justin bieber cancer

the signs as iconic kate mckinnon snl characters/impressions

ARIES: ellen degeneres
TAURUS: kellyanne conway
GEMINI: justin bieber
CANCER: ruth bader ginsburg
LEO: barbara dedrew
VIRGO: jodie foster
LIBRA: angela merkel
SCORPIO: jeff sessions
SAGITTARIUS: officer lez dykawitz
CAPRICORN: shakira
AQUARIUS: hillary clinton
PISCES: olya povlatsky

signs as popular pop songs

aries: justin biber- sorry

taurus: ariana grande- into you

gemini: maroon 5- one more night

cancer: katy perry- dark horse

leo: mark ronson- uptown funk

virgo: shawn mendes- stitches

libra: daya- sit still , look pretty

scorpio: drake- one dance

sagittarius: clean bandit- symphony

capricorn: zara larsson- lush life

aquarius: calvin harris- this is what you came for

pisces: adele- hello

Zodiac signs as trash
  • Aries: Justin Bieber
  • Taurus: Minions
  • Gemini: urself
  • Cancer: Month of October
  • Leo: Pepe
  • Virgo: ur blog
  • Libra: straight ppl
  • Scorpio: moldy breadsticks
  • Sagittarius: Memes
  • Capricorn: Nothing about u is trashy bc u are perfect
  • Aquarius: u smell like life jackets 24/7
  • Pisces: dead birb
The Signs as Basic White Girl things
  • Aries: Justin Bieber
  • Taurus: taking pics with your iPad in public
  • Gemini: ombré hair
  • Cancer: tie dye parties
  • Leo: Starbucks
  • Virgo: high waisted shorts
  • Libra: Dylan O' Brien
  • Scorpio: American Eagle jeans
  • Sagittarius: flower crowns
  • Capricorn: white converse
  • Aquarius: crop tops
  • Pisces: writing yourself into a novel/fanfic

Signos como canciones:

Aries: Me too - Megan Trainor.

Tauro: Kill em whit kindness -Selena Gómez

Géminis: Beautiful Now - zedd

Cáncer: Love Yourself - justin Bieber

Leo: Me,Myself & i - G-Easy

Virgo: Confident - Demi Lovato.

Libra: Boys & Girls - will.i.am Ft.Pía Mía.

Escorpio: R U mine - arctic monkeys.

Sagitario: Just Like Fire - pink.

Capricornio: You Don’t own Me- Grace Ft.G-easy

Acuario: i took a pill in Ibiza - Mike Posner.

Piscis: Same old love - Selena Gomez

the signs as drama
  • Aries: Demi unfollowing Selena on Instagram
  • Taurus: Tom Hiddleston being irrelevant in this
  • Gemini: 🐍🐍🐍 commenters on Taylor's Instagram
  • Cancer: Taylor being.. Taylor
  • Leo: Khloe posting a pic of Chloe's apparent butthole
  • Virgo: Selena defending Taylor with weird tweets
  • Libra: Beyoncé's silence about all this while being fab
  • Scorpio: Kim exposing Taylor with the video footage
  • Sagittarius: Katy tweeting "Haha" then deleting it
  • Capricorn: Kim being petty AF with her National Snake Day tweet
  • Aquarius: Justin posting his weird video on Instagram
  • Pisces: The world feeding on all this drama
*long post* The signs together as songs on my phone (relationship and friendship mind you)

