justin bieber tongue out

“I know what I’m doing, hey! Step away from the stove.” Justin said as he walked toward me with the knife in his hand. “What?” I said as I turned around and saw him pushing pieces of veggies around with it. “You know there’s a spoon right there?” I said crossing my arms and raising one eyebrow. He looked over at me rolling his eyes.
“Chef Bieber is pretty freaking awesome.” He commented 20 minutes later as he shoved a forkful of his “organic” chicken breast in his mouth. No I was the one rolling my eyes. “You pushed a few veggies around and all of a sudden you’re Chef Bieber?” I questioned. “I also chopped them up.” He retorted. “All of a sudden.” I said laughing. “I need a ‘kiss the chef’ apron to wear so you can kiss me every time I cook.” He smiled. “Then I guess you’re never getting kissed because you never cook.“I said laughing as I turned into the kitchen with a stack full of plates. “Don’t hate on me Y/N.” he said sticking his tongue out.

Magcon Preference - Cute/Not-so Cute Sneezing

Cameron: You’re cuddling on the couch, interlacing and disentangling your fingers as if it were a competition. Cam looks over you, both love and lust in his eyes, and you blush. He gently cups you face and kisses you softly. His lips smooth as silk, so warm, so inviting. He licks at your lips for entrance and you allow it. He pulls away immediately and let out cutesy sneeze, like the sound a kitten makes. “God, I’ll never get over that.”

Nash: He’s electric, running all over the apartment, checking every cabinet for food. You hear him mutter something under his breath but can only make out a name, Cam. “I got it!” He yells at you, “C'mon. How could I forget? There’s food in the unpacked boxes.” This ought to be good, you think to yourself as you follow him into another room. He’s digging into the boxes like a puppy looking for a bone. He sneezes, and then sneezes again, and again. He shakes his head and continues to search inside the boxes. Exactly like a puppy. You cover your mouth to not laugh too hard, getting a questioning look you wave off.

Shawn: He’s in the middle of filming a cover. You smile at how happy he seems. How angelic. His love for music always made your heart skip a beat. He now looks over to you, intently. “Well, now I have to start all over.” You raise your eyebrows and get up, he rushes after you. He grabs a hold of your arm and spins you towards him. His body pressed to yours, moving toward the nearest wall. His hips crashing yours. Not so innocent now. He starts to trail your neck, sucking just enough at each kiss to turn you on but not leave a mark. His mouth already is on your jaw, you want him. He trails back down, teasing. Ah, ah, choo. You close your eyes in disgust and, later, open them to a blushing Shawn, staring at the floor. “You’re so adorable when you sneeze,” flinging your arms around his neck and hugging him tightly.

Aaron: “Get going,” You tell him before he starts the car. He holds one finger up, suggesting you stay quiet. You cross your arms and look over to his phone. As much as you’d hate to admit it, the one thing that attracts you the most about him is how caring he is towards his fans. You take out your own phone to record him. Staring at him through your screen, you see that not all of his beautiful features can be seen on camera. You stare at him in awe. How did I manage to get such a gorgeous boyfriend? Then you hit record. Three seconds have passed when he sneezes. You stop the recording, “Now that is great Snapchat story.”

Jack Johnson: You’re currently at the Meet and Greet, waiting in line. You sigh. The long line seems to be shorting quickly, which worries you. You think it must mean that you don’t get enough time to talk to the boys. As you near the table, your heart starts pounding like it wants to rip itself out of your chest. You get to the table and Jack is looking for bottle of water under the table. He takes a quick sip and then looks at you. His smile bigger than it had ever seemed in pictures. You manage to say hi without breaking down; you want to hug him, feel his warmth. You ask if he could take a picture with you and says, “Of course, that’s what we’re here for.” You’re focusing your camera and when you hit the snap button, he sneezes. His face all crinkled up in the photo. You let that slide and lean in for a hug. He nuzzles to your hair and the cameraman takes a quick picture. You mouth the word thank you and he winks at you.

Jack Gilinsky: He leads you to the top of the building. Your eyes quickly adjust to the view, the sun setting. He asks you if you’d like to sit on the edge and you shake your head. “I’d rather stay in the middle, where it’s safer and where I have less chances of falling off the building.” He shrugs and stands next to you. “Isn’t this most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?” You ask not waiting for a reply. “I’ve seen better,” you turn to face him. He leans down, you lips barely centimeters apart, and he sneezes. Your eye twitches and he starts laughing, “What are you laughing at? Your sneezing sounds like your nose is giving birth to an elephant.” He gasps and continues laughing; you’re left with no other option than join him.

Hayes: You two have been out quite a few times, your thing wasn’t exclusive but it still felt special. You hadn’t even had your first kiss with him yet but you wanted to. He sits across you at the table. He laughs at something and stares at you as if he’d asked you something. “Sorry? I got distracted.” His smile fades, “I wanted to ask you something?” He’s now slightly serious. “We’ve been out quite a few times. I was wondering if you’d like to make it off- achoo.” He’s wiping his nose when you speak. “Your sneeze is so cute, I could kiss you.” As soon as the words left you mouth you regret saying them. “Well, um, why don’t you?” He rubs his neck and that’s how you know he’s nervous, which means he was quite serious about you kissing him. You just bite your lip and shrug.

