justin bieber and selena gomez break up

All of Me (Jelena One Shot)

All of Me (Jelena One Shot)

Prompt: It’s funny, people always thought Justin was the one who’d push to far, who’d be at her feet begging to get back together one day, why do I sometimes get the feeling one day she will want him back and he will be the hesistant one, I’m not doubting their love for each other, but he’s given so much to her, and so has she….. but maybe she hasn’t always valued the love he still has for her like she should and vice verse…. anyway just a thought

Dedicated to @jelenasbitvh because she’s a bae who encourages my idiocy.

Third Person’s POV


That was the year.

Eight years since they had last been together officially.

Three years since Selena and Abel had started dating.

Two years since Justin stopped trying to get her back.

Two years since Justin and Selena last spoke.

So could someone please explain to the the pop start what the twenty-eight year old was doing in front his house at three in the morning?

He continued to stare at her in shock.

Was he delirious? Maybe he was still asleep?

“Justin?” Her voice broke through the fog in his mind.

“Selena?” He had to ask even though she still looked the same. Same pretty eyes, silky long hair, beautiful smile, angelic voice…

“Hi.” She smiled meekly.

“What are you doing here? At three in the morning?”

“Honestly? It was kind of spontaneous. One minute I’m trying to sleep, next thing I’m ringing your doorbell.”

“Why?” That was the only thing he could think to say. “We haven’t spoken in two years.” It still hurt to admit what had happened between them.

“I know. I miss you.”

I miss you too.

It was on the tip of his tongue but he didn’t say it.

He knew where this was going and he wasn’t sure he wanted to go down that road again.

It was the same thing every time. Except this time roles were reversed.

He wasn’t the one standing outside in the cold, begging for another chance.

He shifted from the doorway, gesturing for her to come in.

She stepped inside but they both stood in the foyer.

“Why are you here Selena?” He leaned against the door, speaking in a flat tone that held no emotion.

He wasn’t ready to let his emotions take over.

“I told you. I miss you Jay.”

He felt his heart ache.

How many nights had he spent wishing to hear those words? Wishing for her to call him by that nickname?

Too many. That’s how much.

“Don’t call me that.” He swallowed harshly and her eyebrows furrowed.

“Okay. I’m sorry.” She amended.

He sighed, loud and frustrated that he had felt guilty because of the tone in her voice.

Why was it that she could always make him feel like the villain?

“Cut to the chase Selena. Be honest, why are you here? Why not two years ago? What do you want from me?”

“I want us back.” She admitted.

He scoffed.

“Why?” He snapped bitterly. “Is it because you got tired of Abel? Now you want me back because you’re bored of being single?”

He pushed off the door and began pacing.

“Is this how it’s always going to be? Tell me Selena, am I ever going to be enough to be your first choice? I mean, I gave you everything I had to give. Everything. I gave you every. Single. Part of me but it still wasn’t enough! If we get back together now, what’s going to happen? We’ll be happy until I give you a reason to break up with me and then I get to watch you move on while I grovel at your feet, begging for another chance? Is that it?”

She did not expect that. It was years and years of frustration and hurt that had been continuously bottled up overflowing.

“Why is it that I’m always the one to give everything and I’m always the one to be left with nothing?” He asked in a defeated voice, uttering words that broke her heart. “Why can’t you love me the way I love you?”

She wanted to cry. She didn’t know he felt like that.

“That’s not true Justin. I swear it’s not.” She reached out for him, taking her limp hand in hers.

“I never meant to make you feel like that.” She placed his hand over her heart. “Feel that? It’s yours. It beats for you. I’m not like you Jay. I’m not the best when it comes to expressing my feelings. I’ve never been one to put my heart on the line, not after that first time. I’m sorry I made you feel like that but you’ve never been my second choice or my first choice. You’re my only choice. I love you Justin, more than I’ve ever loved anybody. I love you more than I love myself.”

“Then why have you been with him for so long? Why ignore me for two years?”

“I got together with him for fun and then you and I, we drifted apart. He made me happy so I stayed with him but he never made me feel the way you do. I just - I assumed that you didn’t want anything to do with me so I never reached out.”

He nodded, looking down quietly.

“Justin please look at me. I hate that I made you feel like that baby but I promise you that I am completely yours. You have all of me. You always have and you always will. I swear to you I will prove it if you give me a chance. Please Justin.”

