justin and selena broke up

Roommate || Part 1

Imagine: Justin asks to move in with Y/N


“Justin what are you doing here?” I asked bewildered. It was about 1 in the morning, and I wasn’t really in the mood for company. Justin takes a deep breath before looking towards me.

“I kind of need a place to stay…” he says quietly. I watch as he tugs on the strap of his bag before placing both hands in his front pockets of his jeans.

I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that question for two reasons. One, he’s the ex boyfriend of MY best friend. Two, it would completely catch everyone’s attention and by everyone I mean Selena and the paparazzi. Also, did I mention he’s the ex boyfriend of my best friend?

“I’m sorry but you’re telling me this because….?” I say still confused before crossing my arms.

Justin chuckles, he places his bag on the couch before turning towards me once again. “Like I said before, I need a place to stay. So…can I stay here please?” He asks.

My jaw dropped. “What?! No!” I yell, Justin looks up surprised.

“What why?” He asks confused, he takes a step closer towards me. I quickly grab his bag before shoving it back to him. He slowly takes it, confused.

I let out a sigh before looking towards him. “Justin look I know we were sort of close but you and Selena broke up, and as her best friend I think it’s best if you found some other place to stay so there won’t be any misunderstandings”.

Justin looks at me for a couple seconds before looking down. Did I offend him? Did I say something wrong? I was pretty straightforward about the subject and I was hoping he would understand but at this moment it didnt really look like it.

“So you’re saying just because Selena and I broke up, we suddenly can’t be friends?” He says hurt. Bingo! I was right, he did get offended.

“I never said we couldn’t, I just said I didn’t want any misunderstandings”. I say slightly irritated. Why the hell was he being so stubborn?

“There won’t be any” he says befor elooking at me with a pleasing look.

“Justin you’re a celebrity, there are fans, paparazzi that know what you’re up to no matter how much you hide, and one of those people can be Selena”. I say truthfully, Justin doesn’t say anything.
“Plus why can’t you stay at a hotel? Or fly back to one of your homes?” I say, he can’t argue with me on this one, I had a point.

“It’s not that easy, I have a huge endorsement here plus I have a concert, guest appearance on radio shows, photo shoots, etc. I’m assigned to be here for about a week”. He says in almost one breath. He takes a deep breath before continuing. “Y/N please, I’ll explain to you another time but in the meantime can I please stay here?” He asks desperately.

I swear this boy never gives up until he gets what he wants. I was going to argue but I was afraid he would do something embarrassing like going on his knees begging. The more I thought about it, the results scared me, but I mean he’s a friend. Plus he does have a point, just because Selena and him broke up doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. I mean, one roommate won’t hurt can it?

“Fine”. You say finally making a desicion. “You can stay here…”

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Yovanna Ventura hasn't done anything wrong unlike Selena Gomez.

It’s necessary for me to defend one of Justin’s latest female friends from Selena Gomez and her fans. I don’t have anything against Selena Gomez and I actually enjoy her music. I’m not a fan and I’m not a hater. I’ve defended her before here so you can’t tell me I have anything against her or I’m biased towards her. 

Selena has put me down in the past. I sorta watched her on Disney Channel and found her very pretty when I was younger. Friends of mine met her and said she isn’t the sweetest, but you know she was probably having a bad day or something. The point is, Selena has let me down in the past. She’s one of the biggest hypocrites and liars out there and it pains me to say this since I actually did like her a lot when I was younger. But her actions absolutely disgust me. Ever since her and Justin Bieber broke up in late 2012, she showed her true colors to the world. Maybe it’s because she’s become a bigger star by dating him which led to more people knowing about her aka more people watching her or maybe it’s because we never noticed it or because she changed. I don’t know. But she constantly hated on Justin right after the breakup. One of her first actions was this

If you don’t know what’s going on, let me quickly tell you. Selena broke up with Justin shortly before the Victoria Secret Fashion Show that was filmed in Novemeber. There, Justin met a model who has been his fan for years, Barbara Palvin. The guy in the red is Lil Twist, aka the person who orginally posted the photo and quickly deleted it. Selena then tweeted it and her little “…..” basically screamed “What the hell, I just caught you in the act cheating?” She seems like some mad girlfriend. Except she’s his ex. Many of her fans defended her on this one and I was just appalled. She just framed her EX-boyfriend for cheating on her and sent an innocent girl hate. Barbara Palvin then received thousands of threats and hate messages because of that. She apologized continuously on Twitter and said nothing went on with her and Justin. She said several times that they were just friends. She’s a model, she’s not always in the public eye and isn’t used to all this hate. And she did nothing wrong! Justin was single (lingse, remember?)

