justin bieber in japan

We actually sung, me and Justin actually sung that at karaoke together two days ago. Yeah, he was in Tokyo. We went - it was a really weird night, actually, yeah, really weird night - but yeah, we went to a bar called Train Bar and did some shots and then went to a karaoke bar and sung our own songs. [Laughs] But he was singing my songs and I was singing his songs. And then we both sung on Love Yourself.
—  Ed Sheeran on meeting up with Justin Bieber in Japan, February 2, 2017.


BTS, SMTOWN and Justin Bieber all had concerts at the same time in Tokyo and most of Justin’s fans left the concert when they heard EXO’s about to perform! Justin left the concert without singing the last song of the concert “Purpose”

Here are some of the best tweets made out of this event.