listen i’ve seen this argument a few times regarding jewish characters celebrating christmas and i’m very tired so here we go

yes, some jews celebrate christmas. i am one of them. sometimes it’s because we’re ethnic jews who are from mixed or nonreligious families, (me,) who may either celebrate both christmas and chanukah, or some kind of blend, or one holiday w/influences of the other. (for example, my family does christmas but we set a menorah out and i get gelt and dreidels in my stocking.) some may celebrate christmas because they have loved ones who do, or because they have friends who do. some may celebrate christmas because of assimilation. why a jew may celebrate christmas is not your concern, nor does it erase their jewishness


fact that there are jews that celebrate christmas, like myself, does not mean that jews can’t be annoyed that jewish and jew-coded characters are predominantly shown in fic and art as celebrating christmas. when someone makes a post about how the pines family or spock or steven universe or what have you are explicitly coded to be jewish, based on actual jews or are literally religiously jewish in cannon, (say… i don’t know, the broflovski family on south park,) and your response is “yeah but some jews celebrate christmas too!” then stop it. seriously, stop it

stop using me and jews like me who may celebrate christmas to shame jews who don’t, stop using us as an excuse to avoid a conversation on jewish erasure. yeah, fine, maybe some of the characters would celebrate christmas. i know the pines family cannonically celebrates both. but here’s the thing. they celebrate both. and fanart does not always reflect that, and jews are allowed to comment on that fact and wish for less christmas art of jewish characters. and for those characters who have not been confirmed as celebrating anything, like, for example, steven universe, it is a little disconcerting and suspicious to only see art and fic of them celebrating christmas, and having to search for a long time to find these jewish characters celebrating jewish holidays. and i’m not even going to try and explain why having religiously jewish characters, again, like kyle broflovski or krusty the clown, celebrating christmas is an issue, that should be obvious. we have every right to complain about christmas art of jewish characters, and we have every right to get fed up and declare that we don’t want to see any christmas art of them, whether or not they might celebrate christmas

TL;DR: yes, there are jews who celebrate christmas. in fact, i’m one of them. and this christmas loving jew wants you to stop fucking using them as a shield to avoid you having to confront your erasure and antisemitism. “some jews celebrate christmas” is not excuse for an overwhelming amount of art and fic of jewish characters portraying them as celebrating christmas

Obama legacy: Handing Trump a broad view of war powers
WASHINGTON (AP) — After eight years as a wartime president, Barack Obama is handing his successor an expansive interpretation of the commander in chief's authority to wage war around the globe.

In his final weeks in office, Obama has broadened the legal scope of the war on extremism, the White House confirmed Monday, as it acknowledged for the first that the administration now asserts it is legally justified to take on the extremist group al-Shabab in Somalia.

The determination is based on an expanded application of a 9/11-era use of force authorization, a statute Obama has repeatedly leaned on to justify military operations. That rationale has raised concerns about how Trump might use Obama’s precedent to justify other overseas entanglements — without consulting Congress.

The White House staunchly defends Obama’s use of military power, arguing in a detailed report Monday that all operations have been firmly grounded in domestic and international law. White House counsel Neil Eggleston called the report — the first of its kind — a demonstration of how Obama has ensured “that all U.S. national security operations are conducted within a legal and policy framework that is lawful, effective and consistent with our national interests and values.”

It took me a long time to learn that I have the right to feel anything I am feeling. I remember I used to get frustrated or embarrassed if I was angry or hurt, or if something was bothering me. I always felt like there was no reasoning or justification for my feelings. But you know what I’ve learned: that is really not the way it works. You do not have to seek validation for your feelings. They are justified and valid, simply because they exist. I found that belittling my feelings only belittled my self perception and self worth. And when I couldn’t see my own worth, nor could anyone else. You have the right to feel everything you’re feeling. Your pain is valid, your anger is valid, your insecurities are valid. Please don’t let anybody- especially, especially yourself- tell you that your feelings are invalid. And don’t ever apologise for simply being human.

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Like what that anon just said. I'm curious if you think that if someone was abused by a black person or person of color does that justify them being scared of all black people?

Okay I’m white so like, I feel really uncomfy commenting on this.

But what Id say is there’s a big difference between been scared of a certain group and saying they’re all scary. It’s not at all their fault if their traumatised brain made a strong association between fear (from their abuse) and a trait of the person who caused that fear (in this case a person of colour), so they now feel fear when they’re exposed to that trait. So, it’s valid if they’re scared- that’s not their fault, and i would say they shouldn’t feel guilty for something that their abuse caused as they have no control over it.

