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"Keith, it really isn't that serious, you need to let this go," Shiro said.

(so I cheated a bit with extra sentences but)

“Keith, it really isn’t that serious, you need to let this go,” Shiro said.

“You always say that,” Keith protested, grabbing Shiro by the wrist and holding him back. “But it’s clearly affecting you; I can tell. You’re still having nightmares.”

Shiro sighed, keeping his gaze on the floor. “It’s just something that happens everyday. Nothing new. I didn’t want you to—”

“I know,” Keith finished for him. “You don’t want to make a fuss about trivial things.“

Hand shifting to squeeze Shiro’s, he turned around to find Keith’s intense eyes boring into his. “But this isn’t trivial—not to me. No matter what happens, I’m with you all the way.”

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BB TALK by Miley Cyrus Lockscreens x

*Like if u save*

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colewald replied to your post “Do you ever think about “Love Kernels” and early days Justin Taylor…”


RIGHT?!?!?!?! It is actual perfection I’m so mad I didn’t think of it before. (Also now I’m picturing Justin dressed up as a hamster because he’d do anything FOR THOSE LOVE DROPLETS, LIKE A HAMSTER IN A CAGE, SLURP SLURP!)

You guys have been asking for a playlist of the music that I’ve been listening to lately, so here you go✨💜

Drama - Roy Wood$ ft Drake
679 - Fetty Wap
Don’t - Bryson Tiller
Gemini - Telana
Feels - WolfTyla
Bb Major - Justine Skye
About You - Trey Songs
Say it - Tory Lanez
Looks - Jah X
How About Now - Bryson Tiller
R.I.C.O - Meek Mill ft Drake
Treat Me Like Somebody - Tink
Imma Ride - Young Thug x Rich Homie Quan
Lil Bit - K Camp
Here - Alessia Cara
Sorry Not Sorry - Bryson Tiller
Planes - Jeremiah ft J.Cole
D2B - Problem
Hotline Bling - Drake
Right Hand - Drake
Gold Digger - Kanye West
White Iverson - Post Malone