justifying the unjustifiable

whenever I see someone talking shit about me I’m like here we go someone’s SO angry again about my stuff being of WLF so they’re looking for something else to complain about to justify their unjustified hate, then I scroll a post down and I see ppl whining about that exact thing and I’m like

yep there it is

and just completely twisting the meaning of stuff I’ve drawn years ago just to throw shade like, how much are you reaching lmao

I hate Kishi who lie to us =_=

Now Kishi will say anything to justify the unjustified end. But his interviews very often contain inconsistencies, especially when he starts talking about the pairs. Lies about NH we can easily identify at least 3 arguments:

1) if NH were defined from the beginning, why is he forgot to give NH children the Byakugan before releasing final? It’s too stupid a mistake for a couple who he allegedly “planning from the beginning”.

2) It’s been a long time after the chapter 700, but Kishi still continues to justify about canon couples, as if he’s trying to impress to us. But if canon was definitely from the start, then why he continued justify for canon couples as he’ve done something wrong?

3) If Naruto and Hinata were to stay together in the end, why Kishi gave us development and held various parallels with MinaKushi? What these intrigues, if he now says that NH was obvious? Why not give more development and joint moments for NH? Even SNS and bad SS got at least some interaction. NH received nothing. And even “the last” couldn’t justify NH. So Kishi continues to make excuses as a naughty child.

Conclusion: Kishimoto got caught in his lies. It is obvious that he planned Narusaku as canon, but at some point in 2012, he suddenly decided to make NH. Unfortunately he was not able to correctly eliminate “white spots” in manga, so NH turned out to be illogical.

In SS case all is even sadder, because Kishi admitted that still can’t think of a reason why Sasuke has fallen in love with Sakura. Sakura “love” was understandable, but whence came Sasuke’s feelings? Kishi can’t think.

It is the whole truth. NH is canon, indisputable, but this couple will always be unfounded and false ending, no matter how much Kishi (and others as him) tried to convince otherwise. 

I’m in shock that Orange Is the New Black killed off Poussey, a black lesbian. But I’m not too surprised by the people defending it. Even less surprised that the main people who are straight and/or white. That part doesn’t surprise me in the slightest because of course y’all would. And the excuses your making to justify her unjustifiable death are even less surprising…

Like first off, some of y’all need to stop telling others how to feel about this. We have every right to be upset. Regardless of the “context” you still had another black character killed. A black lesbian character.  We see black and LGBTAQ people be killed almost all the time, we’re tired of it. Can’t even watch TV without seeing our bodies be harmed. People have been talking about all the lesbian and bisexual woman characters that have been killed, OITNB just joined the list of Bury Your Gays. The unsettling part is y’all praising this. There’s nothing to praise when an innocent character is killed off.

This whole “oh it’s bringing awareness to start conversations” thing y’all keep saying is utter bullshit. Bringing awareness to something that’s been all over the news? This discussion of police brutality has been going on for years now. We’ve been talking, you just haven’t been listening. Did y’all really need a fucking Netflix show written by white people to tell you black people are getting murdered more than anyone else? Really now? Us talking about wasn’t enough, so you needed one of your fav fictional characters to be killed off to get it?  Our word wasn’t enough? You couldn’t empathize with a real human being but a fictional character is pulling your heart strings?

But even if I wanted to believe your “starting conversation” bullshit, OITNB writers did a poor fucking job. Out of all the shitty guards that could’ve killed Poussey, it was the timid guard, Bayley. Since he arrived the writers had us sympathizing with him. He’s young, intimated, and untrained. So him ACCIDENTALLY killing Poussey after showing us his flashbacks is to sympathize with him even more is worse. Having a likable character accidentally kill another likable character is bad because it makes you sympathize with both characters, not just the one who’s dead.

Let’s get one thing clear: Police Brutality is NOT an accident, it is a deliberate act of violence to establish control. 

If the writers really wanted to join the conversation, then they should’ve had Piscatella, who’s constantly shown he’s an asshole, PURPOSELY kill Poussey or any other black inmate. The writers could’ve shown us that gay white men can be just has misogynistic and racist as anyone else. That any cop regardless of their sexual orientation or race or gender can be on a power trip. That’s a conversation piece. No this. The conversation that is happening is that the writers didn’t quiet understand what they were doing. 

We didn’t see a death that was supposed to be about social awareness and our culture as a whole. We got the graphic death of character who’s finally happy after 3 seasons be killed off for shock value. 


first of all,,,

there is a thing called relationship development that is a very common trope on fictional character relationships that people actually enjoy seeing characters that don’t like each other grow to like each other

second of all,,

stop reaching for arguments to justify unjustifiable hate to people who actually are happy about liking and reading about a ship for any personal reason whastoever

get off your fucking high horse bc u are not anywhere near the position of someone in power to judge or make others feel bad abt themselves,,


stop banalizing abuse to justify your hate bc its fucking offensive to abuse survivors such as myself to see other people saying that BICKERING is abusive behavior bye

Welcome to the honor of American citizenship. Should we replace E Pluribus Unum with We Don’t Kill as Many Children as Measles? Of course people aren’t mad about bombs being dropped on them from space without reason; they’re mad because anti-Americanism is alluring! … It’s been amazing, watching the histrionics and mental gymnastics some people have resorted to in their efforts to defend this infamous drone program. Extralegal murder is not an easy thing to manufacture consent around, and the signs of strain in the press have been pretty clear all around.

So I think I’ve pegged something new that bugs me about the idea that White, Yellow, and Blue were the ones to attack Pink first over Earth.

It reads like a cheap cop-out.

Like, we have a story that loves characters. Loves to give these characters complex motivations and sentiments that are difficult to nail down morally or justified/unjustified. Messy motivations. 

And we’re just going to assume that three individuals we don’t clearly understand, but who are major players on the stage and seem to have had very, very much to do with the war over Earth, are together only out of politics, and turn on their fourth member, as one, for again, pure politics. That they rip Pink off their flag, destroy her statues, absorb her court and forces into their own, with about the same degree of feelings as if they were office workers and Yellow Diamond just walked into Pink’s cubicle and told her to box her stuff.

That’s cheap. That’s incredibly cheap writing. It achieves the bare minimum of required plot, especially because what’s often cited as the presumed reason Pink fell out of their graces is because she for whatever reason felt icky about colonizing Earth when they had definitely done this before, seemingly smoothed themselves into lean mean colonizing machines, but for whatever reason Pink felt bad about this specific one and somehow the other Diamonds didn’t feel like listening to her so they told her to get out. You can’t sit with us any more, Pink.

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