Aries x Aries: Breathe by Astrid S

Aries x Taurus: Loving someone by the 1975

Aries x Gemini: 2u by david guetta feat. Justin Bieber

Aries x Cancer: Eden by The Script

Aries x Leo: The Last Of The Real Ones by Fall Out Boy

Aries x Virgo: Bank Account by 21 Savage

Aries x Libra: Supposed to be by Arty

Aries x Scorpio: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift

Aries x Sagittarius: Cocaine by Brain feat lil Dicky

Aries x Capricorn: 1-800-273-8255 by Logic

Aries x Aquarius: Homemade Dynamite by Lorde

Aries x Pisces: Middle of the Night by the Vamps

Taurus x Gemini: Drink up by Train

Taurus x Taurus: Ten Feet Tall by Afrojack feat. Wrabel

Taurus x Cancer: Heroes by Alesso feat. Tove Lo

Taurus x Leo: Just Stay Here Tonight by Augustana

Taurus x Virgo: Send my love by Adele

Taurus x Libra: We Found Love by Rhianna feat Calvin Harris

Taurus x Scorpio: American Woman by Lenny Kravitz

Taurus x Sagittarius: Swing, Swing by The All-American Rejects

Taurus x Capricorn: Levels by Avicii

Taurus x Aquarius: 17 by Avril Lavigne

Taurus x Pisces: John Doe by B.o.B feat. Priscilla

Gemini x Gemini: We Move Like the Ocean by Bad Suns

Gemini x Cancer: Let it be by the Beatles

Gemini x Leo: On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons

Gemini x Virgo: Two is Better than One by Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift

Gemini x Libra: She is by the Fray

Gemini x Scorpio: I Hate U I Love U by Gnash

Gemini x Sagittarius: Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day

Gemini x Capricorn: Tounge Tied by Grouplove

Gemini x Aquarius: Chandelier by Sia

Gemini x Pisces: Never Stop by Hilary Duff

Cancer x Cancer: Don’t say Goodnight: Hot Chelle Rae

Cancer x Leo: Are you Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz

Cancer x Virgo: Video Games by Lana Del Rey

Cancer x Libra: Rain by The Script

Cancer x Scorpio: Double by Blackbear

Cancer x Sagittarius: Hard Times by Paramore

Cancer x Capricorn: First Time by Kygo and Ellie Goulding

Cancer x Aquarius: Eenie Meenie by Justin Bieber

Cancer x Pisces: DJ got us fallin’ in Love by Usher

Leo x Leo: Misbehaving by Labrinth

Leo x Virgo: Be Mean by DNCE

Leo x Libra: Tumblr Girls by G-Eazy

Leo x Scorpio: Drugs by Adam Jensen

Leo x Sagittarius: As If by Loop

Leo x Capricorn: Act my age by One Direction

Leo x Aquarius: Can I Be Him by James Arthur

Leo x Pisces: Numb by LINKIN PARK

Virgo x Virgo: This Ain’t a Scence, It’s an Arms Race by Fall Out Boy

Virgo x Libra: Diamonds by Rhianna

Virgo x Scorpio: Three Thirty by Eigty Ninety by Cherry Beach

Virgo x Sagittarius: Needed Me by Rihanna

Virgo x Capricorn: Starlight by Taylor Swift

Virgo x Aquarius: Storm Warning by Hunter Hayes

Virgo x Pisces: See No More by Joe Jonas

Libra x Libra: When Love Hurts by JoJo

Libra x Scorpio: Boyfriend by Justin Bieber

Libra x Sagittarius: Crazy by Kat Ddahlia

Libra x Capricorn: My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson

Libra x Aquarius: When You Were Young by The Killers

Libra x Pisces: Picture by Kid Rock feat. Sheryl Crow

Scorpio x Scorpio: Fall by Justin Bieber, and Happier by Ed Sheeran

Scorpio x Sagittarius: Every Time I Look at You by Kiss

Scorpio x Aquarius: Break the Fall by Laura Welsh

Scorpio x Capricorn: I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack

Scorpio x Pisces: Leave the Lights On by Meiko

Sagittarius x Sagittarius: 11 Blocks by Wrabel

Sagittarius x Capricorn: Adore You by Miley Cyrus

Sagittarius x Aquarius: Animal by Neon Trees

Sagittarius x Pisces: Harlem by New Politics

Capricorn x Capricorn: Just a Girl by No Doubt

Capricorn x Aquarius: Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice

Capricorn x Pisces: Something I Need by One Republic

Aquarius x Aquarius: Golden Days by Panic! At the Disco

Aquarius x Pisces: Crave by Parachute

Pisces x Pisces: Ex To See by Sam Hunt

'Cantantes famosos y sus signos'