Her fans defended her by saying she was “hurt”. So if you’re hurt, it makes it okay for you to be a crazed, immature 12 year old EX? Just because you’re hurt, it’s okay to hurt someone else to feel better about yourself? However, it didn’t stop there. 

She got a bunch of her friends and co-workers to shade and humiliate Justin. One of them even went as far as insulting Barbara. 

That caused Justin and Barbara to get EVEN more hate. And this isn’t even all of it or close to being all of it. Most of the times Selena humiliated Justin is listed here by another blogger. 

So for her fans to say something like this

is absolutely disgusting. 

That reply is for this by the way

Yovanna posted that message and Justin screenshot it and posted it. Yovanna posted that because she was getting endless hate as well thanks to Selena (and Justin’s other immature friends were hating on her on Twitter as well).

Selena recently liked this on Instagram 

For someone as immature as Selena, I don’t think Instagram is healthy for her. She’s comparing herself to those girls and then she starts talking about not comparing yourself to women. Again, being a hypocrite. And her liking that hate post about Yovanna and another bitter one of Justin’s friends, isn’t mature now is it?

Back to the post that one of Selena’s fans posted. 

“What about your ex girlfriend of 4 years?”

Exactly, his ex-girlfriend. He’s not gonna live in the past. And Justin and Selena DID NOT date for four years. They dated for approximately a year. That’s right, a year. In my last post about Ariana Grande and her fakelationship, I listed Jelena as another fakelationship. Justin dated Jasmine Villegas in 2010

and his fakelationship with Selena, broke them apart just like Ariana's fakelationship with Nathan Sykes broke her and Jai apart. In 2011, Bieber and Gomez were strictly work. Publicity. Fake. Somewhere along those lines, maybe in late 2011 or beginning of 2012 (maybe even later!), they both made it official that they’re together. Justin caught feelings for her way before than, but Selena saw him as strictly promo just as she sees him now. In November 2012, they broke up. They tried to work it out their problems, and failed. Therefore, Justin and Selena only dated for a year, maybe even less. For those who thought they were together for 4 years, no offense, but you’re very very stupid. Justin and Selena were clearly separated in 2013 and 2014. Don’t confuse Selena’s silly attempts to gain promotion of Justin’s attachment, as them being together. Don’t be ridiculous. Anyone with eyes can see that Selena only used Bieber after the breakup. 

Then the Selena post continues saying that Justin never posted something like that on Instagram and call her sweet, and how he deleted photos of them within 30 seconds and that he never stood up for her. 

Very very wrong. Justin posted and flaunted Selena off several times on Instagram. In 2011, he did more than flaunt her on Instagram (guaranteed they were fake, but it still counts). Maybe you forgot, but let me remind you how Justin flaunted her on Instagram

And the captions for those photos were more than Justin posting a screenshot of an inspirational thing Yovanna said. (Maybe he didn’t wanna post anything of his EX Selena because she’s a hypocrite who hates on him and other girls?)

And those photos were only in 2011… when she wasn’t even his girlfriend! She was actually getting close with her ex Nick Jonas when Justin was on tour and was off flirting with one of the boys of Allstar Weekend. 

Here are also a couple photos from 2012 with very loving captions, I assure you

And those were up for about well over two years or so, they’re probably still up now. Justin putting up those photos were him standing up for her since he knows how much his fans HATE her. He also stood up for her by saying his fans were jealous that “it’s not them”. Remember that? No right. Because everyone wants to blame Justin for everything and obsess over Selena. He also stood up for her in front of the paparazzi by yelling “Don’t touch her!”. Does that not count?

All of that caused Selena to get hate (hate which she enjoyed because it means that her fakelationship with Bieber is surely successful). If Justin posted a direct message like “Don’t hate on my girlfriend, she’s the sweetest and the best”, something which he did indirectly, Beliebers would hate on him and her. And I’m no hater, but they have a reason to hate her. Gomez is always forcing Justin to ignore or be rude to his fans.

So don’t ignore Justin’s actions when Selena was his girlfriend. 

He posted that photo above and left it up for a good couple of months in 2013… when she was his ex-girlfriend who used him and left. I’m a defense blog, and I can’t defend someone when they’re in the wrong. Selena Gomez did go back to Bieber during album/single/movie/etc releases, and left. Is that coincidence? No offense to Selena, but she’s called a fame-whore for a reason. I think she’s a decent actress and a decent person, but I can’t excuse her actions. That would be hypocritical on my behalf. 