Ofc, if they went on to say that all black people are scary, people should be scared of them etc, that would be bad as it maintains a very harmful and dangerous stereotype. There’s a big difference between “im scared of X because of a past history of abuse” and “X is scary”

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(1) I'm not a fan but this whole argument about RM's ignorance is ignorant itself. As a black person, his previous actions did offended me, but he moved on from that. There's still kids who joke about rape, who like to say they're so 'ocd' or 'adhd', who go 'chong chong'. You're mind isn't full developed until you're 30, but you know what they're still adults who call people 'oriental', 'rednecks', tar children'. RM was educated, he fixed his ignorance.

(2) You don’t have to forgive or forget, but you can accept that the fact that he learned and move on. The fact that so many of you cling to this issue and get offended, claiming that others are justifying his actions, is ridiculous. Nobody is justifying his actions, they know it’s wrong, but he improved so why bother? The difference between you and them is that you can’t look past you’re own personal feelings. You won’t let go because you need something to cling on to. (3) You’re the ignorant ones, willfully so. You let you’re emotions blind you; everyone is ignorant. The only thing you can do is fix it. RM did, so hey over it.

I completely agree with this. you don’t have to forgive him, you don’t have to love him but you need to at least respect him for seeing what he did was wrong, correcting it and becoming a better person for it. like you said and I have many times before, they just find any excuse to hate him, so if that means holding on to the past and bringing it up at any and all opportunities then they will. like damn let’s move on now there are more important things, than dwelling on the past. and if you really want to tackle this important issue I suggest you burn that energy on the current idols doing these things or even take a second and step back and look at how your fave in bts has already said and done the same things you’re shaming joon for

  • <p> <b>Welcome to rp 2016:</b> where people justify posting people's ooc locations, you can be called out based on something simple as someones opinion, female characters are still being disregarded. where people think it's fashionable to be rude and disrespectful to other rpers. Where canons are put down for wanting to be exclusive. ship hating is still active and heaven forbid if you have an unpopular opinion.<p/><b>Welcome to rp 2017:</b> probably the same bullshit. Who are we kidding?<p/></p>

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Oh my gods, no, *please* go off about this gender binary energy bullshit. It makes me so uncomfortable, I always love to see people tearing it apart.

I hate it when people find my rants on the subject and are like “But everyone has masculine/feminine energy!” like it’s not only completely irrelevant to my tradition, no one’s been able to tell me the difference that isn’t dependent on culture-specific gender roles. So-called “masculine” energy is only aggressive because we encourage masculine people (particularly cis men) to be aggressive.

They also need to stop using yin and yang to justify their bullshit. The concept has specific implications within Chinese culture and traditions and has been used to justify just as much sexism as the Western gender binary. My go-to paper on the subject is “A Confucian Defense of Gender Equity” by Kelly James Clark and Robin Wang. It’s about Confucianism specifically and essentially says “these texts don’t say women aren’t equals” but I like it for talking about how men were encouraged to cultivate yin qualities, whereas women were never taught to cultivate yang qualities. I digress, the overall point I want to make is seriously, stop taking this idea out of its cultural context and using it to enforce a particularly Western gender binary, it’s bullshit. And this is just one paper of probably thousands picking it apart. (And I should note that Neo-Confucianism still affects women in other Asian countries outside China in negative ways.)

This goes without saying, but it also reinforces harmful stereotypes and a bunch of -isms (like say, lesbians being seen as “mannish”, the idea that lesbians have too much male energy is definitely in Jung’s work, which still influences modern Paganism).

I could do this all day but in a nutshell I hate it, consign it to the trash bin of the history of modern Pagan traditions where it belongs, and stop telling people what to believe. Seriously.

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How can we not be ahistorical? Should we discard modern conceptions of race and just focuson nationality/ethnicity when talking about the past? (this is a legit question, Im sorry to bother you but I'd really would like to know)

You cant ever fully discard the preconceptions your bring to judgement but rather the point is to try and at least be aware of these preconceptions and try to think about how they might influence your view of a historical subject if your goal is to try and understand the subject ‘under its own terms’.

Like nationality and ethnicity are concepts which are just as shaped by history as race is. There are modern conceptions of those terms and there have also been pre-modern conceptions of those terms. 

