justin bieber funny moments



Oh my GOD at 0.31 he was in Italy :’)

I honestly want Justin to start being happy again, and not be worried about anything. I want him to start going to award shows, getting his awards, attending award shows, and have fun with all his friends, and leave with a smile on his face. I want him to do those cute speeches, and still do the ‘small town’ speech. I want him to go back on Ellen, and Ellen would tell him “pull your pants up!” again. She always makes him laugh. I want him to do funny voices, and stuff again like “funny justin bieber moments” videos. omg. I want him to wear suits, ties/bows, and walk the carpet like always, and then he’d walk by all his fans and hug them through the gate and take pictures on his way in omg. I want him to smile, and be happy, and be with his friends, and be able to go out with his friends, and not be locked up in his house bc of all this bs going on. Pls and thank you.