Aries: Brendon Urie
Tauro: Melanie Martinez
Geminis: Troye Sivan
Cancer: Alessia Cara
Leo: Shawn Mendes
Virgo: Nick Jonas
Libra: Halsey
Escorpio: Lorde
Sagitario: Zara Larsson
Capricornio: Zayn
Acuario: Bea Miller
Piscis Justin Bieber

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who the signs will date
  • aries: tyler joseph
  • taurus: justin bieber
  • gemini: calum hood
  • cancer: josh dun
  • leo: libra
  • virgo: brendon urie
  • libra: leo
  • scorpio: nobody
  • sagittarius: ur mom
  • capricorn: halsey
  • aquarius: any fuck boy
  • pisces: g-eazy
Songs for each zodiac sign

Aries: Bad Girls - M.I.A
Taurus: Hurricane - Halsey
Gemini: 22 - Taylor Swift
Cancer: Revival - Selena Gomez
Leo: Pumpin Blood - Nonono
Virgo: All Too Well - Taylor Swift
Libra: Diet Mountain Dew - Lana Del Rey
Scorpio: Style - Taylor Swift
Sagittarius: A Sky Full of Stars - Coldplay
Capricorn: I Won’t Back Down - Tom Petty
Aquarius: Weird People - Little Mix
Pisces: The Feeling - Justin Bieber

  • Signs that are in love with you: Cancer, Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • Signs that are in love with the feeling: Leo, Gemini, Aries, Libra, Virgo, Aquarius, Sagittarius
the signs as Purpose
  • Aries: Life is Worth Living
  • Taurus: What Do You Mean?
  • Gemini: Company
  • Cancer: Sorry
  • Leo: Mark My Words
  • Virgo: No Pressure
  • Libra: Purpose
  • Scorpio: Where Are Ü Now
  • Sagittarius: I'll Show You
  • Capricorn: No Sense
  • Aquarius: The Feeling
  • Pisces: Love Yourself
famous people of the zodiac
  • Aries: Emma Watson, Gerard Way, James Franco, Kourtney Kardashian
  • Taurus: Channing Tatum, Kellin Quinn, David Beckham, Megan Fox
  • Gemini: Marilyn Monroe, Lana del Rey, Kanye West, Kate Upton, Lohanthony
  • Cancer: Ariana Grande, Luke Hemmings, Selena Gomez, Khloe Kardashian
  • Leo: Barack Obama, Jennifer Lawrence, Kylie Jenner, Paul Wesley
  • Virgo: Beyonce Knowles, Niall Horan, Dylan O'Brien, Wiz Khalifa
  • Libra: Kim Kardashian, Eminem, Zac Efron, Josh Hutcherson
  • Scorpio: Katy Perry, Drake, Michael Clifford, Kendall Jenner, Leonardo diCaprio]
  • Sagittarius: Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Ian Somerhalder
  • Capricorn: Zayn Malik, Elvis Presley, Andy Biersack, Meghan Trainor
  • Aquarius: Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran, Vic Fuentes, Ellen Degeneres, Calum Hood
  • Pisces: Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Adam Levine, Ansel Elgort
The Signs as songs from my monthly spotify playlist (September)

Aries: Castle // Hasley

Taurus: Belong To The City // PARTYNEXTDOOR

Gemini: Tumblr Girls // G-Easy ft. Christoph Anderson

Cancer: Here // Alessia Cara

Leo: Fight Song // Rachel Platten

Virgo: Prisoner // The Weekend ft. Lana Del Rey

Libra: Drive // Oh Wonder

Scorpio: Champagne Kisses // Jessie Ware

Sagittarius: What Do You Mean? // Justin Bieber

Capricorn: Dollhouse // Melanie Martinez

Aquarius: Panic Cord // Gabrielle Aplin

Pisces: WILD // Troye Sivan