Confession:  I don’t understand why some people get so angry at the virmire survivor for what they tell Shepard on Horizon. Their suspicions are 100% justified. When your old CO is suddenly alive and working for a terrorist organization (which, depending on your actions in ME1, you actively fought against), how do you react with anything but suspicion? Did people honestly expect an Alliance officer to just drop everything and join Cerberus cuz Shepard says so? Shepard didn’t even want to join Cerberus!

disliking an artist doesn’t justify your blatant racist, sexist, and ableist comments. disliking an artist doesn’t give you permission to make death threats towards them. disliking an artist doesn’t give you the right to threaten their safety and mental health. disliking an artist doesn’t give you the right to do harmful and rude shit.

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The funny thing about these anti hook anons is that they always say stuff like "he hits women" to justify him being a misogynist. He also hits men. He punches people. Not people he's in a relationship with, but people who antagonize him/ get in his way. Emma punches people who antagonize her, you don't see them whining about it. Assault isn't a good thing, but, it's not worse depending on the gender you assault.

Yeah. Exactly anon. Hitting isn’t good no matter the gender on either side. And they fall short if that is the BEST evidence they give to try and disprove my points because, like you say, he has fought against both genders depending on what his goal was at the time and what side he was on. Plus he’s gotten Karma right back at him (and more) every single time. 

And I mean…It’s a fantasy show…people should expect fighting. Sword fighting, fist fighting, magic fighting, verbal fighting. That is a big part of this show. It’s not going to be happy fluff fluff time until the very end of the show. It’s not going to be pretty all the time. It’s going to be filled with drama until the end of it because if not there would not be a show. I mean I’d love to see everybody getting along and eating cake but it can only last so long.

Killian literally treats and views all men and women as equals even when they were on opposing sides. He has no problem listening to women, fighting women, following women, working with women, talking to women, etc. Just as he does the same EQUALLY for men. I think the real point is everyone needs to stop by a dictionary and see:


Misandry dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men (i.e., the male sex).

Feminism the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. 

Misogyny:  a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.


Once again, Killian has continually treated women AND men equally. No one better nor worse. He’s supported both Men and Women (including Belle) and fought against both.

And all the characters on this show make mistakes. It’s how they develop and pay for their mistakes that matters. Killian has made amends with those he has wronged (Bae/Neal, Ursula, Belle, Emma, Ariel, etc) and payed for the things he has done (and more….a lot of times thanks to Karma. Almost immediately). 

Is he a hypocrite? NEVER. 

Does he think himself better than others? NEVER. In fact, his greatest weaknesses are his self-doubt and loathing. I still say he doesn’t truly consider himself a hero—-well…by the final he doesn’t. He said if anyone deserves to go to the UW, he does.

Does he think himself ENTITLED to a Happy ending? NOOOOO In fact…The way I personally view the narrative, his happy ending doesn’t even include himself. It’s a person’s existence/happiness:

Does he deny what/who he is? NOOOO NEVER! 

Has he admitted to things he has done and only blamed himself? EVERY SINGLE TIME! He NEVER blames/blamed anyone else!

(these are the gifs I have on hand)

personally i’d prefer to think that compulsory heterosexuality doesn’t exist in the star wars galaxy rather than, you know, creating elaborate headcanons to justify why a character has to be gay that are contingent on recreating the homophobic dystopia that real life is in a fictional world meant to offer hope and encouragement

god I’m so tired of “if you don’t ship this straight couple it’s only cause you’re racist” when honestly you come off as hella homophobic with how you justify how the gay ship could NEVER happen.
finn and poe have so much chemistry like stop breaking your backs to prove that no one in star wars is gay. “you’re racist for shipping these men of color with each other instead of with a white woman” just admit you hate gay people.

The Gang Sassing The Linhs

So an anon sent me a message, asking me to write a prompt where the whole gang totally kills Adri and Pearl with their sassiness. I responded, but the post somehow got deleted *sad face*. So I’m reposting it! Hope you enjoy!

“I don’t understand why you are inviting them, Cinder.” Kai sighed as Cinder paced back in forth in front of him. She’d been pacing for so long that Kai was beginning to sweat for her.

