didn’t need anything except getting this damn project done. 

“I’m not going anywhere tonight. You can go out and have fun. And you know what? You can even get wasted and sleep with some random girl for as much as I care. You do you, and I’ll do me.” I hated having to guilt trip Justin but, it’s the only way he’d listen to me. 

Justin closed his laptop and got up from where he sat. “Why you never like having fun is beyond me but, I’ll see you later Y/N.” I watched as he too walked out the library. Maybe now I’d get some time alone to finish everything.

the truth is, i do love you, more than i should. and with you, the lines between platonic and romantic are blurred and i’m sort of fucked up like that, i’m kind of a tangled mess of affection for you that can’t sort itself out. i don’t know platonic from romantic when i’m near you, and i do love you. i just don’t know how.” — the truth always hurts, but i never meant to tell you xx

i. what you need — the weeknd. ii. sober — childish gambino. iii. take care — drake ft. rihanna. iv. novacane — frank ocean. v. come get her — rae sremmurd. vi. often — the weeknd. vii. heartbeat — childish gambino. viii. love more — chris brown. ix. sweater weather — the neighbourhood. x. be my baby — ariana grande. xi. wonderwall — oasis. xii. cant feel my face — the weeknd. xiii. cant be friends — trey songz. xiv. right here — justin bieber ft. drake. xv. fine china — chris brown. xvi. ghost — halsey. xvii. let me love you — ne-yo. xviii. diet mountain dew — lana del rey. xix. fucked up — young rising sons. xx. sex — the 1975. xxi. anyone else but you — the moldy peaches. xxii. talk dirty — jason derulo. xxiii. happy little pill — troye sivan. xxiv. story of my life — one direction.

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