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Interesting Facts about Yuehua Entertainment
  • Yuehua’s main source of income is film, which is why Jung Jung took part in the film Girl’s Memoir, and it is likely that most, if not all, other Yuehua trainees will star in a film someday. 
  • Yuehua is incredibly rich. SM Entertainment has a market value of ₩57.91 Million, while Yuehua has a market value of ₩58.81 Million.
  • As a Chinese company, Yuehua had few connections in Korea, and have partnered with YG, Pledis, and Starship over the years to get their start. UNIQ trained alongside Winner and iKon in the YG building in 2012. Yuehua artist UNIQ shared a practice room with NU’EST in 2014. Yuehua and Starship both contributed trainees to WJSN. Yuehua now has their own headquarters in Korea.
  • Because of these partnerships, the Yuehua Boys are close with NU’EST and the Starship trainees, Jung Sewoon and Lee Gwanghyun.
  • Yuehua’s first K-pop group, UNIQ, faced difficulties at their debut due to Yuehua not having a Korean branch. Now that Yuehua has a Korean branch and connections with Starship, no such problem should occur with Yuehua Boys.
  • As a Chinese company, Yuehua lacks the age and status hierarchy found in Korean companies. This is why Euiwoong is the leader of the Yuehua Boys, even though he is the second youngest and has the shortest training period. Yuehua artists are also allowed much more creative and personal freedom, and are treated very well by their company.
  • Yuehua chooses trainees that are confident and carefree. This is why the Yuehua Boys volunteered to perform first in the first evaluation of Produce 101, why Euiwoong promised to “become a cooler artist than anyone debuting (in Wanna-One),” and why the Yuehua Boys did not cry like many other trainees did in the finale of Produce 101.

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Who are BgA? I never heard of them. Educate me please?

oKAY LISTEN UP EVERYONE!!!!!!! this is the most life changing information of your life’s life. BgA stands for Boys generally Asian. They are a 5 member boy group signed under RHP (Ryan Higa Productions). Their debut music video was released on May 13 2016. the song is titled  똥싸야돼 (Dong Saya Dae).

It was released on iTunes on May 19 2016 and went to no 4 on the kpop charts (america) the day of release.

Their second music video released only recently is titled Who’s It Gonna Be.

 It reached no 1 in the itunes kpop charts (america) within an hour of the release of their music video. i call them KINGS. 

other links related to BgA are:

BgA Official Instagram

Dong Saya Dae MV BTS

Dong Saya Dae Dance Version

Dong Saya Dae Dance Practice

Dong Saya Dae Dance Rehearsal

ToppDogg reacting to BgA (technically not BgA but a video worth watching)

My K-pop Boyfriend (Jeungri ft BgA)

Who’s It Gonna Be MV BTS

Here are the character profiles for the members.

They’ve had a private fanmeeting once before but it is unconfirmed if they will ever have more fanmeets or concerts.

PD101 Reaction to S/O loving skinship

samuel, guanlin, seonho, justin, hyungseob & jihoon reaction to their s/o loving skinship? (like hand holding, hugs and that stuff)

Awe too cute > <

Kim Samuel: A bit startled at first when you grab his hand out of nowhere and hold onto his arm while you guys are walking down the street. He’d just act casual about, act like you guys have held hands before. It would take him a moment to readjust but he would eventually come to terms with your random hand holding, always making sure to swing your guys’ arms or something. He’ll always look at you and just smile to himself even though inside, he’s having one of those ‘oh my god’ moments.

Lai Guanlin: Shy little swag would just stare at you hugging him, being super flustered. At first he’d just smile and laugh a bit to himself. Would probably be crying inside panicking, wondering how he’s even still standing. He would awkwardly hug you back but then your random hugs would become a regular thing. Basically, it would take him a bit to adjust to your random hugs, kisses and hand holding. Probably longer than Samuel. I mean honestly he’s just that shy.