He was still hesitant. How many times did he have to get his heart broken before he learnt his lesson?

But she was the girl of his dreams - his angel - and here she was asking for another chance to prove that she loved him as much as he loved her.

How long had he waited for her?

How long had he wanted her?

She was his forever.

He wasn’t about to let her go.

So if she was going to break his heart again, so be it.


“Okay?” She looked up at his hopefully.

“Okay.” He verified smiling at her.

Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you…

a throwback mix of songs i still jam to [listen here]

i. year 3000 - jonas brothers // ii. could it be - christy carlson romano // iii. boyz n’ motion - boyz n’ motion // iv. breaking free - high school musical // v. big time rush - big time rush // vi. about you now - miranda cosgrove // vii. something to believe in - spectacular // viii. what dreams are mad of - hilary duff // ix. crazy car - the naked brothers band // x. american dragon jake long - theme song // xi. i found a way - drake bell // xii. see you again - miley cyrus // xiii. my world - ginger fox // xiv. weasel rock you - i’m in the band // xv. 2 stars - camp rock // xvi. i want it all - high school musical 3 // xvii. potential break up song - aly & aj // xviii. supernova girl - zenon // xix. just the way i am - skye sweetnam // xx. cinderella - the cheetah girls // xxi. this is me - camp rock // xxii. new classic - drew seeley & selena gomez // xxiii. if that’s not love - the naked brothers band // xxiv. the naked mole rap - ron stoppable // xxv. baby - justin bieber ft ludacris // xxvi. what time is it - high school musical 2 // xxvii. strut- cheetah girls 2 // xviii. let’s get crazy - hannah montana


does anyone realize that one day when we are old and sitting at the table with our kids and their kids and across the new channel screen has the words ‘justin bieber has died’ that will be the day that all of his fans will die a little inside to. to know that our idol, the one who was there for all of us, has died. it breaks my heart to even think about that moment. and our grandkids will look at us while tears are building in our eyes and say 'grandma/pa who was justin bieber?’ and you’ll smile and say 'he saved my life along with millions of others’

i'm going to be honest

not a fan of selena gomez, but “the heart wants what it wants” is so raw and beautiful and that is the one song that i think is the reason why i have this newfound respect for her all of a sudden. i’ve never liked her, even before “wizards of waverly place”, and when she started dating justin and he started turning into an asshole and started changing, i blamed her because that’s what fangirls do when their idol becomes something they’re not: they blame the boyfriend/girlfriend.

now i realize that wasn’t the case.

they both screwed each other up. they were destroying themselves and couldn’t fix any of it together. they couldn’t help each other. they tried to be there for each other, but they were both too broken to be fixed, especially to be fixed by each other. they both loved each other, but their love wasn’t strong enough to help them.

and that is the most heartbreaking thing anyone could ever go through.

Problems [Justin Bieber Imagine]

(Y/N) P.O.V

You were sitting in your room. Writing every emotion you had on a piece of paper. Music was your therapy; It explained everything you weren’t able to say yourself. You were having a mixture of feelings, everything was going well for you.

You were living the dream, he signed you. Scooter Braun had Justin Bieber sign you, and you never thought anything bad could happen from it. The two of you were best friends, you were shy when you first met him. But, he broke that barrier.

Within months, you were having feelings for him you didn’t want to act on them because you learned how Justin truly was. He fucked girls every night and you were practically forced to listen to it in the hotel room next door.

“(Y/N)!” Alfredo’s voice frantically cried out, banging on your door repeatedly. Your features furrowed but you quickly recovered, hearing Alfredo s pained voice you jumped off the hotel bed and ran towards the door.

Swinging it open, a desperate, crying Alfredo stood in front of you. You’ve never seen him like this, that’s what worried you most. So stepping a side, you gently grabbed his arm and pulled him into your hotel room. Slamming the door shut behind you and walking him towards the small white couch.

“What happened?” Your voice was laced with concern, your features softened. It almost looked like Alfredo was having an anxiety attack. Something you knew much of, you knew how to control it. You’ve dealt with it for years.

“He really did a number this time..” He sighed, after minutes of you comforting him. Rubbing his back, and telling him soothing words in his ears he finally spoke up. You looked at him confused, and then it finally hit you. Justin.

A lot’s been going on with Justin lately, a lot’s been going on with you. He’s been partying a lot, using women. And not mention trying to see Selena again. You hated the fact that you loved him more than life.