Back to the Selena fan post.

“You treated Yovanna better in public and on social media than you did to Selena, your girlfriend of many years.”

Excuse me? Justin and Selena dated for only about a year as I already said. And he treated Selena like a GODDESS in public and on social media. All those Instagram posts and there are also tweets about Justin talking about how he misses her and etc. What was that called? Him shaming her as a woman the way she shames others? How about…

  • him going to her concerts in 2011 to support her
  • him buying her a 30,000 dollar designer watch when she was sick in the hospital
  • him taking her to Disneyland for Valentines day
  • him planning out her 20th birthday
  • him renting out the Staples Center to watch a movie

How come all of those things are forgotten? There’s a bunch more, but you can research that up yourself. 

“No one gave Selena credit or respect for saying the same thing as Yovanna even though she said it many times.”

Selena has gained a lot of credit and respect for the lies she’s fed everyone for the past couple of years. There’s no surprise that Selena gained fans from Bieber. I didn’t say he made her famous, but he did make her a someone in this business. Before him, she didn’t have much of a fanbase. 

And I honestly don’t think Selena deserves any respect or credit for anything she’s said. She’s shamed almost every girl Justin was ever close with. Shall we see?

Cailin Russo

Chantel Jeffries 

Yovanna Ventura (and Chantel)

There’s so much more but I don’t really pay attention to Gomez, I just read this blog on her and the blogger’s information is very accurate indeed. 

Selena isn’t very “slick” about what she does either. She also started talking about class when everyone shamed Miley Cyrus for being trashy and praised her for being classy, so she took advantage of that. About 3 days after those comments surfaced, Gomez was seen preaching about class and didn’t stop since then. 

In my opinion, I don’t think Gomez is classy at all. It’s been reported that she’s really mean to young fans of Justin by telling them he’ll never date them. Someone “classy”, shouldn’t put down other artists by taking advantage of the hate they’re getting and feed on it (Miley), frame girls as cheaters (Barbara), put down other artists for not liking the message of her song (Lorde), put down the modeling profession, take pride in the fact that her fans are putting other girls down by praising her (the photo above), and someone classy, will sure as hell not put down their ex for two years straight. Someone classy will not make fun of their ex crying on national television. Someone classy will not learn two dances and put it on the Internet for everyone to laugh at the subject, especially when the subject was hospitalized during one of those videos. Someone classy will not star in a music video in which the douchebag is dressed and acts like your ex. Someone classy wouldn’t change lyrics to a song by put the blame on her ex. If you couldn’t tell, those recent sentences were about Justin. 

If you want to excuse Gomez’s behavior as her being hurt, then I’m disgusted by you and her. If you have to put down other people to feel better about yourself, then you disgust me. Selena has no right to hate on people and excuse it as “she’s hurt”. Anyone with common sense, can see that she isn’t hurt and that she feeds on being a victim. 

Yovanna on the other hand, didn’t do any of the things Gomez did. 

She didn’t put down Bieber’s other acquaintances like Selena and Chantel Jeffries.

She didn’t put down other professions.

She didn’t put down other singer.s

And she sure as hell didn’t put down Bieber and make him the subject of her hate for two years straight.

Yovanna isn’t the reason people call Justin a cheater even though he did not cheat. She isn’t the reason people call Barbara a homewrecker. And she sure isn’t feeding on someone’s pain or hatred by taking pride in herself.  

Gomez thinks being a feminist is being nice to other girls, that’s obviously not what being a feminist is, but lets imagine that for a second, she’s not being a hypocrite, wouldn’t putting down the likes of Cailin, Yovanna, Chantel, Miley, Lorde, and etc. count and Gomez not even following her own defeintion of feminism? 

Disgusting. Selena didn’t do anything? What about everything I just listed. At least Justin is nice to fans when he’s with Yovanna unlike when he’s with Selena. And Beliebers respect her because she didn’t put down their idol for two years straight. 

What’s there not to like about Yovanna, honestly? People always wanted Justin to date someone who isn’t famous, and you got your wish. And now that you have it, you don’t want it? Too late. 

Love truly blinds everyone. 

People are blinded with their love for Gomez that they can’t see that she’s clearly in the wrong. And once that love is gone, you’ll realize that you were blind to the facts that were right in front of you. 