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Individuals =/= Everybody:

Apparently to a few individual tumblrs, I’m biphobic and not actually bi and probably a nasty crying oppressive monosexual, but also a hateful, potentially predatory, lesbophobic bisexual, who mistreats her lesbian wife…..  I got these erasure-filled accusations by saying that individuals shouldn’t justify using othering/phobic labels on minority groups just because they had a bad experience with a few individuals.  Because I said my lesbian wife does not oppress me with monosexual privilege and that bihet is an unacceptable slur. Because I said you shouldn’t phobically generalize a whole minority group as bad, privileged, or phobic just because you met a few phobic jerks with that identity. 

But if you, as an individual, REALLY need to justify acting jerky and phobic towards an entire group, sure, it is the internet so go ahead and strawman what I wrote about encouraging inter-community tolerance.  You can rewrite anything you need to. You can pretend that when I write the words “jerky individual” that it is spelled “all lesbians/ all multisexuals are horrible.”  And you can pretend I never wrote that part about how neither sexual minority community can oppress the other because those communities lack the power to institutionalize oppression and because individual phobic jerks within minority communities do *not* define the larger community.  And you can pretend that in a magnificent twist, my advocacy towards supporting both communities is actually generalized phobia to only your community, whichever it may be!  And magically, in your head, you can justify everything you do to generalize, vilify, and other entire groups.

You can be a jerky individual, and I still won’t judge your/our whole group based on your actions. Because you are just one mean, phobic person in a sea of good people and you don’t define the group of good people you belong to. 

I just hope that my posts can bolster most other young multisexuals and lesbians that you few individuals might try to hurt.  They need to know they are valid, and that every sexual minority is valid, no matter what you, as a phobic individual, say or do to them.

LLL Rewatch: “RULES”

First, a bit of business. @jaylocked​ points out that I was wrong when I said that “TOWN” is the only time in the series that Balthazar holds the camera; he also holds it, briefly, in “Boyet’s Brownies: A Tutorial.” That’s what @marydebenham​ and I get for only watching “Boyet’s Brownies” twice.

Second, this meta is going to be a bit different from the ones we’ve been doing so far. “RULES” is a deceptively complicated video. It’s the most plot-heavy video in the entire series, and yet it’s entirely character-driven. It was, very likely, the video that the entire concept of Lovely Little Losers was constructed to justify. Everything in the series either leads to, or stems from, the events of this video. If “BALTHDAY” and “FELLOWSHIP” are feats of logistics, and “TOWN” is a feat of editing, “RULES” is something even more ambitious: Four characters, in a room, pursuing four separate motivations that lead not only believably, but inevitably, to the most ridiculous set of rules a flat has ever imposed upon itself.

“RULES” is a collision of strategizing, selfishness, ego, and anger that looks more like Survivor than Shakespeare–and I mean that in the best way. It should be played in sociology classes when they’re discussing group dynamics. It should be played in writing classes when they’re discussing character motivation. Writing four characters working at cross-purposes in a scene is hard; writing four characters working at cross-purposes such that they advance the plot in a particular way without ever stepping out of character is basically impossible.

What I’m saying is that “RULES” is way too complicated to analyze the way we’ve been doing the previous metas. So what we’ve done is something like what @marydebenham and I did for “FEATHERS”: a beat-by-beat analysis of what the characters do, why they do it, and what it all means.

Obviously that’s super long, so more is under the cut.

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So loosely assuming that S3 will be announced after the S2 premier, and with all the hullabaloo going on with Starz, what do you our chances are for a S4 and beyond? Starz originally spoke of doing the entire Outlander book series and heaven knows there'd be passionate fan support. But it just seems that between Starz and RDM there's so much bungling and bizarre politics I wonder if all that will be a deterrent to future seasons. Any chance Outlander can duplicate GoT??

Follow the money.  If Starz sees enough subscriber revenue (and Sony enough DVD revenue, etc) to justify the cost of production and marketing, then they will renew.  I do think they need to add other compelling programming though or they will only get temporary revenue for those that sign up for just the OL season.  They make more money by retaining subscribers than constantly having to get them to renew every year.