“What did he do?” You were unsure if wanted to hear the answer, this must be bad. You’ve never seen Alfredo like this, and that made you worry for Justin even more.

“He got arrested.” You winced at the new information, shaking your head you scooted away from Alfredo slightly. Not believing the words that just came out of his mouth. Justin has been stupid lately, but can he really be that stupid? You thought.

“Where?” You asked eagerly. You shouldn’t be going there, you shouldn’t try to help him but that’s all that’s running through your mind. Making sure he’s okay. He’s always put up this facade with his fans but you knew now.

“Miami Police station..” He mumbled, you threw on a pair of white converse sneakers. You were in a pair of short light washed jean shorts and a crop top. You had to get there, it wasn’t a choice for you anymore. Throwing your leather jacket over your head, you reached your arms in fixing it quickly, you were trying to hold back the tears.

“Are you coming?” Your voice cracked, and Alfredo looked at you sympathetically shaking his head.

“I’ll let scooter know to send security, you can pick him up when he gets out.” He gives you a sincere smile, and you’re out the door running down the hallway towards the elevator. One it made that beeping noise you were in the lobby, running towards the exit only to get yanked back.

“Are you crazy?” Scooter hissed at you, pushing his arm off you roughly you scowled. You felt angry, sad, disappointing and worried. Not to mention reckless, reckless enough to run out into a mob of fans and paparazzi. “You’ll get hurt, I’ll send security with you.”

“No. I’ll go out the back. Moshi.” You call out, “Please escort me out back, Alfredo said he’d talk to you. Just send some security to meet me there.” You don’t wait for an answer, Moshi runs up beside you. Trying to keep up with your quick pace, you reach the back exit. Moshi goes first, making sure no one is out there.

“Go ahead.” And with that you run to your back mustang, slamming the front door shut. Security will be right behind you, you have nothing to worry about. Knowing that you speed off to the police station, knowing you can’t jump out of the car as soon as you get there. There are going to be tons of press. You’ll need to be escorted.

After a ten, to fifteen minute ride you make your way around the back of the police station. It’s the easiest way for you, your frantic. Your angry, and you have a mouth full for the boy being held in a cell block.

You anxiously wait for security to meet you in the back, but they seem to be taking forever. You just want to get in there, see what’s happening. How he’s doing.. 

Huffing, “Screw it.” You breathe out, jumping out of the car you jog towards the steps to get to the door. Almost all of the press recognize you but luckily you get in there before they can huddle around you.

“Justin Bieber.” You breathe, your out of breath, you’re worried sick and you have a lot on your mind. You just want this day to be over with, the woman behind the desk nods her head.

“Can I see him?” You ask one of the police officers that come out, giving you a sympathetic smile nodding his head. He puts a hand on the small of your back, leading you to the back. You bite your lip, you never imagined walking to a jail cell to see your dear friend.

You come to slow stop, you slowly walk up towards the bars. Resting your hands on one each, you stare at the boy sitting with his head in his hands. Who is this person? You think to yourself, you barely recognize him.

“Justin.” You say softly but sternly, you watch as his forehead creases then he slowly looks up at you. You can feel a growing lump in your throat, a lump that you desperately want to swallow down. Don’t cry not now (Y/N) you think to yourself.  His eyes are glossy, he looks exhausted. 

“What are you doing here?” He sighed, standing to his feet and walking towards you. His hands resting on the bars in front of him.

Scoffing, you take a step back. “What am I doing here?!” You snap, “Maybe, I’m trying to figure out what the fuck is going on with you!” You yell angrily.

“I don’t have time for this.” He growls, “If you came here to yell at me, I don’t want to hear it. I’ll get enough shit from everyone else.”

You don’t get to say anything before a guard unlocks the door, grabbing Justin’s upper arm and leading him away. “You can get your personal belongings now.” The guards low voice echos throughout the place, as they walk away Justin doesn’t look back. A tear slips down your cheek as the police officer leads you back towards the front as well.

You sit and wait for what seems like an hour, before Justin walks out in his normal clothing. Standing to your feet, you look at him with disappointment. He has a hard expression, and you just wished he would open up every now and then.

“Let’s go.” I mumble, walking towards the back exit. I got a text from scooter say security will be on my tail the whole ride back to Justin’s house, and they brought my car right up the back door of the police station. Justin follows behind me, not a word said as we both get into my car and we drive off.

