justified screencaps

At first he is confused like; “Huh. What in the world could this be doing here? Stanley loves these…”

A slow realization that Stan was here, Stan didn’t want him to go to college, and now his perpetual motion machine is broken.
Evidence is undeniable, but he looks so shocked. He’s almost trying to rationalize this, like, no. Stanley would never sabotage me, he loves me.

He can’t rationalize this because everything is clear as day now, he looks horrified, but it doesn’t last long.

His best friend, his brother, someone he thought supported him, someone he could trust - Used to trust.
Now he’s just angry. How could Stan hurt his future and ruin all his hard work? He’s hurt, but it quickly just becomes frustration and anger.

i s2g marinette i don’t even need to hear the song to know you’re singing about your “secret” identity in front of your best friend/biggest fan with a blog dedicated to you while standing in front of an actual cardboard cutout of your secret identity