*his facial reaction at first*

Yoo Seonho: Chick trainee would absolutely LOVE it. He’d gladly hug you back, kissing your head probably, and if you just grabbed his hand while taking a walk in the park, he’d swing your guys’ arms and spin you. Basically, he’d take these moments to make sure he makes your heart flutter by making them sweeter than they already are. He loves whenever you randomly hug him or touch his arm while talking to him, etc.

Huang Minghao (Justin): He’d be like Seonho, but more composed. Maybe he’d just hug you back like you guys have always hugged and wouldn’t mind your random arm touches, hand grabs, etc. He’d love it, watching you take his arm while you guys are walking somewhere, or maybe you randomly backhug him because he’s facing away from you and he’ll just love every second of you being a wonderful girlfriend. Probably dying because you’re so cute.

*basically his mental reaction*

Ahn Hyungseob: Um, he would be like shy yet happy. Basically he’d just be a bit confused as to why you’re hugging him so much, but then he’ll realize you just love him and love giving hugs and holding his hand. So, he’d probably always expect some sort of hug from you whenever you guys meet at a date but if you ever don’t he’ll call you out on it. Either way, he’d love you all the same. He never minds a good hug. 


Park Jihoon: Pinky Winky would be flustered like Guanlin but not as flustered. He’d react quickly, probably hugging you back right after you run into his arms. He’d probably be the one who’s most prepared whenever he sees you. It’s like he knows you’re gonna ram into him for a long bear hug or take his arm whenever you drag him to go shopping with you so that you can find him new clothes

*probably him when you randomly hug him*

Gif (and picture) credits go to owners. I couldn’t find a gif of Samuel saying ‘Oh My God’. 

Current Ranking Of Top 22 “Produce 101 Season 2” Contestants (Based On Votes) Revealed

“Produce 101 Season 2” has revealed the current ranking of contestants based on votes from the general public!

The results, which were unveiled at the end of the first episode on April 7, showed that Maroo Entertainment trainee Park Ji Hoon was ranked in first place. He was able to beat ONO Entertainment trainee Jang Moon Bok, who placed second. Both of their evaluations have not yet been fully revealed, but they received significant attention even before the show. Park Ji Hoon caused a lot of buzz with his wink during the “M!Countdown” performance, and Jang Moon Bok is known by many for his past appearance on “Superstar K” as well as his signature long hair.

They were followed by Brand New Music’s Lee Dae Hwi and Joo Hak Nyeon from Cre.ker Entertainment, who placed in third and fourth place, respectively.

The first round of voting officially ends on April 29 at 11 a.m KST, and the general public is allowed to vote for 11 trainees per day.

Check out the current ranking of the top 22 trainees below:

  1. Park Ji Hoon (Maroo Entertainment)
  2. Jang Moon Bok (ONO Entertainment)
  3. Lee Dae Hwi (Brand New Music)
  4. Joo Hak Nyeon (Cre.ker Entertainment)
  5. Bae Jin Young (C9 Entertainment)
  6. Samuel Kim (Brave Entertainment)
  7. Ahn Hyeong Seop (Yue Hua Entertainment)
  8. Ong Seong Wu (Fantagio Entertainment)
  9. Lee Eui Woong (Yue Hua Entertainment)
  10. Lai Guan Lin (Cube Entertainment)
  11. Hwang Min Hyun (Pledis Entertainment)
  12. Park Sung Woo (HIM Entertainment)
  13. Jung Se Woon (Starship Entertainment)
  14. Choi Min Ki (Pledis Entertainment)
  15. Kim Jong Hyun (Pledis Entertainment)
  16. Kwon Hyun Bin (YGK+)
  17. Lee Geon Hee (RBW)
  18. Justin (Yue Hua Entertainment)
  19. Kang Dong Ho (Pledis Entertainment)
  20. Lee Woo Jin (Media Line Entertaiment)
  21. Takada Kenta (Star Road Entertainment)
  22. Yoo Seon Ho (Cube Entertainment)

Credits/Source: Soompi.com