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Meeting His Family

Your POV — Justin’s hand stayed on my thigh the whole car ride. We were on the way to his Jeremy’s house where I was going to meet his family for the first time. His mom and Jazzy and Jaxon they were all gonna be there. I couldn’t help but feel nervous. Me and Justin have been together for about a month and a half and I guess I just want to set a good impression to his family. I’ve heard so much about them and have often been in one or two facetimes with Jax, but this was it I was gonna meet them in person, call me dramatic but he was close to his family I just wanted them to like me. Justin caught me out of my deep stare out the window breaking me out of my thoughts. “What are you thinking about babe?” He asked squeezing my thigh. “I don’t know I guess I’m just nervous I hope they like me..” I said sighing. “Don’t be silly princess, I promise you they will love you” he said grinning emphasising the word ‘love’. —– “Son you made it! This must be (Y/N) it’s so great to finally meet you honey” Pattie said as she greeted us at the door, she hugged Justin and then me after. “Hi Mrs Mallette it’s so nice to meet you” I said feeling somewhat relieved. “Darling call me Pattie” she laughed. Justin smiled at me and took my hand and brought me through to the living room where we were then greeted by Jeremy, Jazzy and Jaxon. The two kiddies ran up to Justin and jumped into his arms , “hey guys how are you doing?” He said bringing them into his chest. “We’ve missed you!” They squeaked. “Is that (Y/N)? She’s sooo pretty” They whispered still loud enough for us to hear. Jeremy and Pattie laughed. “Hello sweeties” I said walking over to them, “I’m (Y/N)” Jazzy came over and hugged my arm while Jaxon basically jumped on me and wrapped his arm around my neck. “Hey (Y/N) so are you and Justin gonna get married?!!” Jaxon said excitedly. “Ofcourse bro, she’s gonna be Mrs Bieber!” Justin winked from beside us. Jeremy walked over and greeted Justin and then brought me into a hug. “So you’re the girl Justin hasn’t stopped talking about” He smirked. “Welcome to the family (Y/N). — A short while after I was playing Wii with Jazzy and Jaxon while Pattie watched and laughed. I could lowly hear Justin and Jeremy who were preparing dinner. "She’s a keeper son. Such a huge heart” Jeremy said as he patted him on the back. “I know dad, I’ve never felt like this about anyone before, I’m so in love with her” Justin replied. “Aw she’s turned you into a softie son!” Jeremy teased walking into the living room. “You guys ready for some dinner? P.S (Y/N) Justin’s just been confessing more love for you to me in there” Jeremy laughed. Justin blushed as he hugged me from behind as we walked into the kitchen. 💓💓💓

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Imagine *He sees another guy on your snapchat story.* *mature*

Justin was out with Jazzy and Jaxon, they went to the movies so you called your older brother asking him to go see a movie, you get settled in the theater and pull up your phone going on snapchat and your brother wraps wraps his arm around your shoulder and kisses your head. You smile and capture it “a great reunion.” You put it on your story and shut off your phone for the movie, Justin plays on his phone as jazzy was trying on some clothes as Jaxon was playing in the isles, he checks your story and tightens his grip around his phone, he text you over and over and calls your phone, his face is red as his body shakes in anger and jealousy, later you get out and turn on your phone receiving all the calls and text from justin.
Justin: where are you?
Who is he?
Okay don’t answer.
I swear to God Y/N If you don’t pick up.
Fine Y/N wait till I get my hands on you and fuck you into next week, you won’t remember him.
You blush at the last one and text Justin back “He’s just my brother…” You flush and giggle he text back immediately “oh… I’m sorry princess… but I’m still mad.. be ready when you get home.”


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tive que usar esse efeito porque essas fotos eram com qualidades muito ruins, e vou usar esse efeito sempre pra fazer headers com fotos raras, se vocês gostarem claro ENTÃO LIKE E CRÉDITOS SE USAR, POR FAVOR