justin bieber as the doctor

updates on my love life:

claimed another fictional character as my boyfriend…

Beliebers vs hunters

so I just got into this whole fight thing. I was reading my twitter and laughed my face off at Jared’s tweet. The whole blow up about it is really going to turn out to be like Germany attacking Russia in winter, except Russia has a lot of friends. 

Jared is probably all

And the Beliebers are all like

but now this is tumblr:

Jared’s probably just sitting back all smug as he watches this go down:

Beliebers: You have no idea who you're messing with.
  • Jared Padalecki: Hey @justinbieber, how much are you paying your friend for pretending that it was HIS cocaine, and taking the fall for you?
  • *shots fired*
  • Beliebers: Oh yeah? Well we'll just stop watching Supernatural. So there!
  • Supernatural fandom: War it is. We'll salt and burn you faster than than you can say "Justin Bieber is a painted whore."
  • Sherlockians: Hey, want some help with that? Our season just ended, we're free. We hate being bored.
  • Whovians: Sure, we've got the time to lend a hand. It's just a bunch of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff anyways.
  • Marvel fans: AVENGERS!!!! ASSEMBLE!!!!!!!!
  • LOTR fandom: We come to it at last...the great battle of our time.
To Do Masterlist

•Rough make up sex (Mature)

•Y/N and Justin’s first time together (Mature)

•Y/N is Khalil’s little sister and she’s close with Justin and Za. They end up having a threesome (Mature)

•Talking about wet dreams together (Mature)

•Justin gets embarrassed when he gets a boner in public

•Justin’s on tour and he gets a call saying you’ve hurt yourself

•Bringing their baby home for the first time

•Y/N teases Justin before he goes on stage and he ends up being 30 minutes late for his concert (Mature)

•Justin’s surprised when you ride him for the first time (Mature)

•Spending the day with Jazzy and Jaxon

•Justin makes a sexual joke when he sees you during one of his shows and the crowd reacts

•Y/N and Justin have feelings for each other but won’t admit it to each other. She compliments Justin when she’s drunk, spilling the truth

•Y/N pranks Justin and he gets mad

•Y/N and Justin are good friends but Justin’s in love with her, he shows up at her house drunk and confesses. Things take a turn (Mature)

•Y/N is dating Justin and they go clubbing but she sees him dancing with another girl, so she dances with a random guy. When you get home the night gets rough (Mature)

•Y/N and Justin have passionate, angry hate sex (From both their P.O.V’s) (Mature)

•All Justin wants for his birthday is a baby. He gets excited by the idea of having kids

•Strip poker

•Y/N and Justin have a 3 year old boy and Y/N is out with her friends but their son doesn’t feel well and starts crying, so Justin has to beg her to come home

•Y/N is Jazzy and Jaxon’s nanny, when Justin comes home from the holidays, he meets her and finds her attractive. They end up having sex

•Carpool Karaoke

•“Why do they make this look so easy in all those porn movies?! This hurts like fuck!”

•[Y/N] wins Best Actress at the Oscars and you take Justin as your date

•Y/N is afraid to be comfortable with Justin because of her past boyfriend

•Y/N is famous and goes on the Ellen show for an interview and is asked about the dating rumours involving her and Justin

•Y/N has had a child before her and Justin got together and she goes to take the child to his father’s house but the kid wants to stay with Justin instead

•Justin is jealous because you’re out and men keep staring at you but he can’t do anything because you’re only dating on the down low and when you both get home he fucks his jealousy away (Mature)

•Justin is having a hard time without Y/N on tour and he’s really sad, so she goes to surprise him but he has an anxiety attack on stage and she has to help him and he doesn’t connect that she’s there until he calms down

•Y/N and Justin are having sex, Hailey and Kendall walk in and they end up having a foursome (Mature)

•Y/N and Justin split up. They sabotage each other’s dates and argue constantly. They can’t accept that they’re not over each other

•Y/N owns a Ferrari, one day Justin wants to race and if she wins she get a head and vice versa

•Doctor Bieber (Mature)

•Justin is Y/N’s gym instructor/trainer. One day he can’t control himself at the sight of her and they end up fucking (Mature)

•Justin uses sex toys (Mature)

•Justin Bieber/Jason McCann (Part Two) (Mature)

•Periods and Inconsiderations (Part Two)

•Bounce On My lap (Part Two) (Mature)

