lol are you dumb

those things aren’t cultural appropriation

when white people go into your homeland at force their own beliefs on the people there, tell them that their own ways are wrong and that white ways are the right way, and even go as far as punish them for doing anything the non-white way for hundreds of years, it’s not about taking white people’s culture. we’re not TAKING it against your people’s will and making a cheap reproduced commodity based on your beliefs. y'all FORCED it on us. we’re not stealing. it’s leftover from y'all’s dumbass selves MAKING us use it.

so YOU need to learn about cultural appropriation before you go around posting dumb pictures like that, honky.

crimsonbreeze asked:

No problem. And thank you for sharing. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that fangirled over episode 26. And I feel the exact same way about Destiny. I'm actually a little bit afraid to watch the remastered cause based on stuff like this I worry they might really tear my otp apart and Idk if I could handle that. But I also have to agree with what justicejuice said. I've seen so many contradictory remarks from Fukuda that I don't know what to believe.

Yes, that’s so true. Fukuda is trying to please everyone. His wife, himself, SUNRISE, fans. He’s a weirdo. HAHA. I’m also debating right now whether to rewatch DESTINY now that I’ve finished SEED. I can’t handle seeing my OTP get torn apart the 2nd time around. Sometimes I even wonder how I’m so affected when it’s only an anime and they’re all fictional. I have so many feels for them. Two nights ago when I finished SEED, I resorted to a 6-page essay about my feels… HAHA who does that?? :)) After reading that scandalous piece of interview, I felt like writing another essay only longer. Someone stop me. :)) Okay, I’m rambling now. :)) Thank you again for your time. Have an awesome day and I hope all is well for us after GSD Remaster. 

Talk to you soon again! (^^)