HBO gets the audience because they have continuous strong programming.  Ironically, the Starz CEO is the one who helped create some of that programming on HBO like Band of Brothers and Sopranos.  They also have more studio relationships than Starz does as Sony is the only film studio in Starz’ stable.

Thrones appeals to men and women (mostly men).  Outlander could do both but they have to be careful in their quest for more women subscribers that they don’t alienate men.  Women make a lot of the financial decisions in households so hopefully that holds true for cable tv cost as well.  But if the guy in the household likes the show too, it could help in kitchen table budget negotiations!

I personally don’t think the Paris half of the season will appeal to men. Using the costuming as a hook is a sure way to turn off a male audience.    They have to push the battle side and the stories of honor.  Jamie written correctly is both an aspirational and inspirational character for men (and we know what  he means to women) but he hasn’t been written quite so correctly so far,IMO.

I think this season will depend even heavier on Marketing since some  may have heard it’s all about Scotland and here we are in Paris with its odd hair and makeup and men looking like the Scarlet Pimpernel running around.  I think if they can get over that-there will be many seasons to come.

There’s always the “sophomore slump” that many TV shows go through.  Sleepy Hollow nearly got canceled because of it (the show runner was an idiot).

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It baffles me whenever the loony Tony lover try to justify that Cait couldn't fall in love with Sam because she doesn't like muscly guys, she likes artsy men or she doesn't dates handsome actors, I mean you can have a preconceived type, but when THE ONE comes into your life, love just happens.

Well, you can know those things with unwaivering certainty when you read about someone on social media and pretend someone who knows them actually told you. Throw in the word FACT (all caps), 100%, a red pen and scream it so loudly they can hear you in the next county and you’ve got yourself the makings of a new story about someone you don’t know.

Can you imagine how eviscerated I would be if I said that Stella told me how much Cait loves Sam’s muscles and that she has never gone for anyone like Sam before but he completely broke the mold for her and she has never met anyone like him? Aside from feeling like a complete fool for even sharing something that should remain intimate, do you think for one second that I wouldn’t be screen capped and incessantly mocked for pretending to know the inner workings of Cait’s attraction to Sam?

jemthecrystalgem asked:

Why do people say asexuals can't reclaim the q slur for being asexual someone even tried to debunk your one reblog on a post about it. Is it justified or does everyone just hate us I don't get it

i am p sure this is 100% just a radfem thing and that we would all be much better off not following any radfems.

I mean: I have never seen anyone who wasn’t a radfem hate on asexuals, or police their language. It’s a weird phenomenon.

little radfem things:
* insisting that nobody should ever use the word queer because it is a slur, despite the fact that gay is used as a slur far more often
* (definitely not at all influenced by the fact that a huge number of both trans and bi people prefer the term queer, or by the fact that it lumps the gay community in with bi and trans and ace and intersex people)
* hating on asexuals
* picking a group of trans people to hate on (depending on which kind of radfem you are, you either hate trans women or trans men. as far as i can tell, both sides are pretending nonbinary people don’t exist)
* hating on bi people (some radfems like bi women as long as they only date women)
* being very sharp and funny, super nice to the people who agree with them, and very dismissive and mocking to the people who disagree with them (also often teaming up to harass high-profile bloggers in a manner weirdly reminiscent of those pro-gamergate guys)
* overuse of the term “lmao”
* overuse of the phrases “imagine hating lesbians this much” and “_______ want to be oppressed so bad”

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My opinion on Reylo. Kylo Ren- what i can get from the interrogation scene and his reaction to Rey is that he was very curious about her. Whether he had already read her mind while she was asleep or not, i think he felt that she was force sensitive. Of course Rey is beautiful, but even if he likes her, he doesn't know it yet; therefore, i think it was more his desire to learn about her. Lets not forget they are very similar in a lot of thing. And Kylo did hear alot of great things about her too.