For example you could say there exists what is more or less a theory of race expressed by Julius Caesar in the Commentarii de Bello Gallico albeit one which is quite different from the modern conception of race. In that text Caesar justifies his decision to invade and conquer Gaul but not invade and conquer Germania under the basis that the Gauls are barbaric race albeit one which showed glimmers of civilizations while the Germans were ‘pure barbarians’ whose anarchic way of life could barely be considered a society. He even tries some amateur anthropology to explain the origins for their difference in characters owing to ‘hardness’ or ‘softness’ of their environment and geography. For Caesar the relevance was that the Gauls had the potential to be brought into civilization whereas the Germans were more akin to wild animals. Basically it would be a mistake to project modern conceptions of race/ethnicity/nationality onto what Caesar says in that text (not just current conceptions of what a “German character” is but the general framework that those terms work under in a modern sense) but it would also be a mistake to try and think there was no conception of race/ethnicity/nationality in it.

*douchebag voice* im an ace person. would you like to be traumatized by my inappropriately sexual content that for some reason i have the audacity to share with strangers online

*farting* im a nonbinary person. would you like to peruse my gallery of disgusting kinky art of trans people thats justified by the fact that i conflate all trans experiences with each other like some fool who deludes themself into thinking that my fetishistic drawings of some fictional character from a fucking comic book but with a p*ssy is real lgbt activism

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I feel like Adam doesn't care about CSers, CS, or Emma anymore. The s5 finale, the last episode. Totally focused on SQ, and he and Eddie wrote both. Emma was attacked for being justifiably wary of Regina in one, and forced to thank her for the curse in the other. And on Twitter, he only seems to care about placating SQ or basking in their thanks over destroying Emma to make Regina a hero and writing no CS in the finale, and doesn't get why Emma fans are upset. I just feel like somethings changed

I’m going to assume that you’re coming to me because you want me to make you feel better about this.

Originally posted by jeunetrentenaire

I’ll admit … the S5 finale and the 6A finale are definitely at the very bottom of my list of finales. Seriously, Graham dying was better than this (probably because back then when Regina crushed stole and/or crushed hearts it was still seen as a bad thing)

But that aside … Adam & Eddy still love the love story they are giving their new Disney Princess (that’s Emma Swan, y’all)

They just told us that when Emma and Hook meet in the AU it’s one of their top ten favorite moments of the series

so what might that meeting of Emma and whatever version of Hook this is look like?
KITSIS: What I can tell you is that is 100 percent my favorite moment of the spring premiere and that’s all I’ll say. And it’s one of my top ten favorite moments of the series. [x]

When asked about that meeting prior to the finale they launched into an explanation of how much adventure and passion we can look froward to in 2017

What can you tease for Once Upon a Time’s winter finale? — Alyssa
Now that Emma has discovered the sword that is fated to kill her, “The next step is to find out who it belonged to and get rid of them,” executive producer Edward Kitsis tells me. But that mission will go awry when the Evil Queen makes a very intriguing wish in the winter finale, turning our beloved Savior into a princess.  [x]

The script teases that Adam has been releasing lately have had an awful lot of Hook, Emma, and CS ones. A CS fanart just won for Fanart Friday.

I’ll say this about A&E … they are really imaginative storytellers but they aren’t the best writers on their show. I prefer a Jane or Andrew episode any day. But they want to be at the helm of the liftoff and touchdown points of their stories.

They have written lots of the big love declarations for Emma and Hook. They also have written a lot of the Emma and Regina interactions (zero of which have any hint of romance in them) because that it one of the most complicated relationships on the show and they want it to be an accurate reflection of where they want it to be. And where they want that relationship to be is in a place of mutual respect and understanding … a feeling of family because they both love Henry so much that they want to ensure the other is the best version of themselves for him. And they also make it very very very clear that these two women are deeply in love with the men that they have written and developed to be their matches.