I may enjoy Selena’s music, but I don’t enjoy her prancing around acting like she’s the most innocent angel in the world. Maybe someday the truth will be recognized.

I hope that anyone reading this post, enjoyed it. I hope that people wake up and aren’t immature about their actions and see through the lies of people. 

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Begin Again - Chapter 3

Selena’s POV:

“So what has everyone been up to?” I asked no one in particular as we all laid in my parents’ backyard looking up at the night sky.

“Well, Jas and I are now Victoria Secret models.” Barbara said.

I sat up. “Really?” I asked.

“Yep.” Jas smiled, and sat up, and so did Barbara, Demi and Ryan.

“Right now Jas and I are just ‘fitters’, which we try on the model’s outfits, but our manager said that we’ll be in photo shoots, and runways really soon.” Barbara said.

“That’s awesome.” I said.

“Yeah it is.” Jas said. “But we have to leave back to California tomorrow.” Jas added and Barbara nodded.

“Well at least I got to see ya’ll today.” I smiled.

“Aw, Selena missed us.” Jas cooed, and she and Barbara crawled over to me both hugging me causing us to fall back.

“Oh my god!” I squealed. I heard Ryan and Demi laughing and soon the rest of us did also.

“MOMMY!” I heard Kaylie yell. Soon she jumped on me also so now, Jas, Barbara and Kaylie were on me.

“Oh my gosh is this attack Selena day?” I said in between laughs.

“DOG PILE!” I heard Jazzy and Gracie yell this time and now they came and jumped on all of us.

“Don’t kill each other now.” My dad laughed.

Everyone got up laughing.

“That was fun mommy! Again!” Kaylie yelled jumping back in my arms. I caught her. “I don’t think so babe.” I chuckled.

We all got up and walked back into the house.

“Where’s Justin?” My mom asked no one specifically.

“Out to dinner with Sasha.” Demi snickered.

My heart sank. Justin seriously rather be out to dinner with his girlfriend than my welcome back party?

Or did he not know about this party?

I’m pretty sure Demi and Ryan would have told him.

I think.

Demi must have realized my uneasiness because soon I felt one of her arms around my shoulder.

“Hey you alright?” She asked.

I turned to look at her and nodded my head. “Yeah I’m fine.” I lied. Demi raised one of her eyebrows at me, knowing I was lying. Why do I even try to lie to this girl? She basically knows me inside and out.

“Jas and I should really get going. We have a six am flight to California in the morning.” Barbara said.

I snapped out of my thoughts and smiled. “Okay. Thanks for coming to my ‘welcome back’ party.” I said as Jas, Barbara and I walked to the front of the house, with Ryan and Demi behind us.

“No problem Selena.” Jas smiled.

“You are our bestfriend. We weren’t going to miss this.” Barbara said in a ‘duh’ tone.

I chuckled and both girls hugged me then walked out the front door to their car that was parked outside. I guess they had rented it when they flew in to town.

“Yeah Demi and I should be going too, it’s getting late.” Ryan said putting one arm around Demi and pulling her away from me.

“Ok.” I sighed.

“Hey girl, it’s not like this is the end. You’re here to stay. We’ll talk tomorrow—okay?” Demi smiled.

“Yeah, you’re right.” I smiled. I guess I had already forgotten that I would be seeing Demi tomorrow. I gave Ryan a good-bye hug first then I gave Demi one.

“See ya tomorrow chica.” Demi smiled.

“See ya.” I smiled.

Demi walked out the front door and I shut it behind her and locked it.

It felt good knowing my bestfriend in the entire world was just a few miles away instead of a thousand miles away.

I walked back into the kitchen where my mom, dad, Kaylie, Jazzy and Gracie were all sitting. Just as I walked in Kaylie yawned.

“Looks like someone is all tired out.” I chuckled and Kaylie nodded. “Wanna go to bed baby girl?” I asked her and again she nodded.

“I think we all are tired.” Gracie said. “Jazzy and I are gonna go up to my room and go to bed. Do you want us to take Kaylie upstairs and tuck her in?”

“Sure, if ya’ll don’t mind.” I smiled.

“Nah, it’s okay.” Gracie smiled.

Kaylie hopped down from her seat and walked towards Gracie and Jazzy, soon all three girls disappeared down the hall and up the stairs.

I took a seat across from my parents and sighed.

“Did Justin know about my welcome back party?” I blurted. “Would he rather hang out with his new girlfriend then at least come say hi to me?” I continued.