Taylor: “Bae,” He’s running his hands over his new car. “Taylor, you own plenty of cars. Stop groping them; they’re just cars.” He’s gasping now; you know you’ve hit a nerve. “Just cars? And you’re just a girl.” You furrow your eyebrows at him. “And you’re just an idiot,” Your blood is boiling. “Just an idiot? I expected worse.” He’s chuckling as if you had just made a joke. “Taylor, I’m done. You act as if cars were everything in the world. Good luck finding a car to have sex with you.” You turn away from him. “Wait, no. Baby, I’m sorry. I love you, I really do. Just not as much as cars. We’ve been together for three months, maybe in time I’ll love you more.” He has that goofy smile plastered on his face. You sigh, “Look I love you, too, but I’m not going to compete with your expensive cars. That’s stupid.” He pulls you close and grabs you by the waist, “Baby, I’ll do my best to put you before the baes.” You roll your eyes at him and stares at you, waiting for your approval. As you nod, he turns around and lets out a massive sneeze. “Goodness gracious, if I had left I would’ve miss that cute sneeze.”

Jacob: “You think you’re gonna make me like you more by serenading me?” You smirk. “Oh. So you do like me; why would you use the word more if you didn’t. My serenade is working quite well.” Now he’s smirking. He looks at you from head to toe with a desire that makes you want to throw him to nearest flat surface in the apartment and do the unspeakable. “Maybe, maybe not.” Now, you’re teasing. You play with the rim of your shirt. He bites his lip and gulps. “I’m leaning more towards the maybe.” He’s flushed and you smirk. He lets out four repeatedly, short sneezes, “I sneeze when I’m nervous.” That ruined the mood, you laugh.

Matthew: “Don’t,” You already know what he was going to say. “Slaaay.” Not again. The word slay has become a prominent part of his everyday vocabulary and it drives you insane. At first you didn’t mind, even you said it frequently but it became more abundant until it made you want to slay someone. Matt says it all the time and as much as you love him, you still want to kill him every time he says it. “Honey, please, stop.” You plead. “You’re so adorable when you’re angry. Slay. You could slay all the kittens in the world with how adorable you are.” He softly sneezed like a whimper; it wasn’t even an achoo, it was more of an achee. “Slay, Matthew, slay all the adorable kittens in the world with your sneeze.”

Carter: “Dude, stop talking about Justin for a minute.” You say, “Honestly, if competing against every pretty girl wasn’t enough, I have to go against Justin Bieber. It’s not healthy.” He’s sticking his tongue out at you. “Careful, I might just bite it.” You smirk. “Maybe Justin wouldn’t threaten to bite my tongue,” he replies, “You’re such a loser. I love you.” You smile. He begins wailing his arms, “It’s stuck. The sneeze is stuck. Oh my goodness, this is so annoying.” You burst out laughing and he bursts into a sneeze, the sound of it rebounding from the walls, like a massive echo.

Sam: “Can we smoke?” He asks. “No,” You quickly answer. “Can I smoke?” You glance at him and imperceptibly nod. “Cool,” He smiles. “I should advise you of the consequences of smoking, but you must know about them. After all, every year there’s that conference on not doing drugs.” You say worriedly. You’ve been present while he smokes twice or three times so you know he doesn’t care. Once, you had seen the two Jacks so high they plummeted face first onto the concrete ground. Sam lets out a large puff of smoke, you hated to admit it but stoner him turns you on. He sneezes and a puff of smoke comes out of his nose, “Woah.” You laugh at how dumb he looks. Why did I have to fall in love with this idiot?

Dillon: “Please, stop duck facing.” He was about to talk when you continued, “I know you do it as a joke and look awfully attractive but try and smile a little.” You take his phone. “You’re lucky you have me.” You smile and he just shrugs whilst pouting. “Dork,” You say. “But I’m your dork.” He sneezes. “My cute, sneezing dork. Indeed you are.”

Mahogany: “Come on, we’re gonna be late.” You wake your best friend up early since her photo shoot’s today. She just waves you off and you drag her off the bed by her legs. “Don’t do that,” She whines.           Forty minutes later you arrive at the shoot. Mahogany gets her makeup done and her first outfit, “How exciting is this?” She was oozing happiness. “It’s great!” You smile, “C'mon, let’s get going. The photograph’s waiting.” She nods with enough enthusiasm to make her hair move and suddenly, she sneezes. “Oh my God,” You begin to laugh at her. “My makeup,” She hyperventilates. “That was one huge snotball.” You continue to laugh at her misery; I might be a bad friend.

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karlie makes other celebrities look so dramatic like justin bieber has literally attacked paparazzi before and karlie just sticks her tongue out at them with an occasional wave and constant smile like wow i just love karlie kloss