You glance at him a few times throughout the drive, biting your lip to stop yourself from saying anything. Nothing needs to be said right now, this isn’t the right time.

After the longest thirty minute drive of your life, you tell security it’s you through the speaker and they open Justin’s gate allowing you to pull in. You come to a stop right in front of his door, both of you stepping out and slamming the doors shut. You follow behind Justin as he opens his door, and slipping his shoes off.

You stay quiet. Following him into the kitchen and taking a seat on the stool as he makes himself something to eat. You can’t keep quiet any longer, this has been bothering you for the longest time.

“Where’s Chantel?” You’ve never liked the girl, it was clear that Justin and her were dating but it was also clear that she liked him for his money and fame. Shopping dates all the time.

“Don’t worry about it.” He snapped, catching you off guard. You knew he would take it out on you, you knew you’d be the enemy once you stepped foot into the damn police station.

“Oh, let me guess. She left you. She didn’t wait for you at the police station. She got the next flight home?” You hiss, he stopped what he was doing looking at you angrily.

“Enlighten me Justin. Enlighten me on were your new slut is.” You snap, it felt good to let it out, you hated her guts. She was nothing but a fake, she was using your best friend.

“What the fuck is your problem huh!?” He barked, you’ve seen Justin at his worst, you’ve seen him cry, you’ve seen him angry, you’ve seen him break things. Yet he still doesn’t frighten you.

“You want to know what my problem is?!” you yell, you’ve been holding it in for to long. Every feeling, you were bound to blow up eventually. You’ve let every little thing he’s done slide.

“You!” you yell, “You are my problem Justin.” You yell, jumping off the stool and standing, your shaking out of anger. You can’t even sit down.

His anger was rising, you could tell. When he was really angry his face would flush red, his hands would tie into knots at his sides. Every muscle in his body would flex, and then a big bang echoed throughout the huge house with no one but the two of you in it.

You screech, running up to him and looking at the whole in the wall then at his fist. And that was his breaking point, he dropped to the ground and cried. Cried a lot, cried hard and being the person you are you gently sat down beside him, removing his hands from his face and bringing him into a tight hug. He continued to sob into your shirt as he held on to you tightly.

“What have I done?” He cried.

anonymous asked:

So now Louis has a kid, Briana, a girlfriend, and now Perrie??? AJSFJSKFJSK WHAT IS THIS MESS I'M

okay so let’s see if i can get this right. so, zayn, who is engaged to perrie, leaves the band. louis breaks up with his girlfriend of 18 years right before he leaves. louis’ image does a complete 180 and he becomes a partyboy and has a very public falling-out with his best friend zayn. he then ends up getting some random stylist pregnant. after he’s told she’s pregnant, he’s goes to a random festival and holds hands with a mutual friend. harry does some things with a couple of models because that’s just what harry does. zayn ends up dating gigi, who is a friend of kendall jenner. the same kendall jenner that that harry dated a few years ago and who happens to rekindle a romance with him for 3 days out of nowhere. gigi is also the ex of joe jonas, who dated taylor swift, and taylor dated harry styles as well. taylor swift is best friends with selena, who used to be best friends (maybe still is?) with demi lovato. both selena and demi dated niall horan. who is friends with justin bieber, who also dated selena gomez. somewhere in this mess, liam and his girlfriend break up, and he starts flirting with cheryl cole. speaking of new romances, louis also decided it’d be a good idea to get a new girlfriend and flaunt her about. then he had a baby, and continued to flaunt the new girlfriend. then he decided it’d be a good idea to fly 10 hours across an ocean for “free booze” and to get papped leaving a club with his ex-best friend’s ex-financée (with the rest of her band, but that’s irrelevant.)

ok with all do respect to musicians, I’m just a tiny bit confused on why female artists & girl groups always have to preform with sequenced dance moves, costumes, back up dancers, & look flawless the ENTIRE TIME while trying not to break a sweat on stage yet most male artist & boy bands get to skip around the whole time with bed head, stained t shirts, jeans & untied shoes…,..,,. I don’t get it??!??!

Beliebers like this just make me upset and embarrassed. And people wonder why Selena never posts about Justin….she knows there will be A LOT of fights in the comments. You think she wants to read that shit? Nobody wants to see comments like “break up” or “slut”. It’s fine if you don’t ship jelena, Justin could care a less, but respecting it is the least you can do as a Belieber.