•Y/N takes Justin’s virginity (Mature)

•Y/N let’s Justin draw a nude painting of her

•Justin’s fantasy comes true thanks to Y/N (Mature)

•Fantasising and Late Night Calls (Part Two) (Mature)

•Y/N is having dinner out with her family when Justin won’t stop constantly calling her. She later finds out he wants her to go to the bathroom and touch herself (Mature)

•Y/N wears sexy lingerie & garter straps, causing Justin’s mind to wander (Mature)

•Y/N is getting married to someone but right before they get married, Justin stands up and confesses his love to her, making her doubt everything

•Justin is going to visit a school to pick one person to go on tour with him and he picks Y/N, it gets heated.

•"I can be sobbing in front of you with a broken heart and I’d still crack a joke.“

•Y/N makes herself squirt, she tells Justin and he asks her to show him (Mature)

•First Time Foreplay (Mature)

•Y/N and Justin go skinny dipping

•Y/N teases Justin when they’re having dinner and he ends up fucking her (Mature)

•Y/N and Justin get caught by the squad (Mature)

•Y/N and Justin have sex in the bathroom at a club (Mature)

•Y/N is on her period but Justin is horny

•Y/N goes on tour with Justin and they get into a fight. Y/N leaves, causing Justin to take time from the tour to go after her

•Y/N and Justin are best friends, they are both virgins and make a deal to be each other’s first time (Mature)

•Y/N is a dancer and dances for Justin to ‘Dance For You’ by Beyoncé and they end up fucking (Mature)

•Explicit Imagination (Part Two) (Mature)

•'Let Me Love You’ imagine

•Y/N and Justin are getting married but before it starts Justin begins to get the nerves, causing him to run away

Y/N gives Justin the silent treatment and he gets annoyed (Mature)

•Justin is tired from being in the studio. He comes home and pushes Y/N against the wall. Things get heated.

•Y/N and Justin are stuck at Y/N’s parents’ house due to a storm. They have to be quiet during sex (Mature)

•Justin and Jason both fuck Y/N. She has a blind fold on and she has to guess who is who (Mature)

•Y/N and Justin’s kids walk in on them having sex (Mature)

•Sex (Justin’s POV) (Mature)

•Justin has a wet dream while cuddling his best friend and he gets embarrassed while Y/N finds it flattering (Mature)

•Y/N and Justin are having sex. Justin is trying to make her cum multiple times as she becomes overstimulated (Mature)

•Nerdy Justin (Mature)

Pro Fandoms.

I always hear people mocking those who are in a fandom, using arguments such as “You’re wasting your time, what good will being in a fandom ever bring?” And I just want to point out why this statement is (in my opinion) completely false. Being in a fandom will actually help you in many aspects. Here’s how it can be very beneficial:

1. Learning English: A vast majority of big fandoms work (mostly) with the English language. That’s not to say there isn’t content in other languages, of course there is, but a very very big part of it is in English. I can honestly say that being so invested in the fandoms I’m in, constantly reading fan fiction and analyses, plus interacting with other fandom members from all over the world, has helped improve my English in a way schools never did. And I know for many other people, it’s the same way.

2. Learning a language other than English: For example, those who are very big anime fans could feel inspired to learn Japanese. Or even subconsciously learn a bit of it after watching so many subbed episodes. This applies to many other languages as well.

3. Expanding your cultural knowledge: Being a fan of anime, a fan of K-pop, a fan of literature, etc; can increase your knowledge of the culture that your object of interest is based around/comes from.

4. Meeting amazing people: I can honestly say I’ve met incredible people online. Some of them I consider my closest friends. The shared love for a mutual interest can bring people together, I think that’s beautiful.

5. Sparking your creativity: How many people have found out how incredibly passionate they are about editing, analyzing, drawing or writing thanks to their fandom? Fandoms push you to create and help you improve your skills. How many people have made a career that started out of posting a fanart online? It’s amazing. The support you get from people is incredible as well.

6. Providing a safe place: This is very self-explanatory. Many people feel safe and loved in their fandom. They know they won’t be judged the way they could be in real life. They feel like they can be their true self and will have a support system, even if it comes from strangers.

I’m not saying fandoms don’t have negative aspects, just debunking those who claim that there aren’t any positive results from being in fandoms. Feel free to add more and cheers to the beauty of fandoms!