I think his curiosity is kind of hard to untangle from his awareness that she’s 1) a beautiful woman who 2) possesses the same power that isolates him from everyone else. The beauty he recognizes and responds to first; remember, the whole sweeping-into-arms, elevator-eyes, I-can-take-whatever-I-want thing comes before she resists his mind probe. But once he realizes her power… I think he probably justifies his fascination with her by telling himself he’s drawn to that power and strength with the Force, but beneath all that there’s another layer of attraction he can’t/won’t acknowledge. 

God, I really can’t wait to see him just utterly tortured by it, so confused by it, and then not realizing until she’s in mortal danger that his feelings for her and more than he suspected… Please please please, J.J., it’s all I’ve ever wanted…


you have all these “ proud Americans” acting all holier than thou for “standing by their country” and justifying the state’s atrocious actions. There’s nothing brave about worshipping a boot stomping on your throat.

About the whole Nintendo removing the petting mechanic from Fire Emblem Fates, and not including dual audio:

I’m honestly fine with them removing it. I was actually upset cause I thought they were going to completely remove the 2D scene where you talk to characters in your house. All they got rid of was you literally tapping on the character’s face. They still have their dialogue and whatnot. When it comes to not having dual audio, good. Nintendo paid English VAs and these people spent their time working on this game. Appreciate the work they put into it and stop complaining. Nintendo doesn’t owe us dual audio.

And no, none of this justifies calling the game incomplete. If you were honestly getting this game for some really minor aspects, or gimmicks, like petting your teammates, then that disappoints me.

All three of these games:
Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright
Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations

They are full games.
They are worth full price.
Nintendo is even being nice, and letting you download two of the three (after buying either Birthright or Conquest at full price) for half off on each. That’s three full games for $80.
Stop complaining.
Stop whining.
Or I will put Chrom on, and call the gods down to smite your butts.

Plus, no matter how much you complain. you know you’re still going to get the game :P
You know, if you ARE a true fan ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Killing is a part of our society, and always has been. From prison execution, to war, to abortion. And do you know why? Because when it boils down to it, we as a society have decided that death is justifiable if it's done on our terms. Whether that's "right" or "wrong" really doesn't matter since they are not concrete things but concepts we created and choose to live by. Abortion has only become more acceptable, it's 2016 it's not going anywhere. So get comfy.

“Slavery has always been part of our society, from slavery to imprisonment to indentured servitude. And do you know why? Because when it boils down to it, our society has decided slavery is justified when it’s done on our terms. Slavery has only become more acceptable. It’s 1816 and it’s not going anywhere, so get comfy”

Projet n°287384

Originally posted by shckblst

Coucou !

J’ai encore eu une petite idée et j’aurais besoin de votre aide pour la concrétiser, c’est juste un exercice, pour essayer, mais je peux pas essayer toute seule.

Est-ce vous pouvez prendre un petit quart d’heure pour répondre soit à toutes ces questions soit juste à celle-s qui vous intéresse-nt et m’envoyer vos réponses en inbox ou par mail (jackxparker [at] gmail . com) en précisant anonyme ou juste prénom pour vous identifier si jamais ça devait devenir public ? Essayez de faire au plus court, un paragraphe/quelques phrases devraient suffire. 

Je vous expliquerai tout très très rapidement, dès que j’ai assez de matos pour travailler.

Voici les questions :

  • Quel est le baiser le plus marquant de toute votre vie, et pourquoi ?
  • Si vous l’écriviez aujourd’hui, quel serait le titre de votre autobiographie ?
  • Quel est le premier truc que vous feriez en arrivant au paradis ?
  • Avez-vous des connaissances dans un domaine qui ne se justifient ni par vos études ni par votre personnalité sociale ? (genre si vous êtes comptable et que vous savez TOUT sur les papillons sans jamais avoir l’occasion de partager votre savoir, par exemple) ? 
  • Quelle phrase vous répétez-vous pour vous calmer quand ça ne va pas ?

C’est tout pour le moment, c’est un coup d’essai. Je ne sais pas du tout si ça va donner le résultat que j’attends, mais j’ai envie de tester - j’ai eu cette idée hier à 3h du matin et conformément à ma résolution de 2016, j’ai décidé d’essayer. 

J’attends vos réponses au plus vite et je vous tiens au courant dès que je sais si ça prend forme ou non et on verra ensemble si c’est viable :)