“Sweetie I don’t know.” My mom said sympathetically.

“And which answer was that; him knowing about my party, or hanging out with his new girlfriend.” I said. I don’t know why I all of sudden felt so jealous—mad. Was it because I thought he would at least be a little bit of happy that I was home?

My mom sighed and my dad rubbed her arm.

“Yes, Justin did know about you coming back. And I’m pretty sure he did know about your party. I wouldn’t think Ryan would keep that from him.” My dad spoke up.

I sighed. “Why do I feel this way?” I said running my hand through my hair. “Why did I think—as soon as I came home, that Justin would want to spend every second with me?” I said feeling stupid. “That he would drop everything and worship me at my feet? Gosh I’m so stupid!” I said in frustration putting my head in my hands shaking.

My mom was about to speak up but was interrupted by the doorbell. My dad got up and walked out the kitchen to the front door.

“Mom, am I stupid for feeling this way?” I asked looking up at her. She got up from her seat and came over to hug me.

“No you’re not baby.” She said kissing the top of my head. Oh how I missed my mom.

We heard foot steps walk in, interrupting our moment. We both turned around and my jaw literally fell to the ground.

“J—Justin?” I whispered out in shock.

Justin’s POV:

“That dinner was amazing babe.” Sasha said as we walked to my truck. She leaned up and kissed me on the cheek.

“I know. I’m so full.” I chuckled.

I opened Sasha’s door for her earning a “thank you” and then I went over to my side and got in.

“I think I’m gonna stop by Selena’s parents’ house and say hi to her.” I said as I began driving.

“Oh that’s cool.” Sasha pointed out. “Can you drop me off at home though?”

“You don’t wanna come and meet Selena?”

“Nah, I’m actually not feeling well now.” Sasha said looking out her window.

That’s weird. Just a minute ago, she was all happy and feeling all fine.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yeah I’m sure.”


After trying to convince Sasha to come, I just ended up dropping her off a home anyway.

I pulled up infront of Selena’s parents’ house and got out going up to the door fixing my tie and my hair before ringing the doorbell.

Maybe this was a bad idea.

What if she’s mad at me because I blew her party off to go out to dinner with Sasha?

Wait—why would she even care though?

Before I had a chance to run and change my mind, Brian—Selena’s dad, opened the door.

“Well hello Justin, nice to see you.” He smiled.

Even after Selena and I broke up, Brian and Mandy still liked me—well first off because their youngest daughter and my sister were stuck to each other like glue.

“Hi Brian, is Selena here?” I asked a little nervously. Wait Justin—why are you nervous?

Maybe because it’s your ex-girlfriend, and you haven’t seen or heard from her in four years.

“Yeah she’s in the kitchen with Mandy. Come on in.” He smiled warmly.

I walked inside their foyer, and walked to the kitchen with Brian behind me. It looked like Mandy and Selena were in a deep conversation until they heard our footsteps. Both turned around and it looked like Selena was really shocked to see me. Her mouth literally flew open.

 “J—Justin?” Selena whispered out.

“Hi Selena.” I smiled.

Wow, Selena still is breathtaking. She’s even more beautiful then the last time I remember her. The way her long brown locks flow down her back, her big brown eyes and her plump lips.

Oh how I miss those lips.

Soon her parents walked out leaving just Selena and I. Selena stared at me, only blinking a couple times I guess to see if I was really here.

“Justin what are you doing here?” Selena finally said snapping out of her thoughts.

“I came to say welcome home.” I smiled holding my arms out. Instead of running to give me a hug, she crossed her arms.

“Too late for that.” She snapped.

She just got back and she’s already mad at me? I knew this was a bad idea coming to say hi.

“What did I—“

“You blew off my party to hang with your girlfriend.” She said cutting me off startling me what came out of her mouth. I guess she startled herself because her eyes widened. “Sorry Justin, I didn’t mean it like—“She began but this time I cut her off.

“No its okay. I’m sorry.” I apologized. “But I’m here now.” I smiled.

“Yeah, and it’s almost midnight.” She chuckled. She did have a point.

“Okay, how about I take you out for lunch tomorrow then?” I asked.

“No, Justin you don’t have to–.”

“But I want to.” I said. Selena looked at me un-assure with her arms still crossed. “Please, pretty please.” I literally begged.

I walked closer to her uncrossing her arms. “I’m not leaving until you say yes Sel.” I said using her nickname I used to use for her when we dated. To be honest it was a weird feeling saying her nickname I used to call her, then again it felt good to call her that again after four years.

