We should tell them.

Note: This is an all time fave of mine and it is what really kicked my writing hobby into motion. Enough about my life, enjoy.
It was an early and cold morning in the condo. The various scents of fresh brewed vanilla wafted in the kitchen air. Justin and I had been up talking for about an hour when we got on the topic of our relationship.

“I’m pretty sure they already know babe. They see you come in my room every night.” Justin sat around the island, elbows resting on the frigid counter.

“I know but, I feel like we should make it official to them. So they can stop bugging us at every half hour”

I was sitting opposite of him, my fingers circling the rim of the mug in front of me, hitting the steam every so often.

Justin grabbed my hands and took them into his. I looked up and gave him my full attention.

“Is that what you want to do baby?” He questioned.

“Yes, it would take a load off my chest.”

He gave me a warm smile that made my heart forget how to beat.

“Then let’s do it”

Justin let go of my hands and set them back on the counter. He lifted up his snapback to rearrange it the way he wanted. I couldn’t help but laugh softly at all the little things he does. Justin was beyond adorable when it came to tasks that required his concentration.

We heard footsteps coming from the the corridor until a familiar figure showed up. Za’s face was sculpted by grogginess and annoyance. He groaned before turning his head and noticed Justin and I.

“I swear you two act like a couple.” Za groaned. He strolled over to the fridge searching for a morning meal.

Justin turned his body to face Za. “We are together dumbass.” He joked lightly.

Za quickly spun around and stared at the two of us.

“You guys….are….together?” He asked slowly. A look of joy spread across his face and the tiredness vanished from his behavior.

“Oh my god I have to tell everyone, ya’ll have just completely changed the game. ” Za closed the fridge

and ran toward his bedroom, fanatically searching for his phone.

“I guess that bastard can do it for us then huh?” Justin chuckled at Za’s reaction.

“I guess so.” I took a sip of my coffee before it was stolen away by a guy who robbed my heart.

“Hey that was mine.” I protested childishly.

“Sorry baby girl. Now that you’re with me I can steal your coffee whenever I please.” Justin gave me a playful wink before drinking a bit of my daily caffeine.

My mind didn’t have enough time to think of a comeback so my natural instinct was to break in a fit of laughter.

“Why the hell did I have to fall in love with you.” Justin shook his head before sending me another warm grin.

I love him, and nothing will ever change that.