The only thing that has changed is they are working hard at Regina’s story right now and it’s a bummer for me, too but I guarantee you that they love Emma a lot and they love Hook a lot and they are working to make their relationship the best story they’ve ever told. Here’s hoping we all love it as much as they do.

i’m tired of watching ppl argue with terfs. they’re just always so blatantly saying whatever the fuck they can think of to justify their hatred of trans women, what is even the point of interacting with that? you aren’t going to change peoples’ minds, they don’t hate us because of careful arguments about socialization, they hate us because they uncritically accept that we are disgusting monsters and will grasp at anything they can to avoid changing their minds

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I also think she tends to project her fears onto the people she takes in. Between the stories Gramps used to tell about her, and from what I’ve seen myself, Grandma Lisa is a very “conceal, don’t feel” personality… well because she’s had to be. Two world wars and an uprising of ancient superbeings will do that to you. Again, I admire her strength and her stamina, but I imagine, like anyone else, she has her own dreads and insecurities. She’s a very harsh coach, I’ve seen that firsthand. I think she pushes people to their physical limits because she’s been in situations where failure isn’t an option. If you aren’t able to do it, you die. She pushes her pupils because she’s worried that if she can’t train them right, she’s going to lose them. Forever.

It’s justified, of course… but I think it’s something she needs to tone down. Especially in times of peace.


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I don't think the artist has ever stablished Sans actions were justified, it's just her way to write Sans and let's face it, Sans isn't the best person

That’s true, the artist has their own way of writing Sans, and like, that’s completely fine. Not everyone is going to interpret a character the same way and thus when fans produce content you’re going to get tons of different takes on the same character. I’m just allowed to have my critiques, one of my them being, I just don’t see Sans being the kind of character to draw out the torture of a child for as long as this has been going on in this comic, and to the level that it’s going on at, regardless of his flaws. Especially when in order to hit this type of characterization they’ve had to completely go against canon (without this being part of an AU that may otherwise justify it), and they keep retroactively tacking on reasons why Flowey deserves to suffer this kind of torture which just feels clumsy.

Also, checking a few pages back, they did have an ask where they reiterated that you’ve got to see this all from Sans’ point of view and remember that Flowey is a liar and murderer and one could never begin to imagine all the things he got up to during his resets, including tagging it with “#idk why people keep forgetting that Flowey does deserve this“. So maybe they haven’t directly said “yeah Sans is 100% justified in this”, but they have said that Flowey deserves that kind of treatment, that abuse. Which is squicky as shit anyway. And plus there’s how defending Flowey seems to keep leading to nothing but sob story from Sans (while he’s busy going on about how much Flowey should suffer or actively ensuring that he does) or a new reason why Flowey is bad (like how we learned that offscreen Flowey has killed Frisk like 80+ times already despite this being post-TP and us only now being told this).

It just bothers me that I liked this comic starting out, and there was a point where I actually looked forward to seeing updates for a more genuine reason, instead of now where it’s a little more… y’know the feeling of watching a car crash, where it’s both hard to look at but you also need to see how it unfolds? It just feels like something I otherwise enjoyed went totally off the rails and is now culminating in the message that comes off as “sometimes a little abuse is needed”. Leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. Plus realistically, Flowey undergoing abuse wouldn’t actually improve his behavior at all; children who undergo abuse if anything generally come out with more aggression and behavioral problems, and I imagine for a kid like Flowey–who is trauma-ridden and just getting over thinking the world is “kill or be killed”–getting the shit beaten out of him by Sans to the point of near-death would do more to make him fall back into that line of thinking than drift him away from it and get him to actually shape up. What do I know, though; this Sans somehow can remember 593 sextillion resets including the one where Flowey blew up the Core and erased Gaster from existence and everyone else’s memories, leading to him having a fierce hateboner for Flowey, and this Flowey seems to have not actually learned a thing from the pacifist ending of the game and kills Frisk as part of his morning routine, so I’m not sure why I’m arguing what would make sense or be realistic.

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Do you have anything else to do besides write 5 paragraphs on everything that makes you slightly uncomfortable?

It is imperative that I give you the following information, which this anon wants concealed from the public. Let me preface my discussion by quickly reasserting a familiar theme of my previous letters: Anon teaches workshops on fascism. Students who have been through the program compare it to a authoritarian re-education camp. I am doubtlessly annoyed with his insistence that genocide, slavery, racism, and the systematic oppression, degradation, and exploitation of most of the world’s people are all thoroughly justified. Sorry, anon, but that’s not a fact. That’s intellectual dishonesty bordering on lunacy. If anon wanted to speak the truth, he should have said that his dream is to use the power of government to further his cause of prostrating the honor, power, independence, laws, and property of entire countries. I trust that I have not shocked any of you by writing that. However, I do realize that some of my readers may feel that much of what I have penned about anon in this letter is heartless and in violation of our human duty to love everyone. If so, I can say only that few things in life are as enjoyable as watching newly enlightened people lay out some ideas and interpretations that hold the potential for insight. Regular readers of my letters probably take that for granted, but if I am to work together towards a shared vision, I must explain to the population at large that the last time I heard Anon ramble on in his characteristically bibulous blather he said something about wanting to snooker people of every stripe into believing that skin color means more than skill and gender is more impressive than genius. I feel sorry for the human race when I hear stuff like that.

