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“When I first got here, he was one of the worst people I had ever met in my life, and now he’s one of the best.”

Grey’s Anatomy


One more to go…

I love that they gave Beth some much needed development. Like, she needed to realize that idolizing Rick is not healthy in the slightest and that she’s been regressing who she is in favor of this charade that was her marriage with Jerry.

Rick needed this to realize that even tho he tries to make himself out to be a cold unfeeling person he loves Beth more than he can even fathom.

I like that Rick admitted that he was a bad father.

People are making it out like Beth possibly abandoning her family is bad but its not like she’s truly abandoning them, she’d be leaving them in the hands of her clone and Rick who she despite her reservations about him trusts.

Beth after all this time could benefit from exploring the world and trying to figure out who she is removed from her father, her ex and her kids.

I hope she did leave on an adventure. I hope she finds herself.

Beth deserves it.

I am way up jolex and merder’s ass… BUT this is a concept I wouldn’t mind for my own sanity lol although I would need Jo to be super in love and happy with someone else but no clue who. ugh

I wouldn’t ship them to death but I’d be okay with them being together because of their history.

I feel like Alex is the only one who gets Meredith and what she’s been through so far and Meredith knows Alex the same way.

Merlex: yay or nay?

“Heroes aren’t more special - more courageous - than the rest of us. They hurt. They break. They bleed. But sometimes, every once and a while, when it matters, they get it right and that changes everything. A hero is only human but that’s the point. If they can do it, so can you. So, you keep going. You don’t give up. You stand tall. You fight. You always show up to save the day.” #GreysAnatomy