justin bieber more like break my heart


justin bieber


  1. jesus i have one question why you created justin bieber? only for make a mess in my life right? right.
  2. idk what i have to do cause sometimes i hate justin sometimes i love how someones can live like this?
  3. i’m so sorry mom but i love justin bieber
  4. don’t ask me if i love you bc you know that my one and first love is justin
  5. justin is better than pizza
  6. justin is the best then shut up
  7. justin makes me so happy at the same time makes me sad i’m confused
  8. justin makes me feel like I was in heaven i love this shit with all my heart
  9. when I look at the eyes of justin bieber I feel in paradise someone help me
  10. i was fine then i met justin bieber
  11. god please save my soul because i didn’t ask to be belieber
  12. roses are red, violets are blue, justin i cant live without you
  13. justin is perfect like… wait, anyone is perfect like justin
  14. i’m belieber hahaha this is not funny
  15. i’m belieber and… idk man, just give me a hug
  16. i try to stop listening to justin bieber, but i can’t, becAUSE JUSTIN IS PART OF MY LIFE NOW!!!1!!
  17. justin doesn’t know how much i love him and it breaks my heart
  18. all my life and all my story is about justin bieber
  19. you don’t like justin? you can hear my FFFFFFFUCK YOUUU??????
  20. the hell is waiting for me thx for that, justin, h8 u
  21. living for justin
  22. always in my heart justin bieber
  23. i love justin more than i love food
  24. justin is my angel
  25. justin is my drug
  26. the only thing i need is justin bieber
  27. i don’t love you, i love justin bieber
  28. justin is my heaven
  29. ✿ jesus loves you, justin doesnt ✿
  30. ☾my heart belongs to justin bieber xoxoxo☽
  31. i really believe that justin bieber was the gratest thing that ever happened to me
  32. it’s incredible the way that justin makes me smile
  33. jesus please make me understand how could someone be so fucking perfect like justin?
  34. vamos preservar o planeta, migas, em marte nao vai ter justin bieber nao
  35. to aqui pra sustentar meu filho justin
  36. a viadagem vai de 0 a justin bieber
  37. se nem o justin bieber agradou todo mundo quem sou eu pra agradar????
  38. justin foi doar sangue e não deixaram pq nao aceitam sangue de cobra la
  39. veneno de justin pra mim é drink
  40. justin bieber é o meu pastor e musicas boas não me faltará
  41. e tudo começou no shes confident
  42. minha vontade de te bater é do tamanho da bunda do justin
  43. protect jb all the costs
  44. justin bieber eh pai dos meus filhos
  45. o inferno ta vazio, por isso justin bieber ta na terra
  46. sobre justin bieber cuidado nao se deixa enganar por esse rostinho de anjo porque por tras disso existe obra satanica
  47. alguem me sustenta que eu nao to com dominio do corpo nao da olha isso aqui olha essa foto olha o justin puta que pariu assim não aguento
  48. o que ainda to fazendo aqui com a bunda sentada na cadeira de frente pro computador partiu justin deveria estar dando views
  49. justin é tao danadinho da vontade de desferir soquinhos na cara dele e depois beijar cada centimetro dos ferimentos como lidar
  50. no momento apenas erguendo as mãos aos céus e agradecendo pq justin bieber existe


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I'm Sorry Part 3

~~Lynn’s POV~~

8 days later..

I’ve been living in a cheap motel, I found a job at Marshalls. I’ve been crying everynight while drinking alcohol, I’ve started smoking to relieve all the stress..

Every day is worst than the other, I can’t help but think negative. 6 damn years I’ve been with that son of a bitch, he never wanted to be with me, he just felt bad for me cause I had no one.

I’m not a person who takes things easily, who just forgets the guy and moves on. I loved him for 6 years, and he cheated for who knows how long..

I got up and grabbed my stuff out of the motel. My coworkers are in college and their looking for a girl to rent a room and I needed a place to live. I barely have any money and all the money I had I used it on the motel, gas and food. As I drove up the driveway I looked at the house, it was okay.. I noticed that the neighborhood was bad, like a bunch of criminals lived here. As I walked up to the house I knocked, and a brunette with barely any clothes and smoking a cigarette opened the door.

“Who are you?” She asked.

“Uh 2 of my coworkers said they needed a person to rent a room and I need a place to live.”

“Oh yeah, they were telling me about you. Lynn right?” She asked again

“Yeah that’s me”

“Well.. welcome to your new home.” She smiled. As I entered the house it smelt of pure cigarette.

“My name is Vanessa by the way.” I nodded and followed her.

“This is your room.” She pointed.

“Thanx, Uh whe-” As I turned around she was gone. I set my stuff down and started to unpack..

~~Justin’s POV~~

“This is your new house!” I told Lila as she entered my house.

“Oh my God babe, it’s beautiful! And big..” She smirked.

“Yeah, uh, my ex picked out all the furniture and everything..” I explained.

“Well we should maybe redo it, there’s somethings I don’t like anyways. And plus we don’t any memories of her right?” She asked.

“Uh.. yeah. Yeah your right.” God I felt extremely guilty, I never meant what I said to Lynn. That I would have a better life with Lila then I ever would with Lynn. Mimuters after she dashed out and drove away, I finally realized what I said and that she had absolutely no where to live and I don’t even know if she has money, after she moved in with me I told her she didn’t have to work. That I could take care of her and I would buy everything.

“Hey babe, I’m gonna go to take a bath wanna come with?” she smiled while playing with my hair.

“We could drink some champagne, listen to relaxing music and maybe after have some great sex” she smirked. Lynn and I would always have baths with champagne.

“Uh yeah. You go ahead and prepare it while I go get the champagne.” She nodded and walked up the long white staircase.

As I went into the kitchen, I opened the cabinet full of alcohol and noticed that all the alcohol was gone.. What?? There was bottles upon bottles in here.. where the hell did it go..? There was only 2 beers and a half bottle of red wine.

After a minute or two I realized that Lynn would drink a lot when she was heartbroken. Like her parents death, her brother, her grandparents.. and now me. She would always go overboard until I hid the bottles and starting helping her get better. God where are you Lynn!? I started blowing up her phone telling her to not drink all that liquor and apologizing.

I didn’t want this break up to end up bad, but with my huge mouth I had to break her heart even more. God Justin! Can’t you do anything right?

I just hope she doesn’t go overboard with this break up, she never took these type of situations well. Once she has fallen, it takes a long time for her to get back up…

♡♡Hope you guys liked Part 3!!😊😊 And if you are, I’m very glad😆♡♡