Anon asserts that he has the authority to issue licenses for practicing snobbism. Sound suspicious? Spleeny is a better word. He has found a way to avoid compliance with government regulations, circumvent any further litigation, and make bribery legal and part of business as usual—all by trumping up a phony emergency.

I might have been dreaming, but I believe I once heard anon admit, sotto voce, that he maintains that he is a refined gentleman with the soundest education and morals you can imagine. Sorry, anon, but, with apologies to Gershwin, “it ain’t necessarily so.” At one point, I actually believed that he would stop being so pretentious. Silly me.

The baleful influence of caciquism is plainly evident in the palpable one-sidedness of anon’s jibes. In that context, one could say that the concept of risk includes the relationship between the consequences and probability of an event. If the consequences of an event are extremely negative, such as the devastation resulting from anon making a mockery of the term “homeotransplantation”, then you want the probability of the event occurring to be vanishingly small, as close to zero as possible. Unfortunately, the likelihood of anon destroying, debauching, devaluing, and dehumanizing a wide assortment of innocent people is so high that one can’t help but conclude that if he were to get his greasy hands on the levers of power he’d immediately terrorize the public. If you don’t believe me then consider that he is a being who invents nothing, originates nothing, and improves nothing. All anon does is create a Frankenstein’s monster.

Anon has offered to deter his acolytes from bringing discord, confusion, and frustration into our personal and public lives. Did he follow through with that? No, of course not. This failure may be anon’s most consequential broken promise. It suggests that perhaps there is surely a meretricious dimension to anon’s contrivances. Or, if “meretricious” is too narrow of a term, perhaps you’d prefer “self-serving”. In any case, anon is sincerely interested in instituting a system of intolerance to delegitimize alternative intellectual paradigms and ideas. Accomplishing this, alas, is a mission to which his co-conspirators appear resolutely pledged. They will stop at nothing until they’ve managed to prevent the public from realizing that anon has managed to mollify his more trusting critics simply by promising not to damn this nation and this world to Hell. We shall see how long that lasts. In the meantime, whenever anon announces that it is better that a hundred thousand people should perish than that he should be even slightly inconvenienced, his confederates applaud on cue and the accolades are long and ostentatious. What’s funny is that they don’t provide similar feedback whenever I tell them that anon’s ability to escape punishment for producing a large number of totally invidious extravagancies, most piteous indecencies, and, above all, the most acrimonious blasphemies against everything that I hold most sacred and most dear definitely tells us one thing. It tells us that our passage to Perdition has been booked. I believe it also tells us that I receive a great deal of correspondence from people all over the world. One of the things that impresses me about all of it is the massive number of people who realize that knowledge is the key that unlocks the shackles of bondage. That’s why it’s important for you to know that my position is that the need anon’s apparatchiks have for his wild, jackbooted denunciations is especially strong as a means of transferring blame—an outlet for the despair they face when normal channels of protest and change are closed. He, in contrast, argues that he is the way, the truth, and the light. This disagreement merely scratches the surface of the ideological chasm festering between me and anon. The only rational way to bridge this chasm is for him to admit that his pickthanks resist seeing that unless we illustrate the virtues that he lacks—courage, truthfulness, courtesy, honesty, diligence, chivalry, loyalty, and industry—no real changes will ever occur. They resist seeing such things because to see them, to examine them, to think about them and draw conclusions from them is to rub anon’s nose in his own hypocrisy. Now that this post has come to an end, let me remind you that it was intended to provide an accurate, even-handed, and balanced discussion of anon and his viewpoints. Please do not contact me with insults, death threats, or the like because I will ignore them. If you disagree with my arguments or can provide further information about anon, please contact me and I will endeavor to make any necessary corrections to this letter.

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really the most telling thing abt rcdart and their willing, deliberate transphobia is the fact they refuse to acknowledge that u & others are calling them out for it lol. like. u dont ignore things like this unless u know the call out is justified tbh