I Must Not Tell Lies

Request from anonymous: Prompts “You hide it in jokes and sarcasm, but I can see how broken you are” and “Who did this to you?”

Thank you anon! I decided to base this around Umbridge’s year (Order of the Phoenix) and the reader was Cedric’s best friend and is dating Draco, and Umbridge says that Cedric’s death was just an accident and says bad things about him so they stand up for him and get punished.

**** NOTE!! The lesson is not based on the actual lesson, therefore it is not word for word!!! :)****

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anonymous asked:

I still have my own personal headcanon (until the game prove me wrong of course) that Bendy could be like Alessa from "Silent Hill" someone who is constantly suffering for being transformed into basically physical gods/demons and is a victim as much as the protagonist BUT they are still murderous and dangerous because they can't control their anger and their power and lash out even to those who may be allies

That’s actually what I’m leaning towards, too.  Victim, but certainly not justified.

I don’t understand why there is Inktober discourse. I also don’t understand why people are splitting hairs here and trying to justify NOT using ink when participating in Inktober. There’s already a month-long digital art challenge in December, aptly named Digicember.

Like, I understand not wanting to feel left out, but…? Literally the only guidelines in Inktober are “stay on theme” and “use ink”. I don’t get it. I really don’t.

I mean, I’m not going to attack anyone for doing it, but I personally wouldn’t say “OOH INKTOBER IS STARTING” and pull out my drawing tablet.