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Top Picks

Home (Han/Leia, M) by Amilyn - Han and Leia settling into their relationship after RotJ. I loved how real their struggles felt for a relationship that is just now beginning to settle down into a more formal, permanent thing.

The Only Constant (Han/Leia, E) by Justine Graham & Erin Darroch - I loved how much they both surprised each other from beginning to end, and yet how it all boiled down to the essentials of who they were and always would be. It was also great to see their relationship evolving from what it was before Bespin, while getting the feeling of how new it still is.

Catch Me By Surprise (Han/Leia, T) by KnightedRogue - This has fluffy domesticity, spot-on characterization and a beautiful ending.

Easing Up (Han/Leia, T) by birdieflies - One of the amazing versions of “what happened in Ord Mantell”. The setting, the progression, the characterizations, the UST, are amazing.

Destination (Han/Leia, T) by mandatheginger - Their trip to Bespin is coming to a bittersweet end, but this fic, just for a bit, makes you believe it’ll be all right.


LINDSAY AND HALSTEAD IN EVERY EPISODE || They’ll Have to Go Through Me (2x07)

Listen, uh, when I was your age, I went through some pretty difficult stuff, and my parents weren’t around either…But then I met a cop, and he helped me. And now everything is alright, and all that stuff is behind me. I’m here for you now. Hey, it’s okay. It’s alright. All that stuff is behind you now. I promise.

That entire episode hit me right in the feels.

-And my obsession with Mouse keeps growing.
-And the Mouse/Halstead Bromance
-And Baby Voight, and Justin Voight 😭😍
-And what happened to Jay😭 ?
-And where does Linstead stand?

So much I can’t deal with right now and now we have to wait another week I just can’t