fuck sad melancholic “looking out to the sunset crying while clutching her blue crown of roses” Lyanna tho.

gimme angry, resentful, exasperated, unkept, regretful, PTSD, judging, self hating “aware of how much everything has fucked up but resolute to make things right for the baby” Lyanna.

this is the woman who saw a man be bullied and put on armor to fucking avenge him and humilliate his tormentors, you think she gets locked in a tower and stays all sad, combing her hair everyday putting on her crown of roses waiting for Rhaegar? fuck that. She sassed her “guardians”, she didn’t bother with blue dresses if she was locked up she was gonna be comfortable, she cursed her thoughtlessnes (and Rhaegar’s). She promised to her belly she would do right and mend stuff. She would justify herself saying the sexist society left her no choice then berate herself and frown all day at all she caused.

I get it, she died in childbirth locked up, it was tragic and sad. That’s her story but not HER. That’s not Lyanna “a touch of the wolfblood” Stark. Do her right, please.

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Newfound kink for Timothy Olyphant 😞😞

Ooooh, just in general? or do you mean a particular kink with him, Nonny?

If it’s a general one, there’s so many sides to choose from.
Let’s see, there’s Joel Hammond kink…

Then there’s Raylan Givens kink…

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A Perfect Getaway’s, Nick kink…

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Catch and Release, Fritz’s kink… *sigh*

Kelly kink…

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And finally psychotic Scream 2 kink…

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WOAH, Nonny… spread the love why dontcha. lol ;)

[Fire Emblem: Fates - Foreign Policy]
  • Nohr: Our people are starving, so instead of trading with you, we'll just kill your leaders and try to take over your country. Sounds reasonable, right?
  • Hoshido: Can you do something about your king? No? Okay, we will. Hope no one innocent gets caught in the crossfire. Totally justifiable.
  • Valla: So Garon's our evil zombie, Corrin turns into a dragon in front of everyone, Azura's right there, and none of them have questioned anything. Are we good villains or is everyone that stupid?
I Can't Even

You guys…I talked to my cousin tonight. She disclosed to me that Ms. 6’s pre-adoptive family apparently sat down my high school age cousin and told them Ms. 6’s history, what she did in their home to justify why they could no longer adopt her, and they told her some things that Ms. 6 supposedly disclosed that she did to one of our kids. They have never talked to us about any concerns they had for our children. Why in the world would you sit a teen down and give her all sorts of personal and confidential information about a child after she has moved from your home? To justify your decision? I’m sorry, but vent to a friend.

Now I’m trying to figure out if this impacts the case. My cousin is super immature and apparently siding with the pre-adoptive family (in all her wisdom) that we should not be adopting Ms. 6. My cousin is loud and lacks judgment. Maybe because she’s all of 18 and going through her own hardships right now. However, there is nothing that would prevent her from confronting Ms. 6 about what she’s heard (which would be completely inappropriate) or telling other people which would also make transitioning back to our home even more challenging.

I’m so angry/heartsick/sad.

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u can make a character that's racist/homophobic/etc tho and kno that they're gross and the whole point is to develop them ?

i don’t understand how some of yall think you can justify writing a genuinely hateful character especially to minority groups who already have no choice but to experience that hatred every damn day of their life with some bullshit answer of “it’s for development!!” like..get outta here. 

and whose job is it to help that character develop, smart ass? character development happens through situations and usually intense interactions with other characters—whose job is it to educate your character? who the hell has time to sit there and make their character knock some sense into an imaginary character when the mun probably has to do it all the time in their actual life? 

do you know how triggering that stuff is for people? do you know people who would literally have breakdowns, panic attacks, anxiety attacks and the like from having to interact with your disgusting character because you have some kind of hard on for racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and/or anti semitism?

and furthermore what really disgusts me is those of you who already do this and defend this feel comfortable churning that hatred and language out of you? you literally feel comfortable writing language that has lead people to harm themselves or take their own lives, writing language that has lead to literal genocides of whole groups of people and you?? want us to be okay with that??

like….do you hear yourself? do you hear how insensitive, rude and disrespectful you’re being to people right now? get a fucking grip.

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lmao u ever notice how karamels always say they want a 5 page essay on why mon-el sucks with cited sources, and when we give em an in-depth analysis of why he's a misogynistic little bitch and why his actions aren't justified it's like all of a sudden icantread. jpg ?? lmaoo

them: lmao HOW is mon el trash? 

us: * deadass type out the whole fuckin bible *

them: lmao But like he’s trying ??? and Hoenstrly like the fact tha yall would even say tha like if u KNO How i feel why would u say tha-

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guuuuuurl you're so wrong about PC having more longevity than DP. Priyanka will be seen as the person that failed to carry Quantico, Deepika still has so much more ahead of her. She played her cards right and like 3 months into her Hollywood career, she may be attending the Oscars while Priyanka is somewhere off trying to save Quantico and finding actors to produce movies for (most of which are flopping)

Look, I know you’re a fan, but that doesn’t justify being completely delusional. First of all, PC is going to the Oscars. They air on ABC, do you think she’d have any problem getting a ticket if she wanted it? Even Abhi and Aish went to the Oscars a few years ago, and that was long after she’d stopped making Hollywood films. It’s not some sort of mark of achievement to show up at the ceremony (if Deepika is even going) or the after parties. If you’re not nominated or presenting, it’s basically just a networking opportunity. If you can’t make anything out of that, there’s literally nothing lost and nothing gained.

Second, much bigger stars than Priyanka have had their shows canceled. They find another show, they find other movies…people aren’t going to be looking at her as the person who failed to carry Quantico, they’re going to be looking at the demographics her show was able to capture and if they were unique compared to what others have been able to pull (aka, was she able to bring in Asian audiences? Young audiences? Overseas audiences?), then she’s still going to be seen as marketable.

Third…which cards is Deepika playing?! XXX sank at the domestic box office and was only saved by the overseas box office. A fourth film in the franchise will be exactly the same, if they even manage to get it made. She hasn’t done anything else yet. She doesn’t have endorsements in the U.S., she hasn’t signed any other projects, she doesn’t have a steady paycheck. Deepika is gorgeous, she’s not untalented, and she may make something of herself that gives her longevity in multiple industries. But right now, Priyanka is ahead in the West. You can’t rewrite history just because you’re obsessed with your favorite looking better than someone else (who, quite frankly, had a head start so she SHOULD be ahead). Priyanka’s successes are not Deepika’s failures.

Kreo Megatron is canonically the Softest Megatron ever because he’s literally canon anxious and constantly tries to justify whatever his reasons are like

smol bean please you’re doing good