“Fine, I’ll go to lunch with you.” She said trying to fight off a smile.

“Yes!” I exclaimed throwing my hands in the air. I then wrapped them around her and picked her up and spun her around.

“Justin put me down.” Selena laughed.

Oh how I missed that laugh.

“Nope.” I argued throwing her over my shoulder.

Still light as a feather.

Selena began pounding her fist on my back thinking that let me drop her.

“Selena even hitting my back won’t make me put you down.” I chuckled.

“Justin!” Selena continued to laugh.

Selena and I were basically in tears from laughing so much until I heard a voice.

“Mommy?” I heard a little girl’s voice say.


I stopped spinning Selena, and turned us around to where I heard the little voice, seeing a little girl—who looked like around to be three or four. I put Selena down and she walked over to the little girl.

“Kaylie what are you doing up?” Selena asked the little girl.

Wait Kaylie? That’s the Kaylie that Gracie talked about yesterday that no one would tell me about. And did Kaylie just call Selena—mommy?

“Selena—“I began not being able to find any words.

“I’m sorry Justin, maybe you should go.” Selena said quickly.

Selena grabbed my hand and walked me to the front door.

“Selena, is that your—“I began again, but couldn’t find my words to say ‘daughter’.

“I’ll just see you tomorrow for lunch Justin.” Selena said quickly almost shutting the door. “When and where do you want me to meet you?”

“Panera, around one o’clock.” I said still in shock. Selena nodded her head then shut the door in my face leaving me speechless.

Selena had a kid while she was in college?

I walked to my truck and began driving home.

Selena actually had a kid while she was in college? Was it a random hook up? Or did she actually know who the father of the little girl was.


That’s the little girl’s name.

Why didn’t my mom, want me to know Selena had a kid.

Did she think it would tear me apart? Hurt me?

Because it did. I don’t even know why. I’m not even with or in a relationship with Selena—so why do I feel jealousy?

Maybe because I once wanted a family with Selena—which I’ll probably never have.

Now I wonder who all knew Selena had a kid. Of course her parents and Gracie knew. And now I know Jazzy and my own mom knew. I wonder if Ryan or any other of our friends knew.


I finally pulled up in my house’s drive way. I got out the truck feeling numb and walked inside my house. Luckily Sasha didn’t run and jump into my arms, because I would have just dropped her feeling how numb I was.

I walked up the stair case slowly still shocked that Selena has a child. A living breathing kid.

“There you are. How was it to see Selena again?” Sasha asked once I was in our room. She was sitting up in bed, wearing her silky pajamas. “Was she mad that you were late greeting her? Was she excited to see you—“

“Selena has a kid.” I blurted.

“Wh—what?” Sasha stumbled out.

“Yeah you heard me right.” I said. “Selena has a daughter.”

“But how?”

“I guess she had a boyfriend or some random hook-up during college.” I shrugged really not wanting to go into details.

Truth is, knowing Selena has a kid with another guy, makes me sick.

Selena’s POV:


“Mommy who was that?” Kaylie asked once I tucked her back into bed.

“Just an old time friend of mommy’s.” I smiled.

“Then how come I never met him before? I met all your other friends. Demi, Ryan, Jas, Barbara, Ariana and Jai.” Kaylie said.

Why does this girl have to be so smart for her age?

“Because he was never around to meet you Kaylie.” I said. “Now go to bed.”

“Can I go to lunch with you tomorrow?” Kaylie began. “So I can meet him.”

I sighed. Even if I say no, Kaylie wouldn’t leave me alone until I said yes. Now she gets that from both Justin and I.

“Sure Kaylie.” I said.

“Yay!” Kaylie smiled. “Goodnight mommy.”

“Night sweetie.” I said then shut her door.

I walked down to my room, shut my door then crawled into bed, after changing into some pajama shorts and a plain white tank.

Great, now I have to take Kaylie to lunch with me—with Justin.

My worst nightmare coming true. 


I know I wasn’t planning on updating so soon, I was trying to stick to a schedule–but fuck a schedule, I’ll update when I feel like it (: Sorry if this chapter is shorter than the others! OMG what do you think is gonna happen at their lunch “date” tomorrow? And I know I’m bringing in jelena moments like soon, maybe too soon, but trust me, it’s worth it.

its so funny how people are still saying selena is using justin for fame/money when after they broke up she accomplished more things she never did when she was with justin